[Hong Ssang Ri] Maesil-Cheong (Plum Extract Syrup)


Hong Ssang Ri Maesil-Cheong (Plum Extract Syrup)

One of Korea's Best Exports

[Hong Ssang Ri] Maesil Cheong (Plum Extract Syrup)

Hong Ssang Ri Plum Company produces Korea's finest plum products.

In 1965, Hong Ssang Ri (shown below) began to cultivate 2000 plum trees in the countryside of Gyeongnam Province. After decades of harvesting and experimenting, she's now become a grandmaster of plums. In fact, her Maesil-Cheong product has received distinction as one of Korea's finest export items (see video below).

Maesil-Cheong is the Korean word for plum extract syrup. It can be used for cooking and direct consumption. Hong Ssang Ri's Maesil-Cheong is made with 100% Korean-grown plums. The fresh plums are harvested and covered with oligosaccharide. It's then aged in traditional onggi jars for six months. The result is a delightfully tart and sweet extract. 

Many homecooks use Maesil-Cheong as a substitute for sugar in Korean cooking. That's because it's sweet like sugar but much healthier - packed with vitamins, antioxidants and aids in digestion. In fact, some people drop a few spoonfuls in water and drink it as iced plum tea. 

If you want to make your Korean recipes healthier, consider replacing the sugar with Maesil-Cheong. 

Customer Reviews

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John (Emeryville, CA)

something i appreciate having on deck and can elevate my korean cooking

Michael B.

I haven’t received it yet. It’s been quite a while since I ordered it

Michelle R.
Hong Ssang Ri Maesil-Chong

I live in Orange County, CA, where there are a few Korean Markets nearby that stock Maesil but not this particular brand. Ive read a lot of recommendations for Hong Ssang and was so glad that you carried it. I have used it in cooking and have also used it as a beverage. It is wonderful! It has a lovely plum taste and just the amount of sweetness without being sugary. I love it!

Kaeli K.

I bought this to use in marinades and sauces but I ended up using it all to make tea! It tasted great both as a warm, and cold tea. I found it a little bit expensive so Im looking forward to trying another type next time. Overall great experience with shopping from gochujar, it arrived safely and quickly.

Jocelyn A.
Great product at a great price!

Item arrived carefully packed, exactly as described, safely and extremely quickly. I look forward to using this in my cooking, especially to elevate my bulgogi! There was a small note inside that was a great touch and I look forward to getting further staples from Gochujar again.