[Gijang Mulsan] Premium Gijang Dried Seaweed (160g)


Traditional Korean Seaweed from Gijang

[Gijang Mulsan] Premium Gijang Dried Seaweed (160g)

Introducing Gijang Muslin's Premium Gijang Dried Seaweed, harvested from the pristine waters off Gijang.

This is Gijang Mulsan's signature seaweed, and it's also their best-selling variety.

This seaweed is traditional seaweed from Gijang waters, dried whole.

It includes not only the seaweed blades (leaves) but also the delicious, edible stem, which is packed with nutrition and minerals.

(If you prefer just the smooth blades, you can find organic cut seaweed here.)

Traditional seaweed is often called “chewy seaweed” in Korean (쫄쫄이 미역). Having grown up eating miyeok-guk, we personally love the additional texture of the stem pieces, which add a nice chew and much more flavor to the broth.

This signature seaweed is grown in the high waves and strong currents of the Gijang Sea, a unique environment where cold and warm currents intersect, featuring strong tides influenced by polar cold-water zones. Here, the seaweed grows thicker, firmer, and more resilient, translating to a deeper-tasting, more nutrient-packed seaweed.

How to Cook?

Grab a small handful, give it a quick soak in cold water for 10 minutes, and witness its transformation into a delectable natural form.

The difference in texture, taste, and quality compared to regular seaweed is immediately noticeable.

Keep in mind, the dried pieces will expand significantly when soaked, so start with a modest amount and adjust according to your recipe.

Is Seaweed Healthy for You?

Yes, it’s a superfood. Koreans love seaweed for its high fiber content, which aids digestion and imparts a feeling of fullness.

Additionally, it's packed with antioxidants to protect cells from free radicals, as well as essential nutrients like vitamins A, C, and K, calcium, iodine, and iron.

Very healthy, and delicious.

One pack contains 160g.

Store at room temperature in your pantry.

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Product Highlights

  • Premium Korean seaweed - grown off the waters of Gijang (South Korea)
  • This traditional seaweed boasts the highest nutrient & mineral content compared to other seaweed types
  • Seaweed is thicker compared to cheaper, store-bought brands - retaining a pleasant, chewy texture
  • This seaweed comes whole, not pre-cut. Simply break off a piece and soak it in cold water for 10 minutes
  • Use it to make a healthy and nutritious pot of Miyeok-Guk (Korean Seaweed Soup).
  • Available in large bag (160g)

[Gijang Mulsan] Premium Gijang Dried Seaweed (160g)


Premium Gijang Dried Seaweed

Size: 160g


Gijang Seaweed is also known as "Chewy Seaweed" (쫄쫄이 미역)

This particular seaweed grows in the high waves and strong currents of the Gijang Sea. As a result, it develops narrow, thick leaves that retain their firmness when boiled, ensuring a pleasantly chewy texture (식감)

Futhermote, Gijang Sea is a unique environment where cold and warm currents intersect, featuring strong tides and influenced by polar cold-water zones

These conditions promote the growth of thick, resilient seaweed, packed with rich nutrients and minerals!


(Seaweed has a natural brown color, but turns dark green when blanched/cooked)


Available in large bag (160g)


This premium seaweed comes whole (not pre-cut into small pieces)


To use, simply soak in cold water for 10 minutes until it softens (pictured above)

Perfect for making miyeok-guk (미역국), seaweed banchans, and miso soup

The Process of Making Gijang Seaweed

Gijang Mulsan has exclusive contracts with 16 fishing villages in Gijang County to purchase the rights to approximately 1,000 tons of fresh seaweed every year during the harvest season from January to March

Immediately after harvesting, the seaweed is blanched, salted, and dried. This process is overseen by a seaweed master with 30 years of experience, ensuring the seaweed is perfectly cooked and preserved with natural sea salt.

Every step of the seaweed production process is meticulously checked and managed by the dedicated women of Gijang Mulsan. Once the seaweed has been salted and aged, it is washed again and inspected upon receiving an order.

The prepared seaweed is then placed in a dryer and subjected to hot air drying at approximately 60°C for eight hours. After drying, the seaweed is promptly packaged.All packaged seaweed is shipped out on the same day it is processed, ensuring the freshest product possible.



In early winter, we scatter and distribute seaweed seeds afloat in the waters off Gijang.

After 50 days, we harvest the fully-grown, nutrient-packed seaweed.

Can you feel the freshness of the harvested seaweed?


Bringing to Port

A boat filled with seaweed has arrived at the harbor.

Shall we head to the Gijang Fisheries Factory for processing now?


