[Chilkab Nongsan] 100% Korean Gochugaru

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[Chilkab Nongsan] Gochugaru Flakes

Made with 100% Korean Chili Peppers

[Chilkab Nongsan] 100% Korea-Grown Gochugaru

Chilkab Nongsan's Gochugaru is made using only 100% Korea-Grown Red Chili Peppers.

The chili peppers are grown in the countryside of Sunchang (located in North Jeolla province). Sunchang receives an abundance of sunshine throughout the year, which is ideal for farming chili peppers.

Scroll through the customer photos of this gochugaru (towards the bottom of page) and you'll see that it's ground medium-coarse.

With a deep & vibrant red color.

But how spicy is it?

It's a medium level spice - perfect for Korean homecooking recipes (including Kimchi).

Chilkab Nongsan takes pride in their clean & safe production facilities. They have received HAACP certification and the chili flakes are thoroughly inspected for quality and taste.

If you're looking for all-around gochugaru that you can use for any type of Korean recipe (jjim, bokkeum, tang, jjigae, etc), this is a good one!

Available in 250 and 500 grams. 

Note: After opening bag, we recommend storing gochugaru in the freezer for longer keeping.

Customer Reviews

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Rick G. (Sacramento, CA)
In a league of its own...

Most of the gochugaru available in the US, even in Korean groceries, is from chilis grown outside of Korea, on large commercial scales. This is an artisanal product, grown and processed in Korea from Korean seed. It is like the difference between using pre-ground store-bought pepper and whole Lapchong peppercorns. Buy as much as you can afford, store it well sealed in the freezer, and it will transform your Korean cooking.

Suzanne G. (Toronto, ON)

This was the right amount of heat. It wasn't as spicy as i thought it would be. There is a slight tingle on the tongue. The flavor is excellent unlike so of the mass produce pepper flakes out there, they taste like nothing. Great product♥️.

Karen M. (Newton, KS)

Love the super high quality! The scent is ADICTIVE😋 The taste SUPERIOR 🍷

Aki T. (Seville, AN)
Making Kimchi in Spain

I can get all the ingredient in this country EXCEPT the gochugaru. Nothing else can replace that flavor to make homemade kimchi. Very easy to order, shipment to a local address in Spain was easy and fast. Made kimchi the day after it arrived and now I'm a happy happy man. With this gochugaru I can also make pancakes, soups, and pickled radish. My only regret is that I didn't buy the bigger bag!

Rhonda L.

I just made a container of Kim chee, also used some in spicy Korean stir fried pork; I love how bright red the color is when it is fresh; I have some that has turned a dark red which doesn’t look so appetizing; I visited Seoul for 3 weeks and just love the food, so I’m happy that I can order directly from Korea, than you for your service& congratulations on your engagement to Katie

Product Highlights

  • Made with 100% Korean-grown chili peppers
  • Medium spice - great for Korean homecooking recipes (including Kimchi)
  • Available in 250g or 500g

[Chilkab Nongsan] 100% Gochugaru Flakes

100% Korea-Grown Gochugaru Flakes

Our peppers are grown in the sun!

1. Our Peppers Are Grown Locally In Korea!

After picking, the peppers are thoroughly washed, then sterilized under the sun's natural rays

2. Deep & Vibrant Red Color

Since these peppers grow in the sun's natural rays, the flakes have a vibrant red color 

3. HACCP-Certified

Our facilities are HACCP-certified. Processed and packaged in safe, hygienic facilities 

Ingredient list:

100% Red Chili (Korea-grown)


After opening, store in freezer for long-term storage

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