[Gaeul Hyanggi] Organic Doenjang (500g)


[Gaeul Hyanggi] Organic Doenjang Paste

100% Organic Doenjang, Editor Favorite!

[Gaeul Hyanggi] Organic Doenjang

Gaeul Hyanggi's Organic Doenjang reminds me of my grandma's cooking.

The doenjang is rich, delicious and familiar - with a balance in salty, funky and umami.

It's not overly salty - which many homecooks prefer, as they enjoy the natural richness of fermented soybeans.

This doenjang is a great choice for first-timers and young children.

In fact, we find ourselves re-purchasing this doenjang the most.

This organic doenjang is made with 2 ingredients: organic soybeans and salt.

Unlike factory-made pastes, no preservatives, additives or artificial coloring is added.

So how's it made?

The process starts by washing and boiling organic soybeans.

The soft beans are carefully mashed and molded into bricks. Then left to dry under organic rice straws in a Hwangto-jib (traditional Korean mud house).

The bacteria in the rice straw transfers to the meju bricks and the fermentation process begins.

After some time, the meju bricks are moved into large, Korean Onggi pots and mixed with salt.

It's left in the pots for at least one year - to ferment slowly and develop a deep umami flavor.

If you've tried Doenjang Jjigae before - but felt that it tasted too rich, salty (or even slightly bitter)... this may be just the one for you!

Available in 500g jar.

Gaeul Hyanggi is an organic rice & soybean farm in Yangpyeong County (양편군). 

It's founder and operator - Park Ae Kyung - is a trailblazer for organic farming in Korea and a strong advocate of sustainable farming practices.

In 2004, Gaeul Hyanggi became the first producer in Korea to offer "organic" fermented pastes.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
MA (Ottawa, ON)
Very flavourful

This is the first time I've tried this kind of doenjang that only contains soybeans and salt. It is much more flavourful than the grocery store brands that I used before, so I don't need to use as much. My favourite recipe to use it in is jangtteok, a kind of pancake where the batter is seasoned with doenjang and gochujang.

Yunmi K. (Cincinnati, OH)
The only organic doenjang in a glass jar!

This is the only organic doenjang in a glass jar that I can find. It was worth the extra money to ship it straight from Korea. I feel better about knowing this doenjang does not have added chemicals and preservatives. It does a stronger musty taste compared to store bought, but I’ll take it over chemicals!

J.P. (Buffalo Grove, IL)
My favorite soybean paste!

This is my favorite fermented soybean paste. It got some whole soybeans like crunchy peanut butter, which I prefer to totally smooth. But what I like the most about this brand is that it's just made with two ingredients: organic soybeans and salt. I feel good eating it and it tastes different from Japanese miso. It's not sweet and I would recommend this brand to anyone trying to make Korean soybean paste stew because it really brings out that Korean flavor :)

DawnY (Los Altos, CA)
Very Good Doenjang

Very good Doenjang poaste. I really don't like the ones at the local market because I can taste the processing/metallic aftertaste. I was tempted to make homemade but it's so much work. Now I don't have to try to make it. Good, clean doenjang taste. I will order again once I run out.

Anonymous (Texarkana, TX)
Organic Doenjang Paste

I have already used this product to prepare an apple dipping sauce (Maangchi’s “Real Korean Cooking”), where a quality doenjang paste is absolutely critical. I am now spoiled, and I will purchase again, when my supply runs low.

Product Highlights

  • Made with only two ingredients: organic soybeans (98%) & salt (2%) 
  • All natural ingredients - no additives, preservatives, MSG or food coloring
  • Fermented the traditional way in large Hanggari pots for 1 year
  • Less salty than regular doenjang - with a deeper umami flavor! 
  • Available in large 500g glass jar

[Gaeul Hyanggi] Organic Doenjang Paste

[Gaeul Hyanggi] Organic Doenjang Paste

Size: 500g

Country of Origin: Korea

Ingredients: Organic Soybeans (98%) Salt (2%)

After opening, please store in refrigerator

Certified Organic

In 2004, Gaeul Hyanggi became the first producer in Korea to offer "organic" fermented pastes!

How's it made?

Korean Organic Soybeans are boiled in large iron cauldrons. The cooked beans are then mashed and molded into bricks (meju).

The bricks are left to dry under rice straws for 3 weeks - this is when healthy bacterias develop and the fermentation process begins.

The meju bricks are ready to be stacked and stored in large Hanggari pots - along with salt - to ferment and transform into doenjang paste.

Owned and Operated by Park Ae Kyung

Founded in 1997, Gaeul Hyanggi was the first producer in Korea to offer organic doenjang & gochujang

Gaeul Hyanggi is dedicated to organic, sustainable farming and educating the wider population about organic farming

Ingredients list:

Organic Soybeans (98%), Salt (2%)

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