[Daechun Gim] Gopchang Roasted Seaweed Laver - 12 Pack


[Daechun Gim] Gopchang Roasted Seaweed Laver - 12 Pack

40 Year History, Extra-Crispy Gim!

[Daechun Gim] Gopchang Roasted Seaweed Laver Sheets - 12 Packs

We are excited to share Daechun Gim, an exceptional brand with a remarkable 40-year history in Korea!

After trying it for the first time, it quickly became our favorite gim (seaweed sheet) brand!

Gopchang seaweed is harvested from Korea's western coastline for a limited 30-day period each year.

It's famous in korea for its unique and satisfying crunch!

Compared to other store-bought brands, you'll notice that gopchang seaweed sheets are slightly thicker and delivers a delightfully loud crush with every bite.

We believe it ranks among the top three best gim (seaweed sheets) we've ever tasted in Korea!

We’re offering these seaweed sheets in a 12-pack (5g x 12 packs).

Each sheet is roasted to perfection, coated with sesame oil, and lightly seasoned with sprinkles of salt.

Try it out at home and don't forget who introduced you to Gopchang Gim!

Daechun Gim also offers this same product in a vacuum-sealed can. Perfect as a food gift to friends or family!

Editor's note: You may be wondering why it's called 'gopchang' seaweed. Gopchang is the Korean term for small intestine. When this particular seaweed is roasted, it develops a characteristic tangled appearance, hence the name gopchang gim!

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Product Highlights

  • Korean gopchang seaweed sheets are roasted twice to give them an extra-crispy texture!
  • Savour the incredible, fresh taste and distinctive crunchy texture
  • A "rice-killer" banchan (밥도둑) - it will make your rice disappear quickly!
  • Made by Daechun Gim, one of Korea’s most famous seaweed brands (40 years of history)
  • Available in a 12-pack set

[Daechun Gim] Gopchang Seaweed Sheets (12 packs)

Our gopchang seaweed sheets undergo a double-roasting process for an extra crispy texture!

Savour the incredible, fresh taste and distinctive crunchy texture of gopchang seaweed

Gopchang seaweed is harvested for only 30 days out of the year!

Due to limited growing season, Korean fishermen are only able to harvest gopchang seaweed for 30 days each year.

When compared to regular seaweed sheets, Gopchang seaweed stands out with its thicker and crispier texture!

With gopchang gim, you won't need any other side dishes. Just enjoy it with white rice!

100% Korea-Grown Seaweed

Our seaweed is sustainably harvested from the nutrient-rich western coast of Korea

The seaweed is carefully inspected and any low-quality strands are removed before production

Roasted 2x and brushed with sesame oil

These seaweeds are roasted twice, then seasoned to perfection with sesame oil and a sprinkle of salt

Daechun Kim has been making seaweed products in Korea for the last 40 years!

We have 40+ years of expertise in producing premium-quality gim (seaweed sheets)

Our production facilities are routinely inspected for cleanliness & quality - HACCP Certified

Full Ingredients List

Korean Gopchang Seaweed (55.2%), Sesame Oil, Canola Oil, Salt


12 packs (5g each)

How to Store:

Store at room temperature, in a cool & dry place

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