[Horangee] Strong Ssanghwa Tea (Gift Wrapped)


[Master Kim Ku Won] Strong Ssanghwa Tea

Traditional taste, Made by Hanyak Doctors

[Horangee] Strong Ssanghwa Tea (Gift Wrapped)

Today we are excited to introduce Horangee’s signature product - Strong Ssanghwa Tea!

Horangee is a private research institute for Hanyak (Korean herbal medicine). It’s been operating for the last 20 years. Since then, their signature and best-selling product has been this Strong Ssanghwa Tea.

Note: Ssanghwa tea has long been part of Korean culture. Before western medicine became prevalent in Korea, Hanyak clinics were found in every neighborhood.

Ssanghwa tea was often prescribed as a therapeutic, energizing beverage. It helps to bring the body back to a balanced state of equilibrium - especially when suffering fatigue, cold symptoms or mild illness.

When you drink Ssanghwa Tea, you’ll feel your body warming up.

Now back to Horangee.

Horangee extracts its signature Ssanghwa tea directly from 9 medicinal herbs.

(Many cheaper brands mix-in concentrate liquids and sweeten with sugar)

However, Horangee uses no sugar, filler ingredients, additives, food coloring or preservatives.

The 9 herbal ingredients are White Poeny Root, Milk Vetch Root, Korean Angelica, Cnidium Root, Rehmannia Glutinosa Roots, Ginger, Jujube, Cinnamon, Liquorice.

The herbs are first harvested in their own farms. Then carefully mixed at the right ratio by Horangee’s in-house Korean Herbal Pharmacist (한약사).

Then mixture is then boiled and extracted using the original Tangjeon method (탕전)

At the end, you’re left with a deep-tasting, strong Ssanghwa tea - one that will bring back memories of the “real” taste from past decades.

If this is your first time with Ssanghwa tea, please expect a strong herbal medicine taste.

It will taste earthy with a layer of cinnamon and jujube - along with other complex flavors.

For better results, Horangee recommends heating up the tea before drinking.

Empty the tea from the packet into a pot and bring it to boil. Then let it cool down slightly before sipping.

Drink one packet per day (up to 3x per day).

And drink it 20-30 minutes after eating breakfast or dinner.

Did we mention that the box comes wrapped in traditional Korean cloth (bojagi)?

It makes for a great impression when being handed to friends or family.

The bojagi can be re-used over and over again.

1 box contains 14 packets.

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Product Highlights

  • Strong Ssanghwa tea - extracted directly from 9 Korean Medicinal Herbs (not from concentrate!)
  • Formulated by Korean Medicine Doctor (K.M.D) (한의사) & Pharmacist of Korean Herbal Medicine (한약사)
  • Elegantly offered in a traditional Korean wrapping cloth (Bojagi)
  • Works great as a special gift to parents & family members 
  • 1 Box includes 14 Packets

[Horangee] Strong Ssanghwa Tea

[Horangee] Strong Ssanghwa Tea - Gift Wrapped

Signature Strong Ssangwha Tea

Horangee operates a research institute for Korean Herbal Medicine (Hanyak).

It has been operating for 20+ years, innovating ways to extract nutrition from medicinal herbs

 Strong Ssanghwa Tea is their signature product!

This  tea is made by boiling a mix of medicinal herbs:  

White Poeny Root, Milk Vetch Root, Korean Angelica, Cnidium Root, Rehmannia Glutinosa Roots & more...

Comes wrapped in Korean Bojagi Cloth

This product comes wrapped in Korean wrapping cloth (aka bojagi)

It's elegant and makes for quite an impression!

Note: The color is selected at random - can not be selected

What's included in the box?

1 box contains 14 packets (~2 week supply)

Have you been looking for "Real" Ssanghwa Tea?

Our Ssanghwa Tea is made following tradition

We use the original Tangjeon method (탕전) for liquid extraction

Our Ssanghwa tea is carefully made by both...

Korean Medicine Doctor (K.M.D) (한의사)

+ Pharmacist of Korean Herbal Medicine (한약사)

We especially recommend our Sanghwa Tea if...

You're routinely working late into the night 

You work a physically-demanding job

Exhausted from your daily routine 

It will warm up your body temperature and re-energize your body!

This is our signature product - Ssanghwa Tea!

It's also our best-selling item

Not made from Concentrate!

Many cheaper Ssanghwa teas are made using "concentrate" liquids/base

Our tea is created by extracting directly from the natural medicinal herbs...

No sugar, concentrate, filler ingredients, preservatives or food colors!

Ingredient list consists only of 9 herbal ingredients - that's it!

Our tea is made with extracts from 9 herbal, medicinal ingredients:

White Poeny Root (Korea-grown)

Milk Vetch Root (Korea-grown)

Korean Angelica (Korea-grown)

Cnidium Root (Korea-grown)

Rehmannia Glutinosa Roots (Korea-grown)

Ginger (Korea-grown)

Jujube  (Korea-grown)

Cinnamon (China-grown)

Liquorice (Korea-grown)

Note: Some brands will use artificial coloring (like caramel) to make their tea look darker & thicker

However, we do NOT use any artificial coloring!

The medicinal herbs are carefully harvested at our farms by our Herbal Medicine Pharmacist (한약사) 

The medicinal herbs are then combined at just the right ratio to create a warming Ssanghwa tea!

Made with only Premium Korean Herbal Ingredients

Formulated by Pharmacist of Korean Herbal Medicine  & Korean Medicine Doctor

How to enjoy:

Drink up to 2-3  packets a day | Take 20-30 minutes after eating breakfast or dinner

For best results, we recommend heating up the tea before drinking!

If you need to drink some water afterwards, drink hot or warm water (avoid cold water).

What's included?

1 box contains 14 Ssaanghwa teas (80ml each)

Box comes wrapped in Korean Bojagi Cloth

Product pamphlet included

Our research facility for herbal product safety & innovation - operational for 20+ years

Our products are the result of collaborative efforts by our in-house Korean doctor, pharmacist, lab researchers and production team

Meet our head doctors: 

Korean Medicine Doctor: Mr. Kim Woo Sik

Pharmacist of Korean Herbal Medicine: Mr. Eun Seong Gi, Mrs. Jo Sun Hee, Mrs. Seeong Ji Young

Nutritional Info

Serving size is 1 packet | 1 packet contains 80ml (13 calories)

Sodium 3.6mg (0%), Carbohydrates 2.8g (1%), Sugar 1.7g (2%), Fat 0g (0%), Trans fat 0g (0%), Saturated Fats 0g (0%), Cholesterol 0g (0%), Protein 0.3 g (1%)

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