[Gompyo] Korean Pancake Mix


[Gompyo] Korean Pancake Mix

Quick & Easy Korean Pancakes

[Gompyo] Korean Pancake Mix

Introducing Gompyo's Pancake Mix – a Korean pantry essential for making Korean Jeon (savory pancakes).

With this mix, pan-frying savory, crispy jeon becomes simple, requiring just a few simple steps.

Blend the flour mix with cold water and fold in fresh vegetables, seafood and/or meat of your choice.

A quick pan-fry on both sides for 2-3 minutes is all it takes.

What sets this mix apart is its well-balanced seasoning, eliminating the need for extra salt or seasonings.

The result?

A delicious crisp exterior that gives way to a delightfully chewy interior – exactly what you expect in a properly-made Korean pancake.

Gompyo is a well-established brand & logo in Korea. It has served Korean households with flour and wheat products over the last 70 years!

Whether you prefer Kimchi Jeon or Hameul Pajeon, having a bag of this mix in your pantry ensures that you can make Jeon quickly, especially on rainy days!

Note: After opening, please store this pancake mix in the refrigerator.

Available in 1kg size.

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Product Highlights

  • Make delicious Korean jeon (savory pancakes) - without any additional seasoning!
  • Simply stir pancake mix into cold water and add-in fresh vegetables, seafood or meat
  • Pan-fry for 2-3 minutes on both sides - and that's it!
  • Produces a delicious Korean jeon with an irresistible crispy exterior and a delightfully chewy interior
  • Available in 1 size: 1kg

[Gompyo] Korean Pancake Mix

[Gompyo] Korean Pancake Mix

Bring out the delicious flavors of traditional Korean pancakes, such as Kimchi Jeon (김치전), Hameul Pajeon (해물파전), and Chives Pancakes (부추전)

What's the pancake mix made of?

A balanced mixture of flour and various seasonings, including soy sauce powder and salt, creates a delicious, savory pancake

Crispy exterior and a delightfully chewy interior - exactly what you want in Korean pancakes!

How to make Korean Pancake Mix: 

Mix 500g of Gompyo Pancake Mix with 850mL of water. Stir thoroughly to ensure there are no clumps remaining.

Then mix in fresh ingredients like green onions, chives, zucchini, perilla leaves, seafood, etc.

Put some vegetable oil into a frying pan. Once the oil is hot, reduce the heat to medium.

Then, take a soup ladle and scoop out some batter. Shape the batter into a circle.

Pan-fry the food and flip it until both sides achieve a delicious crispy texture, about 2-3 minutes per side.

Full Ingredients list: 

Flour, Mixed Seasoning #2 (Salt, Flour, Soy Sauce Powder), Salt, Sugar, Rising Leavening Agent 1, Rising Leavening Agent 2, Vitamin B2

Nutrition Info

1 serving size is 100g. Every 100g contains 360 calories. 

Sodium 710mg (36%), Carbohydrates 76g (23%), Sugar 1g (1%), Fat 1.7g (3%), Transfat 0g, Saturated Fat 0.3g (2%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 11g (20%)

Please store in refrigerator after opening

Available in 1 size: 1kg

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