[Hanseong Jeotgal] Sand Lance Fish Sauce (Kanari Aekjuet)


[Kkanari Aekjeot] Sand Lance Fish Sauce

Naturally Fermented - Deep, Traditional Taste

[Hanseong Jeotgal] Sand Lance Fish Sauce (Kanari Aekjuet)

Purchasing the right fish sauce... 

You want that deep, umami flavor - but are intimidated of buying an overly pungent sauce - especially if you're using it for making Kimchi.

Today, we present Hanseong's Korean Sand Lance Fish Sauce. 

In Korean, Sand Lance Fish Sauce is known as Kanari Aekjeut (까나리 액젓)

Kanari Aekjeut is the go-to fish sauce for many when making Kimchi (though it does differ by region) - as it delivers a deep umami & salty flavor without the overbearing fishy flavor.

Plus, it helps to accelerate the fermentation process of the newly made kimchi. 

So, what separates Hanseong's Kanari Aekjeut from others? 

It's made with only two ingredients - each of which is grown in Korea (not imported from China): Sand Lance Fish & Sea Salt. 

Plus, did you know - that if you age fish sauce properly, it doesn't have a very pungent smell.

Hanseong ferments its fish sauce for over 2 years!

This fish sauce has a balanced taste & smell that delivers deep flavor for any type of Kimchi.

If you're trying Kanari Aekjuet for the first time, consider this one!

Customer Reviews

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Anton (Wrexham, WLS)
Will order again

The sauce itself is great. I used it to make kimchi instead of fish sauce and for the first time ever the final kimchi was not smelling like fish.

I’ve ordered from Gochujar to UK and delivery was surprisingly quick, just under a week and the sauce came securely packed with a nice little personal surprise inside from the seller :)

Will definitely order again from here

Product Highlights

  • Made from only two ingredients - sand lance fish & sea salt (each are Korea-sourced)
  • Use it to make your favorite type of Kimchi: Traditional Napa, Cucumber, Ponytail, Geotjeori Kimchi 
  • Korean Fish Sauce has been fermented for 2 years - not overly pungent, with a deep umami flavor!
  • Available in 500g bottles 


Sand Lance Fish Sauce - Kkanari Aekjeot (까나리 액젓)

Where can I use this? 

Traditional Napa Cabbage Kimchi (배추김치)

Cucumber Kimchi aka Oi Sobagi (오이소박이)

Ponytail Kimchi (총각김치)

Fresh Kimchi aka Geotjeori (겉절이)

Or use in Korean braised dishes, muchim or jjigae
(as a substitute for salt or soy sauce)

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