[Altdif] Signature Korean Blended Teas - 9 Varieties

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 [Altdif] Signature Korean Blended Teas

Modern, Unique Blends, Aromatic

[ALTDIF] Signature Korean Blended Teas 

ALTDIF. This is a boutique tea shop in Seoul that's making incredible blends!

We came across this brand while dining in a hotel restaurant.

When the server poured our tea, we were hit with a captivating aroma and swirling colors. We made a note of the brand and now... offer it to you! 

ALTDIF has built a niche following among tea drinkers with their signature blended teas!

They source high-quality tea leaves from across the world - making a point to use only "whole" leaves.

This creates a full, deeper taste - unlike regular tea bags, which contains crushed or grounded pieces.

Like an artist, the brand is continuously experimenting with different teas and natural ingredients to convey a mood, feeling or emotion.

One of our favorites (shown in pic) is the Space Odditea. Odd name, with peculiar ingredients: Blue Mallow Flowers, Chamomile, Peppermint - along with a touch of pineapple aroma!

It's hard to describe the taste - lavender, with a slightly citrus tang and a hint of pineapple sweetness? Perhaps, it's easier to describe the mood it puts you in.

Like you're reading a book in space - heh!

Try out the sampler box first. It comes with 8 of their signature blends.

Then re-purchase the specific flavors you really like!

P.s. Tasting notes & caffeine levels listed in product page below.

Customer Reviews

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Tammy N. (Bellerose, NY)
Good gift for a

I purchased the sample box so I could try each flavor, I think I’ve gone through maybe half the box already and the teas have been very interesting. I really enjoy drinking traditional teas, but was curious about some other blends available and the packaging for this one caught my eye. I don’t really taste the notes that’s each bag is suppose to have and the teas aren’t very strong but are very fragrant

JM (La Mesa, CA)
Great gift item

Got this to gift someone. Smells great!

Jessie (Kota Kinabalu, 12)

If you’re a tea drinker and wants to try something new, you may try the tea samples from Altdif before deciding which flavor suits you best.

Product Highlights

  • Signature Blended Teas from Korea 
  • Each has a unique taste - quite different from others
  • Only whole leaves are used in the blend to maximize flavor - not broken or ground
  • Sampler Box contains 1 of each signature blends (8 bags in total)
  • Works well as a mini-gift to friends, family and colleagues!

- [ALTDIF] Signature Tea Blends - 

Sampler Box contains 8 signature teas

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Q: Can I re-use the tea bags?
Q: What country is this made in?

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About The Brand

Altdif is a Seoul-based tea brand that specializes in premium blended teas. Their mission is to introduce tea in a way that fits with modern lifestyles and storylines. While tea itself may not change someone's life, it does offer a short pause in our daily lives for reflection, relaxation and/or introspection. Their motto is "We Blend Life".

That's it folks!