[Haetnim Maeul] 100% Sun-Dried Taeyang Gochugaru (Great for Kimchi)

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[Haetnim Maeul] 100% Korean Gochugaru

Grown and sun-dried in Yeongyang, Korea

[Haetnim Maeul] 100% Sun-Dried Gochugaru (Great for Kimchi)

Haetnim Maeul Gochugaru is made with 100% Korea-grown red chili peppers.

Koreans prefer domestic-grown gochugaru as many larger Korean food conglomerates import lower-grade peppers from China to keep prices low.

Haetnim Maeul is a regional producer that prides itself in using only Korea-grown peppers.

The chilis are grown in the rural county of Yeongyang (Gyeongsang-do Province). It is a mountainous region located in central Korea that gets an ample amount of sunshine throughout the year.

There, the chili peppers grow firm and plump.

After harvesting, the Korean chili peppers are dried naturally out in the sun (as opposed to being dried in an industrial-scale dehydrator).

Gochugaru that is dried in the sun is labeled "Taeyang Gochugaru".

Taeyang Gochugaru sells at a premium as the chili develops a deeper and spicier flavor when its dried naturally in the sun.

So what does this gochugaru look like?

Take a look at the close-up view.

It has a coarse texture and dark-red color.

Spice level: Medium

This coarse texture is especially great for making Kimchi!

It sticks on to the cabbage leaves and doesn't slip off when coated.

Of course, this gochugaru works great for spicing-up other Korean homecooking recipes as well.

This comes in two sizes: 250g and 500g.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dave (Oakland, CA)
Great product!

I am a Filipino-American in the U.S., and I cook a lot of Korean recipes. I have used this twice so far and have been pleased by the quality of the product. It is much better than the types I buy at my local Korean market. Thank you!

helen s. (Mississauga, ON)

I bought this for my mom because she makes the best kimchi ever. Her kimchi does not even compare to the store bought stuff. With this gochujaru she will make the best kimchi hands down. She was excited to make a batch and noticed the difference right away. The depth of flavour and the colour of this product screams high quality. So sad that all the gochujaru we can get at our korean market is all from China. I will be ordering more of this from Gochujar! Thank you!

Maribel N. (Oakland, CA)
5 stars

This is our go-to gochugaru for making kimchi :)

Rainna U. (Anchorage, AK)

As a newbie to kimchi making. This powder is so delicious compared to others that I have tried.
I will be for sure ordering more.

E (‘Aiea, HI)

I call this goldgaru. It’s great quality- you can tell by its color, texture, and fresh red pepper smell. I usually bring back a large batch of gochugaru when I visit Korea but I was running low so I decided to buy online. I bought the small bag- it’s not enough to make kimchi, unless you are only making a small batch, but I was able to use it when making Korean side dishes (banchan) and sprinkle it in soups. It’s pricey so I use it sparingly- it’s goldgaru. :)

Product Highlights

  • Made with 100% Korea-grown Taeyang Chili Peppers
  • Darker Red Color, Coarse Texture - great for making Kimchi!
  • Medium-level spice
  • Available in 250 & 500 grams

[Haetnim Maeul] 100% Korean Gochugaru

100% Korea-Grown Gochugaru

Grown in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province

Medium-Spice level

500ml bag + close-up view

250ml bag + close-up

After opening, store in refrigerator or freezer (for longer keeping)

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