[Chaeon] 30-Day Korean Burdock Tea


[Chaeon] Korean Burdock Root Tea (30 Day)

Superfood, Detoxification

[Chaeon] 30-Day Korean Burdock Tea

Burdock Root is known as a superfood in Korea - as it’s packed with health benefits! 

It’s long been used in Korean Traditional Medicine as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial treatment.

The roots contains antioxidants like quercetin and luteolin (both plant flavonoids with anti-inflammatory effects) as well as phenolic acids.

These antioxidants remove free radicals in your blood (to help detoxify your blood) and strengthens antioxidant defense systems in the body.

The roots are often recommended for patients with diabetes to regulate blood sugar levels.

And also recommended as an aphrodisiac - as a natural libido.

Today, we introduce Chaeon’s Burdock Root Tea - made with 100% Korean Burdock.

The burdock is grown organically (without any chemical pesticides) in the pristine climate of Mt. Seokdu, Korea.

The roots are harvested, then diced into thin pieces - with peel-on, to retain nutritional value.

The pieces are dehydrated, then lightly roasted for flavor.

Take a few burdock root pieces and drop it into a cup of hot water - to enjoy as tea.

You’ll also notice a 30-day streak calendar on the container.

Mark each day you drink tea - to help form a good habit of drinking tea (instead of coffee or sugary beverages).

Makes for a great food gift to friends, family members & colleagues.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Priscilla A. (Lagos, LA)
My mum loves it!

I got this tea as a recommendation for women's health and it's been a great choice. My mother's going through menopause and she'd always tell me that the tea helps her with the symptoms. She'll nag me if I don't make it for her in a day 😄. Personally I just love the smell and the taste.

MA (Ottawa, ON)
Comforting tea

I did the 30-day challenge when I received my order, and I enjoyed it, because the tea tastes light enough that I could drink it like water. After I stopped drinking it for a while, I'm now going back to it for another 30 days! I still had a lot left over, because the bottle contains a good amount.

Barbara O. (New York, NY)
Comforting, grounding, satisfying

Love this tea! Easy to make, hot or chilled. What a great way to imbibe the benefits of burdock.

Sheng L. (Merced, CA)

Bought this tea due to many health beneficials and baby making. 😅 My first cup of tea sent me to the bathroom a few times for the day. Definitely did it’s detox work. I also read Burdock tea can boost your libido. Oh yeahhh. Iykyk. I recommend!

Pleasantly surprised!

I'll admit, I'm not much of a tea drinker except for ginger tea occasionally if I'm a little under the weather ... but this intrigued me. Yes, it's earthy but really smooth and mellow. With warmer weather coming, I'll be drinking it cold/as an iced tea. Glad I decided to give it a try.

Product Highlights

  • Burdock root is grown locally in Korea (not imported) 
  • Detoxifies blood, help to control diabetes, improves blood circulation
  • 30-day streak printed on label - check off each day you drink tea to build a good habit
  • Size is 220g

[Chaeon] Korean Burdock Tea (30 Day)

Korean Burdock Tea - 30 Day Program

Burdock Root is insanely healthy for you - a superfood in Korea!

It contains multiple types of powerful antioxidants - including querceting, luteolin and phenolic acids

These antioxidants protect your cells from free radicals - reduces inflammation in your body

Burdock root also contains active ingredients that remove toxins from your bloodstream

Burdock root tea helps to detoxify blood & improve circulation

100% Korea-grown Burdock Root!

Our burdock roots are grown locally in Korea - not imported from China

They are raised organically - with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers

Burdock Root Tea is caffeine-free

So safe to drink this tea any time of the day - even before bed

Close-up view

A great food gift for family members, friends and colleagues

30-Day Streak Calendar

✓ Mark each day you drink tea on the label

Seeing a visual streak helps to build a good habit

For 1 cup

Drop 2-3 pieces into a cup. Fill with 300ml of hot water. 

Wait 2-3 mins before drinking.

For a larger batch

Fill a pot with 2L of water. Then drop-in 15-20 pieces. 

Bring to boil on high heat. When it boils, reduce to a low heat and boil for final 5 mins.  

Detailed Information

Ingredient list: Burdock Root (Korea-grown) 100%

Storage: Store in dry, cool area

Size: 220g

Made in Korea

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