[Chosun Market] Golden Queen No. 3 White Rice



Korea's Highest-Quality Rice

[Chosun Market] Golden Queen No. 3 White Rice

This is the best tasting white rice we've ever tasted. 

Yes, we were skeptical at first. I mean isn't white rice, white rice? How could it taste better? After one bowl, we completely changed out minds. In fact, this is the only rice we order now. 

So what makes it different? Let's start with the visual. You'll notice that each rice grain has a beautiful polished sheen when cooked. Makes it look very appetizing.

The second - and my favorite part about this rice - is its unique aroma. It's a subtle popcorn-like scent! It's this aroma that makes the rice taste irresistibly good.

Perfect for sushi. Or serve it with banchan. And mix it up to make an incredible Bibimbap.

Furthermore, this Golden Queen No. 3 rice is cultivated with zero chemical fertilizers. Chosun Market goes the extra mile to place this rice in its own category.

If you want to try arguably, Korea's highest-quality rice, this is it!

Customer Reviews

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Just delicious! I can't believe it took me this long to find this wonderful rice. From the aroma to the taste its all around wonderful.

Good quality rice for kimbap

This rice has become so famous in Korea after it was introduced in a cooking show. We bought this rice for our kimbap and sushi. It’s so fragrant! I love this rice more than koshihikari. It’s also good with any Korean dishes as well, but it’s expensive to eat everyday. Save it for your special cooking day.


This rice is amazing! I save it for very special guests! Always turns out perfectly!

대박! Golden Queen No. 3 White Rice

Fluffy, light & wonderful aroma.

Love this rice

buying for the third time. I love white rice and always buy a premium organic brand, this blows it out of the water

Product Highlights

  • This rice has a very appetizing aroma - releases a natural, popcorn-like scent!
  • The rice is made from a 95% pure-breed strain of Korean Rice - one of Korea's highest-quality rice
  • Rice stays plump, moist and chewy for a long period of time - up to 24 hours after cooking
  • Rice is grown without any pesticides
  • ★ Gochujar Must-Try Item ★
  • Available in 1kg bags
Product In Brief

Main Ingredients

Short-grain white rice (100%)

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 1 year

    Store in refrigerator (keeps it fresh longer)

      What to Make

      The best bowl of rice you've ever had!

        About the Brand

        Chosun Market is a joint company made by Seedpia (a Korean company specializing in rice research) and Korea's Agricultural Research Agency. Together, they have produced one of Korea's most-premium rice strains.

          How do I cook short-grain rice? 

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          About The Brand

          Chosun Market is a joint company between Seedpia (a Korean company specializing in rice research) and Korea's Agricultural Marketing & Research Agency. Together, they have nurtured and cultivated one of Korea's most-premium rice strains.

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