[Yangban] Roasted Laver with Perilla Oil (16 pack)


Yangban Roasted Laver with Perilla Oil

Korea's Top-100 Best-Selling Products

[Yangban] Roasted Laver with Perilla Oil

Yangban's Roasted Laver with Perilla Oil is one of Korea's most popular exports. 

It's so popular that it was officially designated by Korea's Ministry of Trade as one of Korea's Top 100 Best-Selling Products over the last decade. 

So why's it so popular? First, the laver (also known as Gim) is toasted to perfection. It's brittle, crispy and breaks with a snap. This gim doesn't have a strong sea flavor either - making it palatable for first-timers.

Furthermore, it's coated with a stroke of perilla oil, which is high in Omega-3. And it's seasoned with just the right amount of salt.

Gim pairs perfectly with a hot bowl of rice - Bon Appetit! 

Customer Reviews

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A.D (Frankfurt am Main, HE)

I ordered the product fot the second time and what should i say.

Everything is great the Taste is amazing the delivery is very fast without any Problems.

When you like the Taste from perilla this is absolutly the best Seaweed.

I love it to Support Gochujar in there Business, Thank you so much.

Joel T. (Porto, 13)

After moving to a new country, I was amazed to find this roasted laver available for delivery. I no longer live near H-Mart to shop for great korean goods. If you enjoy perilla oil, this laver is the best I have ever tasted. I never leave reviews, but this is worth it to support a great small business. Thank you!

Andrea D. (Mannheim, BW)
Im sure i order once more

I love this product, it's so delicious the perilla oil has such a good flavour on the roasted crunchy laver. In Europe its not possible to buy it , so i orderd the original from Korea on Gochujar, the delivery was so fast. And the customer Service was so great. Thanks a lot :-)

Nathalie (Kontich, VLG)
So glad I found this

It's almost impossible to find roasted laver with perilla oil in Europe. It's yummy without the additives you find in most toasted laver.