[Mija Unnie's] Premium Seasoned Soy Sauce (480ml)

Mija Unnie's - Flavored Soy Sauce

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[Mija Unnie's] Premium Seasoned Soy Sauce (480ml) 

Seasoned Soy Sauce is Soy Sauce that's been boiled with fresh ingredients - to bring forth a more balanced yet flavorful salty taste. 

Korean like to use it as a dipping sauce for dumplings & savory pancakes (jeon), for braised dishes, as a bibimbap sauce or simply to season a fried egg. 

Mija Unnie's Seasoned Soy Sauce is made by boiling premium-grade Korean Soy Sauce with dashima broth and a mix of natural ingredients:

Onion, Carrot, Garlic, Ginger, Dashima, Apple, Dried Shrimp, Shiitake Mushroom, Lemon, Whole Black Pepper.

Yes, that's alot of ingredients - it's why the soy sauce flavor tastes so deep and balanced!

Best of all, no artificial seasonings are added.

So how does it taste?

The soy sauce has a well-rounded umami flavor, along with a hint of sweetness. Also, it doesn't have an overly salty taste (which is great). 

Use it for any dish, but it really shines when being used to make soy-sauce dipping sauces (양념장).

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Product Highlights

  • Premium Seasoned Soy Sauce (맛간장)
  • Use it as a quick & tasty, soy-sauce dipping sauce (양념장)
  • Perfect for Jeon (Korean pancakes), or making a non-spicy bibimbap sauce ... or mayak eggs!
  • Made by boiling premium soy sauce with dashima broth and fresh vegetables & fruit
  • Size is 480g 

- [Mija Unni's] Premium Seasoned Soy Sauce (480g) - 


 1 Bottle (480ml)


Premium Korean Soy Sauce  (양조간장) is slowly simmered with dashima (kelp) broth, along with a handful of fresh vegetables, apples & mushrooms.


A note of sweetness, followed by a deep-tasting, aromatic saltiness.


Store in a cool, dry area (away from sunlight)

Mija Unni is a Korean artisan food company based in Gangnam, Seoul. 

The founder - Mija Sun (shown above) built a name for herself by selling amazing home-style banchans and delicious dosirak lunchboxes. 

Many customers wanted to use her soy sauce & braising sauces - which led to Mija Unnie's packaged food line.

Mija takes great pride in making food that tastes home-cooked - that mother's touch. 

Her products contain NO artificial seasonings or food coloring  - the deep flavor comes from using high-quality ingredients.

Mija Unni's products - and banchans - are now sold at premium Korean department stores (shown above).

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About The Brand

Mija Unni is a Korean food company based in Gangnam, Seoul. Mija Sun - the founder - has built a popular brand around her delicious, home-style banchans and elegant dosirak lunchboxes.  The brand now offers her famous soy sauce & braising sauces in bottled form. 

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