[Dawn 808] Hangover Drink (4 Cans)


[Dawn 808] Hangover Drink

The Original Hangover Drink

[Dawn 808]聽Hangover Drink Solution

Dawn 808 is the聽world's first聽patented hangover drink!

The formula was created by Dr. Jong Hyun Nam (portrait on can). It聽took him 808 experiments to perfect a formula聽that would effectively reduce hangover symptoms.

Unlike other hangover drinks, Dawn 808 is unique in that it's made from 100% natural ingredients. No chemicals or artificial ingredients are added - it's made by boiling an聽eclectic mix of herbal medicinal ingredients like alder and rowan trees. It's technically a tea.

So how does it taste? It has an earthy,聽oriental medicine-like taste. Certainly not the tastiest flavor聽but effective in preventing nasty hangovers. Your body will thank you the next morning!

Dawn 808聽was a mega-hit in Korea! After it was introduced in 1992, it ignited the now-booming hangover drink industry. It also became the first hangover drink to be internationally patented - with patents in the US, Japan, China, Canada and six other countries in Europe.聽

If you're curious to try the original formula that sparked it all- grab a few cans!聽Then compare it with other market leaders like CJ's Condition or Dong-A's Morning Care.

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Product Highlights

  • Korea' first hangover solution - the product that created the hangover drink industry
  • Prevents nasty hangovers to help you carry on with your day
  • Made with 100% natural herbs  - no artificial ingredients
  • Available in pack of 4 
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

  • Water, Alder Tree, Jujubee, Ginger, Hazel Tree,
    Honey, Rowan Berries,  Licorice Root, Arrow Root

Storage Tips

  • Expiration period: 3 years
  • Store in a cool, dry area
  • Serve chilled (if you like)

When to Drink

  • Best to drink 30 minutes before consuming alcohol.
  • ...or drink it after you finish drinking or right before you go to bed.

About the Brand

  • Glami patented the world's first hangover cure formula - Dawn 808.
    The inventor of the formula has been recognized both in
    Korea and abroad with more than 30 achievement awards. 
How is it marketed in Korea?

Here's a local news segment in English about Dawn 808

Product faq

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Q: Is Dawn 808 safe to drink?
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About The Brand

Glami was established in 1996. They patented the world's first hangover cure drink formula - Dawn 808. Since then, Glami has continued to build around this mega-hit product. Their product portfolio includes Dawn 1004, Glami Yukhyang, Dendea and Anaju. 

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