[Coffee Libre] Signature Coffee Drip Bags

[Coffee Libre] Signature Coffee Drip Bags

Created by 2x World Champion Coffee Roaster

[Coffee Libre] Coffee Drip Bags

Coffee Libre is a boutique cafe started by Phil, who was the first in Korea to receive Q-Grader Certification (a highly coveted status for coffee grading - only 4,000 Q-graders in the world).

He was also crowned World Champion at the World Coffee Roasting Championship - for 2 consecutive years (2012, 2013).

Coffee Libre has gained a reputation and loyal following as it sources some of the world’s best coffee beans.

Coffee Libre is famous for their single-origin coffee beans, which they source directly from countries (fair-trade).

Many of Coffee Libre’s beans are labelled CoE (Cup Of Excellence) - which is awarded to only the world's best-tasting coffee beans.

Today, we offer Coffee Libre's Signature Coffee Drip Bags!


Each box has a total of 7 drip bags.

[Gochujar Editor Note: SINGLE ORIGIN means that the coffee beans are harvested from one country (often the same farm). You can experience unique tasting notes with single-origin beans. BLEND is a combination of single-origin beans. Blends produce a more balanced, smooth cup of coffee.]

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Franc C. (Richmond, VA)

Perfect! Awesome customer service and fast shipping. And Yes the coffee is soooo good!

Uyen T. (Hercules, CA)
the subtle sweetness was fascinating.

i only used one of the packets thus far, and the taste was so surprising. I didn’t think i can taste the notes so clearly. it was exciting to taste exactly as the creators wrote. I also did not brew it correctly, but glad the taste was still profound. I’ll try again soon to try and get a deeper result.

my peers were not as mind blown as i was, and i figure it’s because they enjoy flavoring pumps of syrups and coffee “milk” taste. 😐i think i wasted the coffee on them.

I did have a tough time making the coffee. I translated the instructions on each packet but the google translate confused me more. i end up concluding that it is just the name of each temperature brew.

If it’s the name of the coffee brew depending on what temperature, it would be nice knowing why.

i also hope, for my future orders, there is a little more information (translation) on the instructions. The instructions would fit right after mentioning the coffee’s story and barista in the description.

I just realized how personally selfish that was💀

Daniel thank you for adding such a gem to your website! I enjoyed it a lot.

Malcolm M. (Milwaukee, WI)

I was given a box for holiday, and I am so grateful! I did a slow pour and it really is amazing how good this coffee is... will have to order soon as I am currently rationing to one a day.

Ze M.L. (Jurong West New Town)
Fast delivery

Customer service was great. An email was sent to me after the order, stating the delivery would be slightly delayed, as a newer batch was coming in. Coffee was light in the after taste and comfortable to have in the evenings.

Kathryn K.
A Flavored Escape

I expected great things...and I got great things! Flavor comes pouring out of this cup(no pun intended) Its strong yet smooth. I like to actually drink this in the evening to unwind and have my flavor escape. Party of one please and thankyou.

Product Highlights

  • Crafted by Korea's First World Champion Coffee Roaster!
  • Experience one of Seoul's top-rated cafes from the comfort of your own home
  • Works great as a Korean gift to friends & colleagues
  • Choose from 5 different types

[Coffee Libre] Signature Coffee Drip Bags

01. Costa Rica (Single Origin*)

'Single origin' means that the coffee is sourced from one single producer, crop, or region in one country

Notes: Tart Apple Jam, Vanilla

7 Drip Bags

02. Ethiopia (Single Origin)

Notes: Bergamot Orange, Floral, Fresh Bouquet

7 Drip Bags

03. Honduras (Single Origin)

Notes: Smooth vanilla, citrus, milk-chocolate

7 Drip Bags 

04. Nicaragua (Single Origin)

Notes: Creamy, Tangerine, Vanilla

7 Drip Bags 

05. Blend Sampler Collection

'Blend coffee' - as the name implies - is 2 or more coffee varieties blended together

The blend collection features 3 types of blends - total of 7 drip bags

Bad Blood Blend (3 bags)

It's medium-roasted with a slightly acidic and sweet after-taste. The aroma has a mix of mountain air and wild fruit. 

Blend: Ethiopia (30%), Costa Rica (40%) and Nicaragua (30%)

Dark Blend (2 bags)

Slightly fruity aroma with a touch of sweetness. This is one of their best-selling blended coffees.

Blend: India (50%), Honduras (20%) and Columbia (30%).

No Surprise Blend (2 bags)

This blend is made via french roasting. It has deep, strong flavor - chocolatey aroma with a slightly bitter backtaste.

Blend: India (40%), Honduras (40%) and Ethiopia (20%)


1. Use your hands or scissors to open the vacuum-sealed package

2. Then tear along the dotted line of the drip bag. Stretch-out the handles and cling onto your cup. Pour in hot water (90-95°C) into the drip bag

3. Wait for the coffee to drip through the bag. Once you see 180~200 ml (3/4 cup) of coffee, discard the drip bag and enjoy!

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