Ever Collagen - In & Up Biotin Up (6-Week Supply)

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Ever Collagen - In & Up Biotin Up

Korea's #1 Best-Selling Collagen, Upgraded Formula

Ever Collagen - In & Up Biotin Up (6-Week Supply)

Today we introduce Korea's #1 Best-Selling Collagen... EVER COLLAGEN!

Ever Collagen has been the best seller for 7 years in Korea (since 2014). As well as being the #1 re-purchased collagen product!


Ever Collagen received official designation by the Korean FDA as a "Health-Functional Food (HFF)".

The HFF mark indicates that the product has presented sufficient lab data/results to validate its advertised health benefits.

(Among the many collagen products available in Korea, only 3.6% are labeled as being a Health-Functional Food)

Ever Collagen is made with fish collagen.

Unlike animal-derived collagen, fish collagen is micro-sized which allows the collagen peptides to be easily absorbed by the digestion tract.

Faster absorption. Easier Digestion. Noticeable Results.

Today, we offer the latest version of their signature product: Ever Collagen - In & Up Biotin Up!

Every serving (2 tablets) contains...

1,000mg of Micro-Sized Collagen (100% DV).

Collagen plays a vital role in strengthening skin, as well as in elasticity and hydration. As you age, your body produces less - which leads to dry skin and wrinkles.

1,000µg of Biotin (3,333% DV)

Biotin is Vitamin B7. Biotin produces fatty acids that nourish the skin - to maintain a clear complexion. It also strengthens your hair, to keep it from thinning and falling out.

120mg of Vitamin C (120% DV)

With regards to skin health, Vitamin C boosts collagen’s youth-promoting properties to support an even, glowing, and agile complexion.

10µg of Vitamin D (100% DV)

Vitamin D showcases great anti-inflammatory properties that can help treat skin conditions like dryness, acne, and vitiligo. It's antioxidants fight signs of premature aging.

55µg of Selenium (100% DV)

Selenium also helps prevent signs of aging - fighting free radicals and minimizing skin damage and inflammation.

8.5mg of Zinc (100% DV)

Zinc helps clear up you skin and reduces the effects of sunburn or premature aging - by encouraging the production of collagen and elastin.

60mg of Elastin

While collagen is responsible for the structure of your skin, elastin is responsible for the flexibility and stretching capabilities. Elastin increases your skin elasticity and reduces saggy skin.

30mg of Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid retains water to keep tissues well lubricated and moist - reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

EVER COLLAGEN - IN & UP BIOTIN UP packs a powerful mixture of vitamins, proteins & amino acids to fight off signs of aging, revitalize skin, improve skin elasticity!

It’s a way to a more youthful appearance.

Okay, but how does its taste?

The tablets have a neutral flavor - easy to consume.

Take 2 tablets per day - with a gulp of water.

1 container has a 6-week supply.

Editor note: For best results, Ever Collagen highly recommends consuming 2 tablets daily. After 6 weeks (restores moisture levels) and after 12 weeks (reduction of eye wrinkles, fine lines on face + skin elasticity).

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Product Highlights

  • Ever Collagen is Korea's #1 Leading Collagen Product
  • Highest sales volume + repurchase rate for 7 consecutive years!
  • Micro-sized collagen peptide - easily absorbed in the digestive tract
  • Formula also includes Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Selenium, Zinc & Biotin
  • Take 2 tablets a day - with water
  • 1 container has a 6-week supply


Ever Collagen is Korea's #1 Best-Selling Collagen Product

(Based on units sold from 2017.01.01 ~ 2020.12.31)


Formula includes 5 health-functional ingredients

Micro Fish Collagen - 1,000 mg (100% DV)

Biotin - 1,000 µg (3,333% DV)

Vitamin C - 120 mg (120% DV)

Vitamin D - 10 µg (100% DV)

Selenium - 55 µg (100% DV)

Point 1: New & Upgraded Formula

This new, upgraded formula contains the original formula + an increase in Biotin (Vitamin B7)

Biotin has increased from 30µg (100% DV) to ↑↑↑ 1,000µg  (3,333% DV)!

(Biotin is Vitamin B7. It's essential for maintaining healthy nails, skin and the natural color of your hair - prevents it from thinning or falling out)

But is it fine to take 3,333% Daily Value (DV) of Biotin everyday? 

