[Good Herb] Samgyetang Broth Ingredients (3 Packs)


[Good Herb] Samgyetang Ingredients

Make Samgyetang at Home

[Good Herb] Samgyetang Broth 

This is perfect for making Samgyetang at home.

Samgyetang, or Korea Ginseng Chicken Soup, is one of Korea's most famous traditional dishes. It's made with a young whole chicken - stuffed with glutinous rice, ginseng and other aromatic ingredients such as jujube. The stuffed chicken is then slowly simmered in a milky broth until the meat becomes extra-tender.

The appeal of Samgyetang is the deep-tasting, nutritious broth. Koreans typically include an eclectic mix of medicinal herbs to infuse aroma and nutrition into the broth. 

Good Herb's Samgyetang package includes 5 high-quality medicinal herbs: Milkvetch, Mulberry Bark, Siberian Ginseng, Jujube and Angelica Root. Each of these ingredients are grown 100% in Korea. Together, they create a deep-tasting broth that will surely re-engerize your body... and perhaps even your mind!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Agape K. (Grants Pass, OR)

was looking for traditional herbs for Samgyetang and these packs are perfect for the soup!!!

NIDHI S. (Aurora, IL)

Broth came out amazing.

james t. (Lombard, IL)
Samgyetang Broth

Excellent broth. Kit does not come with broth bags which I recommend.

Good depth of flavor

I used the broth packet to make a version of the samgyetang described here (I didn't have the exact ingredients on hand so I decided to wing it, going so far as to use a dipping sauce left over from my Korean takeout yesterday instead of making it myself). It was delicious! The herbs gave the broth just the right amount of flavor ... not too bland, not overpowering. I think it would make a great base for all kinds of soups and stews.

Product Highlights

  • Best-selling product in Korean ecommerce sites
  • Includes 5 premium herbal ingredients 
  • Each ingredient is 100% grown in Korea
  • Perfect for making deep-tasting broth for Samgyetang
  • 1 package (70 grams)

What's in the bag? 

Milkvetch (35g)

Mulberry Bark (17g)

Siberian Ginseng (12g)

Jujube (4g)

Angelica Root (2g)

Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

  • Milkvetch (35g), Mulberry Bark (17g), Siberian Ginseng (12g),
    Jujube (4g), Angelica Root (2g)

Storage Tips

  • Expiration period: 2 years
  • Store in a cool, dry area

What to Make

  • Samgyetang (Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup)

About the Brand

  • Good Herb is a Korean marketplace that specializes in selling herbal powders, supplements and well-being products.

What is Samgyetang?

Samgyetang is Korean ginseng chicken soup. Its a whole chicken that's stuffed with glutinous rice, ginseng and other healthy ingredients like jujube and garlic. Locals love to eat it on hot summer days because Samgyetang is packed with nourishing ingredients. It help people recover their energy and appetite.

How do I make Samgyetang?

Product faq

Q: Where are the herbal ingredients from?
Q: How much water do I need to use when making this?
Q: Does it comes with a broth bag?
Q: Can I re-use this bag?

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About The Brand

Good Herb is a Korean marketplace that specializes in herbal powders, supplements and well-being products. Their Samgyetang product has become a best-seller in Korea's top e-commerce sites. 

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