[Garu Master] Sweet Pumpkin Soy Cream Soup

[Garu Master] Sweet Pumpkin Soy Cream Soup

Healthy, Nutritious & Creamy

[Garu Master] Sweet Pumpkin Soy Cream Soup

Today we introduce a delicious - and healthy - Sweet Pumpkin Soy Cream Soup that’s perfect for rushed mornings.

(Don’t drive to work hungry!)

How’s it made?

100% Korea-grown Sweet Pumpkin are steamed, then fully dehydrated and grated into a fine powder.

It’s then mixed with Korean Soybeans to produce a creamy, savory taste.

What we love about this soup is its simple ingredient list!

  • Korean Sweet Pumpkins
  • Korean Soybeans
  • Raw Sugar Cane
  • Sea Salt 
That's it!

No preservatives, flavor additives or artificial coloring - only 4 natural ingredients.

Best of all, it’s lightly sweetened with raw sugar cane - not refined white sugar!

It’s a much healthier (vegan) sweetener.

This soup contains plenty of (plant-based) protein 10.5g, with only 168 calories per serving.

To turn this powder into a soup, all you need is hot water.

Mix 3 Spoonfuls of the Powder with 150ml of hot water.

Note: To minimize clumping, shake in a shaker bottle (or tumbler), then pour into a cup.

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Product Highlights

  • Sweet Pumpkin Soy Cream Soup - mix with hot water & shake! 
  • Made with only 4  ingredients: Korean Sweet Pumpkins, Soybeans, Sugar Cane & Sea Salt
  • Absolutely NO preservatives, synthetic coloring or additives
  • Perfect for on-the-go meals or curbing your hunger!
  • 1 bag contains 300g

- [Garu Master] Sweet Pumpkin Soy Cream Soup -

Sweet Pumpkin Soy Cream Soup

A delicious, nutritious and effortless Sweet Pumpkin Soy Cream Soup!

Perfect for curbing hunger, while at the office or on-the-go

Made with Korea-grown Sweet Pumpkins & Soybeans

A great source of plant-based protein and vegan-friendly

Use this powder to make a delicious & satisfying Sweet Pumpkin Soy Cream Soup!

When you've had a long day at work, and need something quick & comforting!

This soup be made in less than 30 seconds!

Hows is the natural powder made?

Korean Sweet pumpkins are steamed, then dehydrated and grated into a powder

It's mixed with Korean Soybeans.

Then lightly sweetened with raw sugar cane - not refined white sugar!

To make soup, simply add hot water!

Then shake it - that's it!

Use 3 spoonfuls of powder for every 150ml of hot water

We recommend this drink for...

When the weather is cold and you need something warm...

When you need a simple soup to feed your children...

When you're exhausted from work and need something comforting...

When you're in a rush in the morning but want something healthy...

Made with Only 4 Natural Ingredients

100% Plant-Based, 100% Natural

Full ingredients list:

Sweet Pumpkin (Korea-grown)

Soybeans (Korea-grown)

Raw Sugar Cane

Sea Salt (From Korean Shores)

The powder mix contains... NO additives, preservatives or artificial coloring!

Besides those 4 ingredients - there's nothing else!

NO chemical or artificial ingredients 

NO animal-derived ingredients

NO synthetic additives or preservatives

Tastes delicious, even without additives!

As you sip... you'll feel warm and satisfied

A rich, deep flavor without any artificial & chemical ingredients

You'll find yourself reaching for it on cold, stressful days

Made with 100% Korea-Grown Sweet Pumpkins

Korean Sweet Pumpkin are loaded with beta-carotene, vitamins and minerals

When its dehydrated, it's sweetness becomes more pronounced!


Garu Master developed its own technique to extract Dry Soy Milk Powder from whole Soybeans

(The soybeans are not soaked in water to secrete milk, rather dry-extracted directly from whole soybeans)

This dry soy-milk powder is included in every Garu Master Mix

Note: Soy-milk powder is lacto-free (easily digestible by anyone!)

Instructions & Recipes

Use 3 spoonfuls of powder for every 150ml of hot water

(150 ml is roughly ~2/3 cup)

Note: Add in a touch of milk for a richer, more delicious taste

Since this formula contains no preservatives or additives (only natural, it has a tendency to clump

It's best to use a shaker bottle - to mix everything up quickly

NOTE: If mixing directly into a cup, use a spoon to scrape the perimeter (as there can be small clumps there)

Sweet Pumpkin Soy Cream Soup

3 spoonfuls of Sweet Pumpkin Soy Powder (45g) + Water (150ml)

Sweet Pumpkin Spread (For Morning Toast)

3 spoonfuls of Sweet Pumpkin Soy Powder (45g) + Water (50ml)

Sweet Pumpkin Latte

2 Spoonfuls of Sweet Pumpkin Soy Powder (30g) + Milk (150ml) or... Water (150ml)

Starbucks Sweet Pumpkin Shot Latte

2 Spoonfuls of Sweet Pumpkin Soy Powder (30g) + Milk (150ml) + Espresso (1 Shot)

Storage details

1 bag contains 300g

Store at room temperature - away from sunlight

For longer keeping, lock zipper tightly and store in the refrigerator!

Serving Size: 45g (3 spoonfuls)

Calories per serving: 168 Calories

Sodium 162mg (8%), Carbohydrates 22g (7%), Sugar 14g (14%), Fat 4.2g (8%)

Saturated Fats 0.6g (4%), Trans Fats 0g (0%), Cholesterol 0mg (0%), Protein 10.5g (19%)

Ingredients list: Soybean (65.4%), Sweet Pumpkin (12%), Sugar Cane, Sea Salt

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