[Sea Together] Dried Dashima Pieces (For Broth)


[Sea Together] Dried Dashima Pieces (For Broth) - 1 Bag is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

[Sea Together] Dashima Pieces

Quick, Easy-To-Make Broth

[Sea Together] Dried Dashima Pieces (For Broth)

If you're learning Korean homecooking, dashima is a must!

With a few pieces and a handful of dried anchovies, you can make a deep-tasting Korean Stock Broth! Now, use that broth as a base for a variety of Korean soups and stews.

You can also use a few dashima squares when cooking white rice. The dashima will cook in the steam and release its umami flavor into the rice - giving it an extra moist texture as well.

Sea Together harvests its dashima off the southern tip of Korea's coast - on Sinjido Island. There, the waters are undisturbed and the kelp is left to grow free in pristine conditions.

Buy a bag, keep it in the freezer and use it whenever you craving some Korean stew!

Customer Reviews

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MA (Ottawa, ON)

I used to always have to break off a piece from a bigger sheet of dashima to make small amounts of broth, but no more! These pre-cut squares are so convenient, and, as always, I trust the quality on Gochujar. I will use these a lot, since I can't eat seafood-based broths.

Margaret (Glendale, CA)
Amazing stuff

The real deal. So good.

Ky B. (Chapel Hill, NC)

They produce thick and rich broth, purely based on seaweed. If you are vegetarian and don't want fish/shrimp-based broth, this is for you.

Product Highlights

  • Premium-grade dashima (kelp), harvested off the southern coast of Korea (Shinjido Island)
  • Pre-cut into squares, makes it easy to use (no cutting necessary)
  • Use it to make your favorite Korean soups and stews! 
  • Available in a large bag (200 grams)
[Shinangchon] Sengmyongmul Soy Sauce - Product Matrix - Gochujar

100% Dashima Pieces

Use it to make deep-tasting Korean Stock Broth 

Make your favorite Korean Soups & Stews

Use it to cook white rice!

Where is it grown?

Sea Together's dashima (kelp) is grown off the island of Shinjido - where the waters are undisturbed and the kelp is left to grow in pristine conditions.

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