[Modori] Korean Sodam Mini Pot


[Modori] Sodam Mini Pot

Mini size, fast heating!

[Modori] Korean Sodam Mini Pot

Modori has released two new items to its Sodam Cookware Set.

The first is this Sodam Mini Pot.

It’s a mini-sized pot that you can use to quickly heat-up sauces or glazes, melt cheese - or to quickly boil water at home.

The pot is small (14 cm in diameter, 9 cm in height) so it heats very quickly!

The pot is also designed with two spouts - one on each side of the perimeter - to make it very easy to pour.

Besides glazes, use the mini-pot to quickly heat-up water at home - skip the clunky metal pot.

It also works nicely to heat-up leftover soup or stews from the night before.

Remember this is mini-sized - so it won’t much more than 1-person size.

(We use it daily to boil eggs in the morning)

This mini pot stacks perfectly into the Sodam Cookware Set - so storage is simple!

If you’re looking for a mini companion pot to quickly heat up water or re-heat leftovers, consider adding this to your Sodam Cookware Set!

(Note: This Sodam Mini Pot does not come with a lid)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
E.P. (Grantsburg, WI)
Lovely Pot

I really like this small pot for boiling milk or making pourable sauces. It's a great addition.

C T. (Tucson, AZ)
Convenient and Beautiful!

I have been eyeing the Sodam cookware set for at least a year after seeing one of my favorite youtubers use it. I recently moved out of town on my own and thought this is the perfect time to buy, and how right I was! I use the mini pot at least once a day to cook single serving soups, boil eggs or make my favorite ramen. Its the perfect size to feed one person without wasting food (i usually cook in for multiple servings which leads to having more food than I can eat before spoiling). All in all i love this product and I hope the Sodam set expands to more products, I currently have the set and 2 additional items.

Anonymous (Hamburg, HH)
Great addition

I bought this pot together with the full Sodam set. It's perfect for hot Korean stews. Same quality as the rest of the set.

Product Highlights

  • Sodam Mini pot - add to your Sodam Cookware Collection!
  • Great for quickly heating up sauces, glazes or leftover soups
  • Mini size means fast heating - boil water quickly!
  • Design includes two spouts - one on each side - for easy pouring

- [Modori] Korean Sodam Mini Pot -

Introducing... Sodam Mini Pot!

A mini pot for making sauces, boiling water or late-night ramen

Add to your Sodam Cookware Set Collection

Pot has two spouts - one on each side - for easy pouring!

Mini size means fast heating - boil water quickly!

Use for quickly heating up soups or sauces

Also great for warming up baby-foods or ready-meal food pouches

(This is mini-sized pot - 1-person serving)

Move easily with Modori's detachable handle

(Modori's detachable handle is not included - order separately)

Detailed Information

Inner Diameter: 14 cm | Height 9 cm

Material: Aluminium (Ceramic Coating)

Weight: 486g

Made in Korea

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