Yes it is.

Biotin (Vitamin B7) is water-soluble

Your body will use as much as it needs and any excess will be flushed out in urine

Point 2: Ever Collagen's Proprietary Micro-Sized Collagen!

Our micro-sized fish collagen is the first in Korea to provide dual-benefits for skin health

1) Delivers moisture to your cells

2) Guards cells from UV damage

EVER COLLAGEN reaches the inner skin and stimulates the generation of collagen and hyaluronic acid

Which improves skin elasticity and reduces fine wrinkles

What type of collagen is used? 

285 Dalton-Sized (Micro-size), Gly-Pro-Hyp Collagen (GHP)

It has the same molecular composition as your skin's cells

This collagen is derived from fish - it's micro-sized for quick absorption

In lab trials, the following results were observed with daily consumption

✓  Reduction in fine line & wrinkles around the eyes

✓ Reduction of deep wrinkles in facial area

✓ Improvement in overall skin elasticity

✓ Increase in skin moisture levels

✓ Smoother skin and even texture

Lab trials show considerable improvements after 12 weeks

Skin elasticity level >> Increase ↑↑↑

Skin moisture level >> Increase ↑↑↑

Wrinkles around eyes >> Decrease ↓↓↓

The lab study consisted of 70 Korean women in their 40-60's - who took 1 packet of New Tree's Ever Collagen (1000 mg) for 12 weeks.

(Note: Your results may vary from lab results)

What's included in every 2 tablets?

Micro Collagen Peptide - 1000mg (100% DV)

Vitamin C - 120mg (120%)

Vitamin D - 10µg (100%)

Selenium - 55µg (100%)

Zinc - 8.5mg (100%)

Biotin - 1,000µg  (3333%)

Hyaluronic Acid - 30mg

Elastin - 60mg

Take 2 tablets per day

Small-sized, easy to swallow

Korea's #1 Best-Selling Collagen Powder!

Best-Selling Collagen for 7 consecutive years!

Most re-purchased collagen for 7 consecutive years!

Over 18 million bottles sold-to-date

Take 2 tablets once a day - with water

Store in a cool, dry place (away from sunlight)


When should I take the tablets?

You can take 2 tablets anytime - before meals, after meals, on an empty stomach, or at night

Can men take these tablets too?

Yes, it can be consumed by men as well - not a gender-specific formula

Do these tablets have a fishy smell?

The tablets are odorless - easy to consume

Do I take this straight - or drink with water?

Take with a gulp of water

89.5% of women in Korea have a Biotin (Vitamin B7) deficiency 

According to 2015 Korea Govt. Data

From the age of 40, there is a significant decline in collagen production

The amount of collagen that the body produces decreases by roughly ~1% every year

Did you know your inner skin - dermis - is made of 90% collagen fibers? 

Collagen is essential for your skin health - with collagen fibers comprising more than 90% of your dermis (the thickest layer of your skin)

 Collagen is also used by your body for repairing and maintaining hair, nails, muscles and tendons

However, the amount of collagen that your body produces decreases by roughly ~1% every year

Starting from the age of 40, there is a significant decline in collagen production

Taking collagen will help fight the appearance of aging in your skin

Full Ingredients List

Micro Collagen Fish Peptide (Gly-Pro-Hyp 30mg/g), Sodium L-Ascorbate, Sodium Selenite Mix {Sodium Selenite, Calcium Phosphate}, Vitamin D3 Mixture {Vitamin D3, Gum Arabic, Sucrose, Corn Starch, MCT Oil, Silicone Dioxide, Vitamin E}, Biotin, Crystalline cellulose, Elastin Hydrolyzate, Mixture {Sodium Hyaluronate, Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose, Titanium Dioxide}, Sodium Hyaluronate, Silicon Dioxide, Carboxymethylcellulose Calcium, Stearin Magnesium

Nutritional Info

1 serving = 2 tablets 

2 tablets contains 5 calories

Carbohydrates 0g (0%), Protein 1g (2%), Fat 0g (0%), Sodium 25mg (1%), Gly-Pro-Hyp Collagen 30mg, Vitamin C 120mg (120%), Selen 55µg (100%), Vitamin D 10µg (100%),  Biotin 1,000µg (3,333%)

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