[Young Market] Bulldog Butler & Tray


[Oneul Jib] Bulldog Butler & Tray

Irresistibly Cute, Interior Deco!

[Young Market] Bulldog Butler & Tray

This is irresistibly cute! 

A bulldog butler - that is ready to hold onto anything you need!

Place him on your work desk and store your computer glasses or your earphones. 

Or place him on a shelf near your door - to never misplace your car keys! 

Or place him in your living room... to guard the ever-disappearing A/C remote.

Whatever you need, our obedient bulldog will make sure that you don't lose sight of it.

This bull-dog butler has become the #1 best-seller for home-deco items on one of Korea's top e-commerce sites.

He comes with a golden tray and more importantly - a pair of hip sunglasses for the "awww" effect!

Works great as a home warming or wedding gift!

Available in green or black.

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Product Highlights

  • Premium-quality deco object for the house - bulldog butler with a  golden tray!
  • Place your keys, cosmetics or other daily personals onto the mini tray
  • Irresistibly Cute - a great way to add personality & flair to your living space 
  • Works great as a wedding or housewarming gift!
  • Available in green or black

 Bulldog Butler & Tray 

It's an irresistibly cute, bulldog butler!

- Available in green or black -

The Bulldog loves his reflective sunglasses - place it on him!

A mini tray that's perfect for placing personal belongings!

Place-on cosmetics

Place-on car keys

Use the two sticky pads to fix the tray in place.

Can you show me the back? 

Dimension: 23.5 x 19 cm

Weight: 915g

Manufactured in China

This product is rated 4.7/5 on a major Korean shopping site...

(940+ reviews) - great quality!

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