[Hans Pumpkin] Korean Baby Clothes (Newborn Deluxe Gift Set)

[Hans Pumpkin] Korean Baby Clothes - Newborn Deluxe Gift Set -

Gift New Mothers, Korean Baby Clothes!

[Hans Pumpkin] Korean Baby Clothes - Newborn Deluxe Gift Set

Today, we share adorable Korean baby clothes - deluxe gift set – that’s perfect for gifting expecting mothers!

The Newborn Deluxe set includes 2 full outfits, plus a handful of accessories.

The first outfit is a onesie – which is perfect for the beginning months.

The buttons on the onesie can be snapped into different styles (making it easy to change diapers without taking it off).

And the second outfit is a snug shirt & pants set.

The clothes are made out of 95% cotton & 5% polyurethane.

And it's made 100% here in Korea.

The Deluxe Set also includes accessories like a beanie, headband, as well as hand and feet warmers to keep the baby snug & warm.

That’s not it – it also includes 2 burping cloths.

As well as… magnet frame to showcase early photos.

If you have a close friend (or family member) who is expecting, share your excitement with Korean Baby Clothes!

A first-time mom should never be short of gifts – or encouragement ;-)

Note: This baby clothes is made for newborns (0-6 months).

It's a one-size fit, unisex - more details below!

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Product Highlights

  • Adorable, Premium Korean Baby Clothes - gift to expecting mothers!
  • Includes 2 full outfits, burping clothes & extra goodies
  • Fabric is made of 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane
  • Unisex | One-size fit
  • 100% Made In Korea

[Hans Pumpkin] Korean Baby Clothes
- Newborn Deluxe Gift Set -


This special set includes 10 pieces - works great as gift for expecting mothers!

 - What's included in the set? -

10 piece set includes:

(1) Beanie, (2) Onesie Bodysuit, (3) Bib - Outfit 1

(4) Headband, (5) Snug Shirt & Pants (6) Hand Warmer (7) Feet Warmer - Outfit 2

 (8) Burping Cloths (2 pieces) 

(9) Photo Frame Magnet

(10) Decorative Cards x 3

- Product Info - 

Material: Cotton 95% + Polyurethane 5%

Note: Bib & Burp Cloth (the backside) is 100% Cotton

100% Made In Korea

To what age are the clothes best suited for?

Beanie & Hand + Feet Warmers: 0-3 months old

Snug Shirt & Pants: 0-4 months old

Onesie Bodysuit: 0-6 months old

Bib: 0-24 months old

Burping Cloths: Use till whenever needed

Sizes for each clothing piece listed above

(Note: There may be +/- 2 cm difference that what is shown above)

The buttons on the onsie can be snapped into 2 fits

Baby Gown Fit - Best for 0-3 months old baby

(One opening at bottom - makes it easier to change diapers)

Body Suit Fit - Best for 3-6 months old baby

(Snap buttons to create pants)

These clothes are very easy to wear/slip-on

The pants have ample space - good diaper-fit

Beanie, hand & feet warmers to keep the infant warm!

A bib to catch drool, milk - keep clothes clean

Adorable headband - snap those cute baby pictures!

3 cards for handwritten messages - share updates with friends & family members

Pick your favorite baby photo and snap on your refrigerator via this magnet frame! 

Washing Tips: 

Best to hand-wash

(But if using laundry machine, place clothes in a mesh laundry bag)

Water temperature no higher than 30°C (86°F)

Wash separately from colored or darker-dyed fabrics

Best to dry out in sun

(With drying machine,  clothes may shrink)

Do not boil clothes

This product has been marked safe by Korea's KOSHA regulatory agency

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