[Haetnim Maeul] 100% Korean Cheongyang Gochugaru (Very Spicy!)

Haetnim Maeul 100% Korean Cheongyang Gochugaru - Very Spicy!

Korea's Fiery Cheongyang Chili Pepper 

[Haetnim Maeul] 100% Korean Cheongyang Gochugaru (Very Spicy!)

Today, we're excited to offer Haetnim Maeul's spiciest gochugaru!

Rated a 5/5 on their spice level, this gochugaru is made with Cheongyang chili peppers - the hottest chili variety in Korea.

Now, if you enjoy spicy Korean dishes, this is perfect!

It’s not a melt-your-face-off spicy, but hot enough to remind you of being in Korea!

That’s way it’s offered in a smaller 120g size. You only need to add a small amount!

Next time you feel like your ramen or sundubu jjigae “could be spicier”, add in a small spoonful of this Cheongyang Gochugaru!

Where are the chili peppers grown?

This gochugaru is made with 100% Korea-grown Cheongyang Chili Peppers - not imported from China!

To preserve the taste and natural oils of the flakes, we suggest storing your gochugaru in the refrigerator.

Medium Coarse | Very Spicy | 130g


Gochujar Editor note:

- If you prefer medium-spicy (normal), click here.
- If you like this very spicy level, but prefer finely-ground gochugaru, click here.

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Product Highlights

  • Very Spicy Gochugaru - rated at a maximum spice level of 5 out of 5
  • Made with 100% Korea-grown Cheongyang Chili Pepper (청양고추). This particular variety is the hottest in Korea.
  • Haetnim Mauel has been producing Gochugaru in Korea for the last 20 years!
  • Coarsely ground gochugaru | Available in 130g size 

[Haetnim Maeul] 100% Korean Cheongyang Gochugaru

This is very-spicy gochugaru!

Made with Korea's hottest chili variety - Cheongyang Chili Pepper (청양고추)

If you feel that your dish is missing that signature "Korean spice" - add in a small spoonful!

Haetnim Maeul Gochugaru is made with 100% Korea-grown chilis - not imported from China!

Full Ingredient List: Korean Chili Pepper (100%)

Size: 130g

Made in Korea

Texture: Coarse Flakes

Spice Level: Extra Spicy (Rated 5/5)

About Haetnim Maeul

Haetnim Mauel has been producing Gochugaru in Korea for the last 20 years!

They make premium gochugaru using exclusively 100% Korea-grown chilis

Haetnim Maeul takes great care in selecting the highest quality chili peppers for its gochugaru products

The company operates its own R&D center to ensure high standards of quality, flavor, and hygiene

Our facilities are HACCP certified - safe, clean, and undergo routine inspections

We carefully select our chili peppers, ensuring they have a deep red color and are at least 8cm in length

After the chili peppers have been harvested, they undergo a thorough washing process

The stems are first removed, then the chilis are dehydrated, and finally screened for quality

Full Ingredients list:

100% Korean Red Chili


Please store in refrigerator for longer-term keeping

Made in Korea

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