[Sangol Farm] Korean Pear & Bellflower Root Extract

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Made with 3-year old Bellflower Roots

[Sangol Farm] Korean Pear & Bellflower Root Extract

In Korea, many office workers – especially those over the age of 30 – keep a mini cache of medicinal herb extract packets at their desks. It comes in handy when you’re low on energy or experiencing general weakness throughout your body. The packets provide a boost of natural, clean energy in the short-term. While helping to restore vitality in the long term - assuming regular consumption and a balanced diet.

The main ingredient in this extract is Bellflower Root (referred to as Doraji in Korean). It is one of the common namul vegetables and frequently used as a topping in Bibimbap. But it’s also a popular ingredient in herbal medicine as bellflower roots contain a special compound called Saponin. Saponin has exhibited antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-cancer and even cholesterol-lowering properties in clinical tests. Simply stated, the natural compound enhances your body’s ability to fight foreign agents and restore vitality.

This extract is made exclusively with bellflower roots that are at least 3 years old. Why? As roots age and grow bigger, they collect larger amounts of Saponin. It’s also important to note that these roots are grown without any pesticide – as toxins would contaminate the roots.

Korean pear and honey are also added to the extract. The sweet juices of the Korean pear help to balance-out the bitter taste of the bellflower root. All 3 ingredients are cut, boiled, blended, pressed, filtered and re-boiled over 72 hours to produce this healthy extract.

Note: This extract has a strong bitter taste – it’s not consumed for its taste. But for better health!

Customer Reviews

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Really nice product. I drink it nearly every day. The taste is a bit bitter but you can still taste the sweet pear and honey trough it. Over all I'm really happy i've tried it


I heard bellflower root is also good for the throat and lungs so I bought this for my mother who tried almost everything for her stubborn cough. After consuming this daily for about a week and a half, she said the coughing subsided significantly. Now, I rarely hear her coughing or clearing her throat. It’s really amazing. Great product. Will purchase again.


I was hesitant of the taste of this at first, but I ended up really liking it. It is a mix of a herbal taste and fruity together. I only took once a day, but I did find myself a bit more energized. I think I will order again and try a couple a day to see what happens.

Unique product

When it comes to flavor, I actually preferred this one over the red ginseng packets. The pear does a good job in cutting through the herbal taste. Great for an energy boost - without any caffeine.

Korean Pear & Bellflower Root Extract

The delivery was quick and excellent!If you're looking for a healthy delicious tea that's good for you. Buy this! It's excellent!

Product Highlights

  • Bellflower Root is filled with Saponin - which exhibits anti-cancer and cholesterol-lowering properties
  • Made with 3-year old Bellflower Roots, which have a larger concentration of Saponin
  • Extract also includes Korean Pear and Korean Honey
  • Requires 72 hours of cutting, boiling and processing - including 6 hours of final pressing!
  • Choose Single-Squeeze Packets (15 packets) or a Scoop-Out Jar (230g)
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

Korean Pear (65%), Bellflower Roots (25%), Honey (10%)

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 1 year

    Store in a cool, dry area

      How much should I take?

      Adult: 1.5 teaspoons (or 1 single packet) - take up to 3x a day

      Child: 1 teaspoon (or 1/2 single packet) - take up to 3x a day

        About the Brand

        Sangol Farm is a local farm based out of Gangwon Province. They specialize in growing bellflower roots for use in herbal extracts. The roots are grown organically without any pesticides. Their facilities are HACCP certified.

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          About The Brand

          Sangol Farm is a local farm based out of Gangwon Province. They specialize in growing bellflower roots for use in herbal extracts. The roots are grown organically without any pesticides. Their facilities are HACCP certified.

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