[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set


[Modori] Sodam Cookware Set

Stackable, Non-Stick, Aesthetics - All in One!

[Modori] Korean Sodam Cookware Set

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Today, we are very excited to present Modori’s Sodam Cookware Set.

This Cooking Ware Set has exploded in popularity with Korea – quickly becoming the go-to cooking ware for Korean Cooking Youtubers + Food Stylists.

Why is it so popular?

First, it’s beautiful!

The ceramic cooking ware is all-white, making ingredients clearly visible when cooking and eating.

There’s no need to transfer the food to a serving dish when it looks this pretty in the pot/pan -  simply place it in the middle of your dining table.

The second feature is that it’s stackable.

How many times have you fiddled around in your cabinet - trying to store a large frying pan?

This whole set can be stacked vertically and neatly – fits perfectly into any cabinet.

Plus, the handle is detachable.

Yes, that’s right – the handle is more like a clamp that can safely grip any one of the 3 cooking pots/pans.

What's it made of? 

The Ceramic Cooking Ware is made of 98% pure aluminum alloy and natural mineral sand (crystalline silicon) – giving it a high-strength, high-thermal conductivity properties.

Plus, it has 5 layers of Advanced Non Stick Coating – which is certified free of toxic substances (lead-free, cadmium-free).

The surface of the cooking ware does NOT absorb liquid when braising, boiling or washing (prevents 99% of any liquid absorption).

The 5 layers of Non-Stick coating also result in much more thermal conductivity (5x more than normal non-stick frying pan).

You’ll see the cooking ware heat up very quickly. In fact, there’s no need to cook on higher than medium-low heat with these pans/pots.

Can I use it on my stove? 

This cooking ware set can be used on various stove-tops: Induction Cooker, Gas Stove, Heating Plate, Oven.

(Note: It should not be used in the microwave).

Plus the pots and pans can be washed in the dishwasher. Read more below for more details on usage & cleaning.

So what does it come with?

Modori Sodam Cookware Set comes with the following:

- Modori Signature 18 cm Cooking Pot + Lid
- Modori Signature 22 cm Cooking Pot
- Modori Signature 24 cm Frying Pan
- Multifunctional Handle

If you’re looking for a great gift for yourself – or friends – consider this beautiful & stackable Korean cookingware set!

It’ll excite just about anyone to whip-up more Korean dishes!

Gochujar Editor Note: Ceramic Cookware is prone to minor scratches. Modori states that minor scratches are to be expected. However, the scratches do NOT affect the performance of the cooking ware. (This statement is valid. We have been using our set for 2 years - it has scratches, but still performs great. It remains our go-to cooking set). Unlike Teflon-coated pans, you do NOT need to replace if scratches occur. For lingering stains, gently scrub the area with baking soda (using a soft sponge), then pour-in some water and boil for a few minutes. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Christine (Walnut Creek, CA)
Best purchase, ever.

My penchant for hoarding kitchenware has made my kitchen a hot mess. This stacking cookware set is perfect for our family of 2 (but certainly can accommodate more!) quality of cookware is amazing, and functionality is genius.

Pak (Brooklyn, NY)
cute and space saving

this is exactly what i was looking for! the set looks great in my studio apartment and saves space by stacking neatly into the largest pan, including a way to fit both lids on the stack. the whole set feels high quality and has resisted dents or scratches so far. i wish the handle was more sturdy and resistant to the heat of my gas range, but it’s worth the trade-off to be able to stack everything

Carmen (Belmont, CA)
My favorite pans at home

I love the set. It's beautifully designed, easy to clean, and the best part is that it cooks very well, too.

Miu T. (Fort Lee, NJ)
good products

Very pretty , cute , neat look, I love it , easy to clean, works great, the only suggestion is that this set should come with the sodam pot lid . that will be very sincere to customer , I only can use my Neofalm Fika glass lid to cover it and cook.

Anonymous (Asbury Park, NJ)
Great Set

Always enjoyed ceramic pans, the detachable handle is an excellent addition and helps with cleaning

Product Highlights

  • Aesthetically pleasing & highly functional + space saving (easy to stack and store in cabinets)
  • 5 Layered, Ceramic Non-Stick Coating (5x higher thermal conductivity than regular non-stick pans)
  • Suitable on various stoves: gas stove, induction cooker, oven (+ dishwasher safe!)
  • Includes 2 pots,1 lid and 1 frying pan. 
  • Works beautifully as a home-warming or birthday gift! 

- [Modori] Sodam Cookware Set -

- It's Stackable.

Can Stack & Store In Small Spaces!

- It's Multi Functional.

Take it straight from the stove to the table.

(Use it as serving ware!)

- 5-Layers of Non-Stick.

Xtrema™ Non-Stick Technology (5 Layers)



Usage Notes

Remove the handle when cooking - and only reattach when moving the pot/pan.

Avoid keeping the handle on a HOT pot/pan for an extended period of time!

To extend the life of the non-stick coating, avoid heating without anything inside of it.

Okay to use on gas stoves, induction cookers, IH cookers, black ceramic cookers & traditional ovens (but not exceeding 300°C).

When stirring the pot/pan, use safe utensils (like wooden utensils, heat resistant silicone, etc).

Important Notice!

Any nonstick cooking ware has a finite lifespan.

Ceramic cooking ware is prone to minor scratches - however, this does not affect the performance of the pans/pots!

Lifespan will vary depending on usage & care.

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