[Denps] Blood Sugar Care Pro - Tablets

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[Denps] Blood Sugar Care Pro - Tablets

Prevent Blood Sugar Spikes After Meals!

[Denps] Blood Sugar Care Pro - Tablets

Introducing Denp's Blood Sugar Care Pro Tablets!

In today's modern society, individuals are encountering difficulties when it comes to maintaining healthy eating habits. This is mainly attributed to the prevalence of high-carbohydrate and sugary food options that are easily accessible.

When consumed, carbohydrates are converted into glucose in your body, which serves as the primary source of energy.

However, serious problems can arise when you have consistently high levels of glucose in your blood - including hyperglycemia and ultimately diabetes.

To manage blood sugar levels, a combination of lifestyle changes, regular exercise, monitoring, and medication or supplements is necessary.

That's where Denp's Blood Sugar Care Pro tablets can help…

These mini-sized tablets are designed to prevent blood sugar spikes after eating - providing a simple way to keep your blood sugar (glucose) levels in check.

One tablet a day is all you need!

Best of all, it's made with natural ingredients, with Banaba Leaf being the key ingredient.

Banaba Leaf is a natural source of Corosolic Acid, an incredibly potent active compound known for its ability to promote the efficient absorption of glucose by your cells.

Thereby reducing the levels of glucose (sugar) in your blood.

This product has received HFF ‘Health-Functional Food' certification from Korea’s FDA.

This HFF certification is only given to products which have substantiated their advertised health benefits with sufficient data & results.

Beyond Corosolic Acid, each tablet also includes additional minerals and vitamins to support overall health:

  • Zinc: Boosts immune system, promotes healthy skin, and supports respiratory well-being

  • Chromium: Improves insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, aiding in blood sugar control

  • Selenium: Acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body from free radicals

  • Vitamin B1: Provides energy by breaking down glucose to produce ATP

Take 1 tablet per day - at the same time every day for optimal results (preferably before meals).

Denp's Blood Sugar Care Pro Tablets offer a simple and effective way to help manage blood sugar levels after meals and support your overall health.

Note: If you are currently taking diabetes medication, we highly recommend consulting your healthcare professional before adding these supplements to your routine.

Made in Korea.

One box contains 60 tablets (2 month supply).

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Product Highlights

  • Blood Sugar Care Pro helps prevent blood sugar spikes after eating!
  • 100% Natural, Plant-Based - Banaba Leaf Extract
  • Take only 1 tablet per day - mini-sized for easy swallowing
  • Blood Sugar Level DOWN! Energy level UP!
  • 1 box contains 60 tablets (2-month supply)

[Denps] Blood Sugar Care Pro

Blood Sugar Care Pro

Blood sugar spikes are often caused by excessive consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods.

When blood sugar levels remain consistently high, there is an accumulation of glucose in the bloodstream.

This can lead to serious health problems such as hyperglycemia and diabetes.

Blood Sugar Care Pro helps prevent blood sugar spikes after eating!

Who is this recommended for?

✔️  If you consistently experience blood sugar spikes after meals

✔️   If your healthcare professional has advised you to monitor your blood sugar levels

✔️  If you're in your mid-to-late age and consume a high-carb diet

✔️  If you require assistance in lowering blood sugar levels after meals

Take 1 tablet per day!

100% Natural, Plant-Based - Banaba Leaf Extract

Take 1 tablet of Blood Sugar Care Pro per day

Each tablet contains the 100% daily (max) recommended amount of Corosolic Acid

Blood Sugar Level DOWN! Energy level UP!

Mini-sized - easy to swallow

Point 01 - Made from Banaba Leaf

Banaba Leaf contains a significant amount of natural corosolic acid.

Corosolic acid is effective in enhancing the cellular uptake of glucose, leading to reduced blood sugar levels

Its leaves have been utilized for centuries in Asia to treat diabetes

Anti-Diabetic Effects, Antioxidant Activity, Cholesterol-Lowering, Anti-Obesity Effects

✓ 100% Plant-Based Ingredient

✓ STAR-K Kosher Certified

✓  Halal-Certified

Lab results indicate that blood sugar levels decreased with the intake of corosolic acid

Lab test patients were aged between 55~70 years old | Blood sugar level: 140~250 mg/dl | 32 patients | 15-hour observation

Results published in Journal of Ethnopharmacology 87 (Year 2003) 115-117

Lab results are only indicative and not a guarantee of potential health benefits

Point 02 - 1 tablet contains max amount of % daily intake of corosolic acid!

1 tablet = 1.3 mg

We've packed the maximum amount into one tablet for your convenience

No need to take multiple tablets a day - just take one tablet for the entire day.

Minimum effective amount is 0.45g / day

Our tablet contains 1.3 mg!

Point 03 - In addition to corosolic acid, each tablet also contains essential minerals and vitamins to provide comprehensive support for your health.

 ✓   Corosolic Acid (from Banaba Leaf)

Helps regulate and lower blood sugar levels

 ✓  Zinc - 100% (of daily recommended amount)

Supports overall health by promoting a robust immune system, healthy skin, and respiratory well-being

✓  Chromium - 167%

Improves insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, aiding in blood sugar control

✓  Selenium - 100%

Antioxidant that protects the body from damage caused by free radicals floating in the body

✓   Vitamin B1 - 100%

Helps provide energy to the body by breaking down glucose to produce ATP, the primary energy source for cells

Rest assured, each tablet contains...

0g of carbohydrates

0g of sugar

0g of fat

0mg of sodium

Point 04 - Mini size makes it easy to consume - anywhere!

Each tablet is only 8mm in size 

Take control of your blood sugar → support healthy weight management → increase natural energy levels!

1 box contains 60 tablets

Full Ingredients List (% daily amount):

Banaba Leaf Extract (Corosolic acid) - 1.3 mg

 Vitamin B1 - 1.2mg (100%)

Zinc - 8.5mg (100%)

Selenium - 55ug (100%)

Chromium - 50ug (167%)


Take 1 tablet per day. Take with water. 

Take before eating a meal 

How to store?

Store at room temperature

Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I take these tablets?

It's best to establish a consistent time and adhere to it daily. We recommend setting that time before a meal.

Can I take these with other diabetic medication?

We recommend consulting with your physician.

Should I take this only if my blood sugar levels are high? 

These pills are suitable for any adult with  high-sugar/carbohydrate diet. Each tablet is enriched with other vital daily vitamins and minerals.

Why do I need to take care of my blood sugar level? 

Managing your blood sugar levels is essential as it directly impacts your overall health and well-being. Blood sugar, or blood glucose, refers to the amount of glucose present in your bloodstream. Glucose serves as the primary source of energy for your body's cells and tissues, and it comes from the food you eat, particularly carbohydrates. 

However, consistently high blood glucose (sugar) levels can have significant and potentially serious consequences on your health. If left uncontrolled over an extended period, it can lead to various complications such as hyperglycemia or diabetes. 

Lifestyle changes, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, and medication/supplements can help control blood sugar levels

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