[Da Soom] Traditional Korean Jewelry Box


[Drida] Traditional Korean Jewelry Box

Traditional Korean Laquerware

[Da Soom] Traditional Korean Jewelry Box

Today, we present a dazzling, Korean Mother-of-Pearl Jewelry Box!

This jewelry box is made by najeon-chilgi, a Korean technique that involves inlaying thin layers of mother-of-pearl onto lacquered surfaces.

What is mother of pearl?

It’s the shiny, “rainbow” composite material that you see on the inner-side of certain seashells - like abalone, mollusk & clams.

This traditional art technique of inlaying mother-of-pearl roots all-the-way back to the Goryeo Era (918 CE-1392 CE).

Both the Najeon art-form and its treasured pieces were passed down generation to generation, until the Japanese occupation of Korea - when Korean cultural items were prohibited and artisans were prosecuted.

Nowadays, Najeon-chilgi pieces proudly represent Korean heritage in a dazzling brilliance, with everlasting quality!

How's it made?

The process begins by applying a coat of lacquer to a wooden item.

Next, the surface of the object is covered with hemp cloth and coated with lacquer again.

This process is repeated several times before inlaying pieces of mother-of-pearl.

Then finally, it’s given a lacquer topcoat.

This process takes months!

But the result is an iridescent shine, that’s resistant to moisture & decay.

Use this special box to store wedding rings, jewelry & other valuables.

The inside of the box includes a mirror.

And it also comes with a ring-holder divider to help you neatly organize.

The design of the box includes Peony flowers, which symbolized prosperity in the old days.

Available in 3 colors: Mahogany Red, Midnight Blue, Royal Purple

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
CLAUDIO I. (Belo Horizonte, MG)
Exquisite jewelry box

I ordered one for my best friend's birthday and she loved it. High-quality hand-made product in such fine wrapping.

Jennette G. (Paranaque City, 40)

I ordered the midnight blue box and it was as described. It came wrapped in a 2-color fabric, Korean style. Very nicely packed and quality is very good. Highly recommended as gift or for personal use.

CHRISTINE W. (North Las Vegas, NV)
Mother's Day Gift

I bought this beautiful jewelry box for my mother is is Korean. I thought it would be a nice gesture because she can't go visit often. Very beautiful piece of art.

Christine Wright

NC (Wenatchee, WA)
Beautiful box

Such an intricate and beautiful box. I am in love with my midnight blue color.

Matthew D. (Cholsey, ENG)
Beautiful and perfect delivery

Everything arrived so well packaged and protected. Service care was great. This allowed me to buy from the uk and get things delivered that I had seen on my trip to Korea and not carry in my luggage for fear of damages.

Product Highlights

  • Traditional Korean Najeonchilgi Jewelry Box - made by artisan in Korea
  • Pieces of abalone shell, turban shell and pearl shell inlaid into Korean wood
  • Finished with several layers of special lacquer - durable, beautiful & shiny
  • Works great as personal gift or for doljanchi (baby's 1st birthday)
  • Available in Mahogany Red, Midnight Blue & Royal Purple

[Da Soom] Traditional Korean Jewelry Box

- Mahogany Red -

Includes Ring Holder Divider

The jewelry box comes with a removable, ring holder insert (shown in the right image)

- Midnight Blue -

Note: The jewelry box does not come wrapped in traditional cloth - illustrative only

- Royal Purple -

Jewelry Box Dimensions

22cm (length) x 12cm (width) x 5cm (height) 

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