[Altdif] Signature Korean Blended Teas - 9 Varieties

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[Altdif] Signature Korean Blended Teas

Modern, Unique Blends, Aromatic

[ALTDIF]聽Signature Korean Blended Teas聽

ALTDIF. This is a boutique tea shop in Seoul聽that's making incredible blends!

We came across this brand while dining in a hotel restaurant.

When the聽server poured聽our tea, we were hit with a captivating aroma and swirling colors.聽We made a note of the brand and now... offer it to you!聽

ALTDIF has built a niche following among tea drinkers with their聽signature blended teas!

They source high-quality tea leaves from across the world - making a point to use聽only "whole" leaves.

This聽creates聽a full,聽deeper taste - unlike regular tea bags, which聽contains crushed or grounded pieces.

Like an artist, the brand is continuously experimenting with different聽teas and natural ingredients聽to convey a mood, feeling or emotion.

One of our favorites (shown in pic) is the聽Space Odditea.聽Odd name, with peculiar ingredients: Blue Mallow Flowers, Chamomile, Peppermint - along with a touch of pineapple aroma!

It's hard to describe the taste - lavender, with a slightly citrus tang聽and a hint of pineapple sweetness? Perhaps, it's easier to describe the mood it puts you in.

Like you're reading a book in space - heh!

Try out the sampler box first. It comes with 8 of their signature blends.

Then re-purchase the specific flavors you really like!

P.s. Tasting notes & caffeine levels聽listed聽in product page below.

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Product Highlights

  • Premium blended tea bags - very aromatic, unique flavors, deeply satifsying!
  • Only whole leaves are used in the blend to maximize flavor - not broken or ground
  • Sampler box contains caffeine-free teas as well
  • Works well as a mini-gift to friends, family and colleagues!
  • 1 Sampler Box = Contains 10 Tea Bags, 1 Single Flavor Box = Contains 10 Tea Bags


Grey (Black Tea)

Navy (Mix'd Tea)

White (Caffeine-Free)

Black (Special Tea)

 - Black Tea (頇嶌皑) 3 Types -


 Caffeine: 鈻测柌鈻测柌鈻 / 95掳C / Steep 3 Mins

Black Tea Leaves (96%), Cherry Blossom (2%), Cherry Blossom Aroma (2%)

With every season, cherry blossoms showcase their beauty. This tea has the aroma of cherry blossom with a base flavor of black tea. Every season brings new opportunities. 


 Caffeine: 鈻测柌鈻测柌鈻 / 95掳C / Steep 3 Mins

Black Tea Leaves (80%), Star Candy (15%), Rose Flower (3%), Muscat Grapes Aroma (2%)

Save this for days when you want to forget the past and the future. It has a special blend of 3 premium black tea leaves, and a sprinkle fo beautiful rose petals. Add a sprinkling of Korean star candy to and we have a Korean Chandelier. 


 Caffeine: 鈻测柌鈻测柌鈻 / 95掳C / Steep 3 Mins / Tastes good with milk

Black Tea Cacao 70% [Black Tea (52.8%), Cocoa Beans (39%), Chocolate], Black Tea (30%)

This tea has a strong base flavor of black tea , layered with a slightly bitter-sweet taste off cacao beans. (You can add a touch of milk for a smooth finish.)

- Blue Tea (觳儔), Green Tea (雲轨皑),  White Tea (氚膘皑) -


 Caffeine: 鈻测柌鈻测柍鈻 / 75掳C / Steep 2 Min 30 Sec

Green Tea Leaves (84%), Orange Slice (14%), Mandarin Aroma (2%)

Start with Korean Green Tea Leaves. Then add in orange slices - it may remind you of Earl Grey Tea. Set the mood for spending an evening in the city.


 Caffeine: 鈻测柌鈻测柌鈻 / 85掳C / Steep 3 Mins

Oolong Tea Leaves (98%), Milk Aroma (2%)

 This tea bag is filled with curled-up Oolong leaves - let it relax your body. Take out a book and put your feet up on the sofa!


 Caffeine: 鈻测柌鈻测柍鈻 / 75掳C / Steep 2 Min 30 Sec

Blended White Tea 96% [White Tea Leaves (89.5%), Cranberry (4%), Rose Flower (3%)], Jasmine Flower (4%)

Starts with the lovely aroma of Jasmine, - followed by a slightly sweet fruity flavor. Stop thinking and feel the moment.

- Herbal Tea (3 Types) -


 No Caffeine: 鈻斥柍鈻斥柍鈻 / 95掳C / Steep 30 Sec / Tastes good with milk

Rooibos (60%), Fruit Medley 40% [Hibiscus (46.75%), Apple (28%), Rose Hip (8%), Cranberry (4%), Elderberry (3%), Blackberry (3%), Sour Cherry (2%), Raspberry (2%)]

A deep red blend, composed of Rooibos and an eclectic mix of fruits. This is a perfect tea for night - no caffeine. 


 No Caffeine: 鈻斥柍鈻斥柍鈻 / 75掳C / Steep 2 min (keep teapot lid open)

Blue Mallow (45%), Chamomile (38%), Peppermint (15%), Pineapple Aroma (2%)

The blend was inspired by space. Planets are symbolized by blue mallow, with shooting stars being represented by chamomile. Plus, it has a subtle pineapple aroma!


 No Caffeine: 鈻斥柍鈻斥柍鈻 / 95掳C / Steep 5 min / Tastes good with milk

Apple (75%), Cinnamon (12.5%), Ginger (7%), Star Anise (3.5%), Clove (2%)

This herbal blend will warm up your body. For funky nights, mix it with a splash of wine to make vin chaud. 

- Special Tea (1 Type) -


 Caffeine: 鈻测柌鈻测柌鈻 / 95掳C / Steep 5 min / Tastes good with milk

Black Tea 100%

Simply perfect for waking up in the mornings - it's from a blend of two premium black tea leaves. 

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About The Brand

Altdif is a Seoul-based tea brand that specializes in premium blended teas. Their mission is to introduce tea in a way that fits with modern lifestyles and storylines. While tea itself may not change someone's life, it does offer a short pause in our daily lives for reflection, relaxation and/or introspection. Their motto is "We Blend Life".

That's it folks