Rinsing & Blanching

We put the newly arrived sun-dried seaweed on a conveyor belt, spread it out evenly to check its condition, then blanch it in hot water.

During this blanching, chlorophyll changes, turning the brown seaweed green.


Salting and Maturing

We carefully rotate the seaweed in flowing currents, ensuring a thorough cleaning with cold brine.

During the salting process, where we evenly sprinkle natural sea salt, the seaweed undergoes a sifting process, separating the main body, stems, and any byproducts.


Shaping & Drying

The seaweed is then individually laid out in a rectangular shape and left to dry.

We place it in a dryer and allow it to dry with hot air for 8 hours. Afterward, the dried seaweed is ready!



After inspection, the dried seaweed is packaged.

The packaged products are all distributed on the same day!


Important: We test our seaweed for any trace hazardous or radiation contamination

As demonstrated above, Gijang Mulsan seafood products are free from any hazardous or radioactive materials (KOLAS testing)


Gijang Mulsan has also obtained additional certifications

ASC Certification (Aquaculture Stewardship Council)

This certification guarantees that our seafood products have been responsibly produced, with minimal environmental and social impacts.

MSC Certification (Marine Stewardship Council) 

This certification assures consumers that seafood products bearing the MSC label originate from a sustainable and well-managed fishery.

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Ingredient list:

Seaweed, Sea Salt


160 gram

Gijang Mulsan.jpg__PID:8a0c31a9-c9cb-44e2-a58d-fa5beeee8ff1

Gijang Mulsan started its seaweed cultivation operations in 1991 (shown above)


Korean Seaweed Story

Korean seaweed stretches to about 10 feet, akin to the height of corn. It starts growing in January and February and is harvested during June and July

In Korea, seaweed is renowned for its health benefits and is always recommended to new mothers as one of the best post-birth foods to consume

Koreans learn to enjoy dried seaweed from a young age and incorporate dishes like miyeok-guk (seaweed soup) into their regular diets

Seaweed is one of Korea's top exported foods!


Premium Gijang Seaweed

Gijang Sea, where warm and cold currents meet, boasts strong currents and rich nutrients influenced by the cold waters from polar regions.

It fosters one of the best conditions for seaweed cultivation in Korea.


Gijang vs. Wando Seaweed

Gijang and Wando stand out as the most renowned regions for seaweed cultivation in Korea.

Each offers different characteristics in appearance, texture, and flavor.

Gijang Seaweed

Length: 90cm

Harvested region: Gijang Sea

% of total supply: Makes up 5% of total harvested seaweed supply in Korea

Notes on region: Gijang waters is filled with nutrient-rich plankton 

Taste: The seaweed leaves are shorter, thicker and slightly chewier. Overall smooth & mild flavor 

Wando Seaweed

Length: 250cm

Harvested region: West Sea,  South Sea, Wando, Goheung

% of total supply: Makes up 95% of total harvested seaweed supply in Korea

Notes on region: The presence of gentle currents, low sea temperatures, and shallow waters create an optimal environment for a thriving ecosystem of marine life

Taste: The seaweed leaves are wider and more narrow, with a smooth chewing texture


We offer 3 types of seaweed 

Traditional seaweed

Raw seaweed strands are cut and dried without any salting process. Each strand is carefully spread out by hand to soak in the sunshine and ocean air. This type of seaweed is the most commonly sold in Korea. We  store our seaweed under the following conditions: humidity maintained at 60-70% and temperature kept between 15-20°C.

(The product you're currently looking at is traditional seaweed)

Fermented Seaweed

We blanch strands of raw seaweed at 95°C for 30-60 seconds. Afterward, we rapidly cool it down using a pump with cold ocean water.

After drip-drying, the seaweed is soaked in brined water (with a salt-to-water ratio of 3:1, achieving a salinity of 22-25% with sea salt) for one day.

Cut / Silmi Seaweed

The central stalk of the seaweed is removed. Next, all the salt is thoroughly washed off, and the seaweed is cut into bite-sized pieces before being fully dried.


Seaweed is regarded as a health food and provides many benefits for your body

Great source of fiber: Seaweed is high in dietary fiber, which can aid digestion and promote a feeling of fullness, potentially helping with weight management.

High in antioxidants: Seaweed contains various antioxidants, such as flavonoids and carotenoids, which help protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Rich in nutrients: Seaweed is packed with vitamins and minerals, including iodine, calcium, iron, and vitamins A, C, and K.


Use it make a delicious bowl of Korean Seaweed Soup (미역국

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