[Aromatica] Rosehip Cold Press Organic Face Oil (30ml)


[Aromatica] Organic Reviving Rose Hip Oil

Natural, Organic & Super Moisturizing

[Aromatica] Rosehip Cold Press Organic Face Oil (30ml)

Aromatica is a Korean beauty brand that specializes in sourcing the best natural ingredients from all around the world - to create nutrient rich, essential oils for your skin.

Aromatica has developed state-of-the-art technology to extract nutrients from natural seeds, flower, roots. It then infuses those nutrients into organic essences and oils.

Today, we offer one of Aromatica's all-time, best-selling oils - Organic Reviving Rose Hip Oil (30ml).

This oil is made with Rose Hip Fruit, that is grown and harvested directly in the Andes Mountains (located in South America).

Rose Hip Fruit boasts 60x more Vitamin C than lemon!

As well as 18x more betacarotene than tomatoes.

Furthermore, it's also packed with Vitamin E,P, and B.

The oil is extracted via cold-press!

No heat is involved (only pressure) to retain as much of the fruit's natural nutrition.

Furthermore, the organic oil does NOT undergo decolorization or deodorization.

The fruit's natural reddish color is left as it is...to prevent the destruction of its rich nutrients like Chlorophyll and Tocopherol.

This all-natural, organic oil is a super-moisturizer that delivers deep hydration and nutrients to your skin.

Apply a few drops to your face after washing, before bed.

You can also mix a drop (or two) of the oil with other moisturizers, essences or lotions.

A few drops and your moisturizing needs will be met for the day! 

Works great as a skincare gift to friends, colleagues & family.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Isaivani M.

This was my second purchase. It is cold pressed and organic, what more do you need? I use it at night and wake up with soft smooth skin. Fully recommend!

Mariya (Richmond, CA)
Love the oil.

Oil goes on smooth. I mix a drop of the oil with my moisturizer & I get that additional confidence.
Oh, and the customer service us great. I will definitely be ordering more items from Gochujar because of the quality and customer service

Product Highlights

  • 100% Organic Rose Hip Oil - evenly moisturizes skins, with lasting hydration!
  • Extracted via cold-press (no heat) - oil is packed with fruit's natural nutrition
  • Worry-Free Formula - contains only 1 ingredient (nothing else)
  • 1 Bottle contains 30ml 

- [Aromatica] Reviving Rosehip Cold Press Organic Face Oil -

Rose hip fruit is packed with vitamins & nutrition!

Rose hip fruit contains 20x more Vitamin C than lemons!

It's also loaded with Vitamin A, B, E, P

100% Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil

Aromatica's Rose Hip Oil is extracted without heat - it's cold pressed!

Why? To retain as much of the plant's original nutrition

Furthermore, the oil is not bleached, decolorized or treated with any chemicals

*Rosehip extract has a natural orange color. But it will not leave any residual color when applied to skin

A Multi-Use, Daily Moisturizer!

Use this organic oil to deeply moisturize your skin - for the whole day

This oil doesn't contain a drop of silicon, synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrance!

Made for use for ALL skin types

Use it on your face... and body!

In the last step of your skincare routine, apply 1-2 drops to your face and pat into your skin

When should I use this oil?

When seasons change and your skin is irritated or feels sensitive

Use this oil with other moisturizers or lotions - simply add one drop and mix

It will be more than enough to keep your face moisturized for the entire day!

Will it help my skin?

Sustainable, Beauty, Promise

Aromatica uses fully recyclable cardboard for outer packaging

The container top is made with PCR (50% recycled plastic)

The container vial is made with glass (90% recycled glass)

Gochujar's Note

1-2  Low Hazard (Safe)     3-6   Moderate Hazard (Normal)     7-10   High Hazard     (-)   Not rated

Reviving Cold Press Organic Face Oil

Ingredient list categorized by EWG Score:

Rose Hip Oil (Rosa canina L.) 

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