[Bangyudang] Misugaru Powder (Multi-Grain Shake)

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[Bangyudang] Misugaru Powder (Multi-grain) Shake

On-the-Go Breakfast

[Bangyudang] Original & Black Misugaru

Misugaru is a highly nutritious and healthy beverage created from a blend of Korean grains.

To make Misugaru, a diverse selection of Korean grains is skillfully dried, roasted and finely ground into a powder.

It's then mixed with milk (or water) to create a delicious & nutritious shake.

Misugaru shake is not only delicious but also packed with protein, vitamins, dietary fiber, calcium, magnesium, folate, and selenium.

What sets this shake apart is its ability to satiate hunger while being low in calories!

That's why it's a popular choice in Korea among salary workers as an on-the-go breakfast.

Moreover, Misugaru is caffeine-free, adding to its appeal.

This popular Misugaru is made by Bangyudang, a local seed roaster in Gwangju, Korea, with more than 40 years of experience in roasting grains!

Their Signature Original Misugaru is made from a combination of barley, glutinous brown rice, and soybeans.

They also offer a Black Misugaru, which includes six different, Korean black grains and beans (details below).

Bangyudang prides itself on using only high-quality, Korean-grown grains (not imported from China). They carefully roast the grains at the ideal temperature to preserve their full nutritional value and flavor.

Editor's Note: Unlike mass-produced Misugaru products from large food conglomerates, this artisan brand contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners. You have the freedom to choose whether to add sugar, honey, or skip sweeteners altogether.

Customer Reviews

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Tabitha S.M. (Richland, MS)
I tried it out on a whim...

I was looking for something to drink as a meal replacement, or just something to supplement my diet. I saw a video on this product, and on a whim, thought I would give it a try. I was skeptical when I read that the Original tastes similar to Cheerios and the Black version tastes similar to Peanut Butter, but I can confirm that these statements are very true. I must say that these products (added with milk) is very tasty meal replacement and I will definitely being drinking this in the future. I recommend these items for a delicious alternative
for meal replacements.

Swathi (Leyton, ENG)

Loved the Black Misugaru. It tastes very similar to peanut butter. A great pre/post workout drink!

D. B. (Almere Stad, FL)

Gorgeous Misugaru.. Almost malt like with hints of roasted rice just perfuming the entire kitchen!

Tina S. (Denver, CO)
Korean protein shake

Not sure what the nutritional profile is, but once I shook it with the protein shaker, it tastes like a protein shake. I like that there's no added sugar or artificial sweetness like most American protein shake products.

Anonymous (Montauban, OCC)
Delicious and easy to prepare

This Misugaru powder is delicious and easy to prepare. I bought the original and the black powder and both are equally great. I love the subtle nutty flavour and the fact you can add your own level of sweetness (barely a dash for me as I find both already taste great on their own). The service was also fast and reliable and I would definitely buy it again once my jars are finished.

Product Highlights

  • Artisan made misugaru - contains no sugar, additive or preservatives!
  • Misugaru is made using only Korea-grown grains (not imported)
  • Contains no caffeine - high in vitamins, proteins, antixodants, dietary fiber and calcium
  • Available in two flavors: Original Misugaru (250g) & Black Misguaru (300g)

[Bangyudang] Signature Misugaru

Available in Original & Black

Original Misugaru (250g)

Made with 100% Korean Grains

No sugar. No preservatives. No additives.

Traditional Misugaru Flavor

Full ingredients List

Korean Barley (64%),  Korean Soybeans (18%), Korean Glutinous Brown Rice (18%)

Each grain is grown in Korea

Black Misugaru (300g)

Made with 100% Korean Grains

No sugar. No preservatives. No additives.

 5 Nutrient-Rich Black Grains

Full Ingredients List

Green Kernel Black Beans (20%), Black Beans (20%), Brown Rice (20%), Black Rice (20%), Barley (20%)

Each grain is grown in Korea

How to Make Misugaru:

1. Place 250ml of milk (or cold water) into a shaker bottle

2. Then, add 4 Tablespoons of Misugaru & 1 Tablespoons of Honey (or sugar)

3. Shake everything together. Adjust to taste!

4. Add more honey if you want it sweeter

(Or reference video recipe below)

About Bangyudang

Bangyudang is a Korean seed roaster that operates out of Gwangju, South Korea

They have been roasting grains since 1976!

Pictured above is the shop front from the early days

Over the last 40 years, the owner of Bangyudang (above) has perfected the art of roasting Korean grains

Bangyudang is a locally renowned shop famous for its exceptional misugaru and seed oils

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