[Anmyeondo] Organic Taeyangcho Gochugaru (500g & 1kg)

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Anmyeondo - Gochugaru Flakes - 500g

100% Organic Gochugaru

[Anmyeondo] Organic Taeyangcho Gochugaru Flakes

Today, we present to you a 100% Organic Korean Gochugaru.

The red chili peppers grown organically in Anmyeondo - a pristine island located off the western coast of Korea (in Taean County).聽Anmyeon Island receives steady sunshine throughout the year, as well as misty breezes聽from the ocean. It's聽ideal for growing premium-grade chili peppers.

These premium聽red chili peppers are grown the traditional way - using聽organic farming techniques (no synthetic fertilizers or artificial chemicals).

After harvest, the peppers are de-seeded and left to dry-out, naturally under the sun (no industrial dehydrator) for a deeper flavor. It's then blended into a medium-coarse powder and immediately packaged for delivery throughout Korea.

The gochugaru flakes has a beautiful, vibrant red color. It makes聽dishes聽stand out - and look very appetizing!

What we like about this gochugaru is that it's not overly聽spicy!聽These specific chili peppers have a slight hint of natural sweetness which balances out the heat.

If organic聽& notoverly-spicy is what you're looking for, this is it!

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Product Highlights

  • Gochugaru is grown organically  - no pesticides, synthetics or GMOs
  • Grown on Anmyeon Island - which has pristine weather and abundance of sunshine
  • This gochugaru is not overly spicy (but it has vibrant red color that makes food look appetizing)
  • Available in 500g or 1kg bags
[Anmyeondo] Organic
Taeyangcho Gochugaru

[Anmyeondo] Organic Taeyangcho Gochugaru

Size: 500g, 1kg (Choose either)

Ingredients: 100% Dried Korean Red Chili Peppers (Grown in Korea / Organic Certification) 

Note: These Korean chili peppers are grown organically (no pesticides/synthetic substances) in Anmyeondo - an island in Taean County. The seeds are removed from the peppers before being sun-dried. Afterwards, it's blended into a medium-fine powder. 

Certified Organic Label

Received Official Organic Certification from Korean Government

Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

100% Korean Red Chili Peppers (Korean-Grown)

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 1 year from packaged date (date printed on)

    Before opening, store in a cool, dry area

    After opening, store in refrigerator

      How to use

      Use to make Kimchi

      Use in any Korean Dish

        About The Brand

        Anmyeondo Gochugaru is grown organically - without pesticides, synthetic substances or GMOs. The chilis are grown with care in Anmyeondo Island - which is receives an abundance of sunshine and the ocean breeze. 

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