[Bad Skin] Collagen Bomb - Hydrating Ampoule (400ml)


[Bad Skin] Collagen Bomb Hydrating Ampoule (400ml)

Moisturizing + anti-aging, elastic skin!

[Bad Skin] Collagen Bomb Hydrating Ampoule (400ml)

If you’re not fond of skin ampoules because they tend to be thicker & viscous in texture, we’ve got a great suggestion for you...

This is Bad Skin’s Collagen Bomb Hydrating Ampoule (400ml).

This highly nourishing ampoule is a watery-type, that absorbs without stickiness (just like water) and leaves your skin feeling immediately hydrated & smooth.

The formula is made with 85% hydrolyzed collagen - which is very similar in molecular structure to that of human collagen - and is easy for your body to absorb.

5 types of Hyaluronic Acid are included to enhance the moisturizing & absorption abilities of your skin. They also strengthen your skin barrier with anti-aging properties.

The formula also contains 6 natural sprout extracts, which help to calm & sooth your skin.

All of the ingredients in this product are labeled “green” (safe) on the EWG rating scale.

What we especially love about this product is its large size (400ml) - making it great for daily use.

Use it not only on the face, but apply to your neck and body as well.

Tip: Pour this ampoule into a small pump spray - and use it as a face mist!

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Product Highlights

  • Mildly acidic pH level of 5.34 - hydrates your skin without damaging it's protective surface
  • Highly nourishing, water-type ampoule - deep hydration without the stickiness
  • Includes various ingredients like hydrolyzed collagen & hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin and increase elasticity
  • Fragrance-free, long-lasting moisture, 100% EWG safe ingredients
  • 400ml large bottle - great size for daily skincare!

[Bad Skin] Collagen Bomb - Hydrating Ampoule (400ml)

Rated #1 in Hwahae's Weekly Best Items for Essence/Ampoule/Serum 

(Hwahae is a Korean company that evalues the ingredients of K-beauty products)

Helps skin retain moisture + strengthens its elasticity!

+ Contains 85% collagen concentrate to boost skin hydration & strengthen elasticity 

+ Gentle, mildly-acidic ampoule (pH 5.34) - similar pH level to your natural skin (will not irritate skin)

+ Contains 6 natural sprout extracts (including FRESH BUD No. 6) to soothe irritated skin & redness

 + Simple, risk-free formula - all ingredients are labelled "green" (safe) rating by EWG 

+ Large 400ml bottle - great for daily skincare

Why is collagen essential for my skin?

Collagen is what keeps your skin from sagging, giving that plump, youthful look!

Your body naturally makes collagen, but production decreases with age 

With less collagen >> skin cells become less elastic and break down >> leading to fine lines & wrinkles

Bad Skin's Collagen Bomb is made 85% with Hydrolyzed Collagen

+ Hyaluronic Acid Complex - that improves the moisturizing ability of your skin (anti-aging effects)

+ 6 Natural Sprout Extracts - that soothes & calms skin

All of the ingredients in this product are labelled "green" (low hazard) by EWG



Our skin naturally has a mildly-acidic pH level

The optimal pH level for our face & body lies between 4.7 and 5.75  (mildly acidic)

So highly-alkaline products (pH >7) can damage our's skin's natural protective barrier

Collagen Bomb Ampoule has a pH level of 5.34, which fits our skin's natural pH range

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