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[Coffee Libre] Coffee Roasted Beans

Created by 2x聽World Champion Coffee Roaster

[Coffee Libre]聽Coffee Drip Bag

Coffee Libre is owned and operated by Phil - a true coffee connoisseur.聽

In fact,聽Phil won the World Coffee Roasting Championships for two consecutive years, in 2012 and 2013!

He started his own cafe near Hongdae called Coffee Libre. The cafe quickly distinguished itself from others due to Phil's meticulousness in sourcing only the world鈥檚 best coffee beans.

Ask the locals in Hongdae where their favorite cafe is ... many聽will point to Coffee Libre!

Coffee Libre is especially famous for coffee beans, which they source directly via fair-trade. These beans are often聽times the聽highly-regarded CoE (Cup Of Excellence) coffee beans. CoE is a prestigious label awarded to only the world's best-tasting coffee beans.

If you enjoy the process of grinding and making a fresh cup of coffee in the morning,聽consider聽sampling聽one of聽Seoul's most famous cafes.

We offer聽Coffee Libre's 3 signature blends (whole roasted beans):

1. Bad Blood (氚半摐 敫旊煬霌): Ethiopia (Washed) - 30%, Costa Rica (White Honey) - 40%, Nicaragua (Washed) - 30%

2. No Surprises (雲 靹滍攧霛检澊歃): India (Washed) - 50%, Nicaragua (Washed) - 35%, Ethiopia (Natural) - 15%

3.Dark Libre聽(雲 靹滍攧霛检澊歃): India (Washed) - 55%, Nicaragua (Washed) - 15%,聽Costa Rica (White Honey) - 30%

Tasting notes listed below. Available in sets of 2 bags.聽

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Product Highlights

  • Cafe owner is Korea's First world Champion Coffee Roaster
  • Owner flies into different countries to hand-select the best beans
  • Coffee blends are graded via cupping - only the best-tasting blends are sold
  • Available in sets of 2 bags - select from 3 blends


Seoul, Korea (Yeonnam-dong)

- Coffee Libre's Signature Coffee Beans -

Signature Blends

A. Bad Blood Blend

This is a blend of coffee beans from Ethiopia (Washed) - 30%, Costa Rica (White Honey)- 40%, Nicaragua (Washed) - 30%. 

Amount: 200g

Roast: Medium-Low

Tasting: Fruit & Syrupy, Acidic & Sweet Note

It's medium-roasted with a slightly acidic and sweet after-taste. The aroma has a mix of mountain air and wild fruit. 

B. No Surprise Blend 

This is a blend of coffee beans from India (Washed) -  50%, Nicaragua (Washed) - 35%,  Ethiopia (Natural) -15%.

Volume: 200g

Roast: Medium

Tasting: Fresh Fruit,  Slight Acidic & Sweet Note

Slightly fruity aroma with a touch of sweetness. This is their best-selling blend.

C. Dark Libre Blend

This is a blend of coffee beans from India (Washed) -  55%, Nicaragua (Washed) - 15% and Costa Rica (White Honey) - 30%.

Volume: 200g

Roast: High

Tasting: Dark Chocolate, Nutty Aroma

This blend is made via french roasting. It has deep, strong flavor - chocolatey aroma with a slightly bitter backtaste.

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About The Cafe

Coffee Libre is founded and operated by Phil - Korea's 2x World-Champion Coffee Roaster. He travels around the world to find and experiment with the best-tasting coffee beans.

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