[Haechandle] 100% Korean Gochujang (500g & 1kg)

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Korean Spiciness, Made with Domestic Ingredients

[Haechandle] 100% Korean Gochujang 

When you think of red pepper paste, many Koreans think of Haechandle.

Haechandle is a brand under CJ CheilJedang, one of Korea's largest food companies.

For a long time, Haechandle has added spiciness to Korean tables, and now we present a red pepper paste made with 100% Korean ingredients.

Each ingredient, including the chili peppers, rice, sun-dried salt, soy sauce, and meju (fermented soybean blocks), is grown or made in Korea.

The ingredient list is 100% Korea-grown, with no raw ingredients imported from China or other countries.

Combined with Haechandle's unique fermentation and aging techniques, this results in a red pepper paste that is rich in both flavor and color. You can tell just by looking at it.

If you're new to Korean cooking, consider choosing Haechandle's 100% Korean Red Pepper Paste for its excellent taste, vibrant color, and reasonable price.

Available in both a 500g jar and a larger 1kg jar.

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Product Highlights

  • 100% Korean Gochujang - every ingredient in this gochujang is grown in Korea. 
  • Clean-taste, traditional spicy - with a vibrant red color
  • No added preservatives
  • Choose from two sizes: 500g or 1kg

[Haechandle] 100% Korean Gochujang (500g & 1kg)


Haechandle's 100% Korean Gochujang

Every ingredient in this gochujang is grown in Korea.


Made with 100% Korean ingredients

From sun-dried and Cheongyang chili powders to Korean rice and sea salt, all ingredients are sourced from Korea!

✔  Clean-taste, traditional spicy

✔  No added preservatives

✔  HAACP Safety Certified

✔  Vegan-Certified


Use for bibimbap (비빔밥)


Smooth, Spicy Flavor

Our fermentation techniques create a smooth, spicy flavor while preserving the vibrant red color of traditional gochujang


Use for spicy stir-fried squid (오징어볶음)


Carefully Selected, Korean Ingredients

We use only carefully selected Korean ingredients, including gochugaru, glutinous rice syrup (made from Korean rice), Korean rice, natural salt, and ten other domestically produced ingredients, such as soy sauce and soybean paste.


No Preservatives (Sorbic Acid)

This product is preservative-free, including sorbic acid, so you can enjoy it worry-free!



This product has received official vegan certification by Europe's V-LABEL


✓  Use it to make spicy galbi-jjim (braised beef short ribs) 


✓  Use it to make bibimbap


✓  Use it to make Korean soups & stews


✓  Use it to make Tteokbokki


Ful Ingredients List:

Haechan Fermented Soybean Paste {rice, refined salt, Korean soybean meju (soybean), Korean rice powder (rice), jungguk, steamed rice grains (rice), chili powder (chili), Korean rice powder (rice), fermented rice grains (brown rice), refined salt, Korean soy sauce (soybean), natural salt, wheat}, Korean soybean meju (soybean)

Storage Tip:

Store in refrigerator

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