[Clean Ttukbaegi] Premium Ttukbaegi Pot


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0% Absorption, Premium-Grade

[Clean Ttukbaegi] Premium Ttukbaegi Pot

Ttukbaegi is an essential piece of cookingware for Korean homecooking.

If you've been to a Korean BBQ restaurant before, you've probably seen it. The dark-brown, earthen pot that served to your table, piping-hot!

It's used to serve stews like doenjang jjigae or banchans like Korean steamed eggs (Gyeran Jjim). Korean restaurants love to use Ttukbaegis as it keeps stews hot for the entire meal.

Clean Ttukbaegi is the premier Ttukbaegi brand in Korea.

Their pots have won numerous awards for excellence in design, material and durability.

They have 4 key selling points that separate it from other Ttukbaegis on the market:

(#1) First, Clean Ttukbaegi has a 0% absorption rate.

What does that mean? With regular Ttukbaegis, microscopic holes and fissures develop in the clay after time from normal usage. Dish soap and residual water creep into these fissures and release when cooking - that's why you see foam bubbles rise when boiling water. However, Clean Ttukbaegi is made with special clay that has a very high density. It prevents any liquids from being absorbed into the material. 

(#2) Traditionally, Ttukbaegis were heated over a fire or gas stove. Most have a small circular ridge on the bottom which creates a gap between the heat source and the pot. But this gap causes inefficient heating when cooking over a flat electric cooking top - which is in most modern kitchens.

To address this problem, the company has created their "Highlight Ttukbaegis" which have no ridge. 

The Highlight version makes direct contact with the flat electric cooking tops for quick and even heating. (However, please note that both versions do NOT work on induction stovetops).

(#3) Clean Ttukbaegi does not overflow.

Typically, one has to be close-by when boiling stew in a Ttukbaegi. The liquid tends to overflow when its boiling hard. However, the design of the Clean Ttukbaegi directs the external heat in an outward direction - preventing liquids from overflowing.

(#4) Finally, the Clean Ttuekbaegi retains heat better than others.

The results from comparative tests are shown in the product page below. 

If you enjoy cooking Korean stews, this is a great buy!

Gochujar Note: Over the years, we have purchased one-too-many cheap Ttukbaegis. After a month, burn spots form on the bottom surface and begin to 'smoke' the foods. We recommend buying a high-quality pot from the start. We've been using ours for 3+ years - without any problems!

If you're having trouble deciding between the small (1-2 person) and large size (3-4 person), go for the large size.

The small size is best for specific dishes like Gyeran-Jjim (where the ingredients need to rise) or... for use as serving ware. But for cooking Korean stews and soups directly in the Ttukbaegi, the large size is recommended.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Slowshere (Queens, NY)
Happy with purchase!

I splurged for the 3-4 people classic and glad I did because the 1-2 people size was small. Tested boiling without lid and water didn't boil over as stated. Quality seems good. Bought as a gift for someone too. Wish it came with a serving plate though...I would purchase another one if it did.

Gail (Montreal, QC)
Best purchase made!

Super satisfied with my purchase. The product description with the key points is what convinced me… I did not hesitate to purchase two Ttukbaegi right away!
I enjoy cooking… I just dislike spending time washing dishes afterwards. So, because cleaning the Ttukbaegi is effortless and quick, I am encouraged to cook with it often.
I highly recommend you buy the large size if you are 2-3 people at the table. I bought 2 because when we are 3-4 people gathered on a weekend, some of us can eat more than others even with plentiful side dishes served.

M H.
excellent design

I finally have my very own ttukbaegi pot! I love the small size and beautiful finish. Perfect for single person.

Mekhna G. (Bengaluru, KA)
Clean Ttukbaegi (Highlight 3-4)

Got it since I am an avid collector of cookware that's traditional to the cuisines I enjoy cooking at home. I have been looking for a Ttukbaegi for a while, and happened upon Global gochujar while browsing youtube. My scepticism was not on the quality but on shipping. I do shop online a lot from various ecom sites. Shipping to india is challenge for some reason especially for european sellers... I have had good experience however from asian countries like china japan and hongkong but this was my first attempt from Korea. And I must say that I am absolutely surprised by the entire process. The item was packed well and shipped by Daniel very quickly and he even accommodated my request for packing requirements. I received the item in under 2 weeks from purchase. This by far is one of the smoothest experiences I have had so far while eshopping internationally. Ofcourse the Ttukbaegi is of high quality as mentioned on the website and I am absolutely thrilled to add it to my collection. I would highly recommend Global Gochujar to anyone who is exploring ...

Anonymous (Beaufort, SC)
Quick shipping (Highlight 3-4)

The product arrived promptly in great condition. It is a beautiful well made pot. However, It is smaller expected so be sure to order the large one. I like that the highlight is flat and can be used on electric stoves.

Product Highlights

  • 0% Absorption Rate! This clay material does not soak-in liquids when boiling
  • Pots are specially designed to prevent overflow when boiling
  • High heat retention - will keep stews hot for the entirety of the meal
  • Safe to use in microwave and conventional oven
  • Available in two sizes: Small (1-2 person) & Large (3-4 person)

[Clean Ttukbaegi] Signature Ttukbaegi Pots

 Point #1 - 0% Absorption Rate

This is a picture of a regular Ttukbaegi. When brought to boil, it's common to see white foam at the surface. This is caused when leftover dishwasher soap is released from the pores and cracks of the clay.

This is Clean Ttukbaegi™. It has a 0% absorption rate - due to the special clay's high mass/density. The surface is not porous and liquids are unable to soak into the clay. 

Patent certificate for: 0% absorption clay material

 Point #2 - No Overflow

Ttukbaegi Spillage Test

Regular Ttukbaegi (L) vs. Clean Ttukbaegi™ (R)

Point #3 - Retains Heat Well

Even when in ice, the Clean Ttukbaegi stays hot!

TypeTime to Boil10 min after boil
Regular Ttukbaegi6 min 24 sec
70.8° C
Clean Ttukbaegi™5 min 4 sec71.2° C
How is it marketed in Korea?
Available in 2 versions

Choose a version depending on your kitchen cooktop

If you own a gas cooktop... 

Select the Classic Version 

The bottom has a white circular ridge that lifts the pot off the surface

 If you own a electric (or coil) cooktop...

Select the Highlight Version

The bottom has no ridge -  sits flat on top of the cooking surface

Note: Both version do not work on induction cooktops

Available in 2 sizes

Single Size (1-2 people)

Best for specific dishes:
-Gyeran Jjim (Korean Steamed Eggs)
-Al Bap (Fish Roe Bibimbap)
-Or Use as Individual Serving Ware

Dimensions + Weight
(Body Diameter x Bottom Diameter x Height)

 Classic: 138 x 102 x 72 mm, 800 grams
Highlight: 139 x 102 x 77 mm, 820 grams

 Classic volume: 750 ml 
Highlight volume: 750 ml 

Family Size (3-4 people)

Ideal for Korean Stews & Soups:
- Doenjang Jjigae (Korean Soybean Stew)
- Kimchi Jjigae (Fish Roe Bibimbap)
- Gyeran Jjim (Family-Sized Portion)
- Ttukbaegi Bibimbap

Dimensions + Weight
(Body Diameter x Bottom Diameter x Height)

Classic: 162 x 131 x 78 mm, 1030 grams
Highlight: 161 x 131 x 76 mm, 1210 grams

Classic volume: 1140 ml
Highlight volume: 1100 ml

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