[Soosan] Korean Mini Dried Shrimp (Bap-Saewoo)

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[Soosan] Mini Dried Shrimp (Bap-Saewoo)

Rice Topper, Natural Umami

[Soosan] Korean Mini Dried Shrimp (Bap-Saewoo)

Today, we are excited to introduce ‘bap-saewoo’ (밥새우) to your menu.

It’s the Korean term for mini dried shrimp that are commonly used as a rice topper.

The shrimp size is incredibly small, measuring less than 1 cm in size.

Despite their small stature, these shrimp pack a delightful crunch, along with a natural, umami flavor.

It's a very popular ingredient among new mothers looking to provide their children with quick, nutritious meals.

The tiny dried shrimps are packed with nutrition - high in chitosan, calcium and protein.

You can make bite-sized rice balls using this mini dried shrimp…

Or stir-fry with soy sauce and sesame oil to make banchan…

Or use it to whip up a flavorful and effortless fried rice…

Or grab a handful and throw into a food processor to make natural, shrimp salt seasoning.

We love this brand because their shrimp is sourced locally in Korea, specifically from the coastal waters of Sacheon-si (formerly known as Samcheonpo-si) in South Gyeongsang Province.

Nutrient Rich. Natural Red Color. High-Quality Shrimp. Harvested in Korea.

1 bag contains 150g.

Please store in the freezer!

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Marie-Denise M.R. (Zurich, ZH)

They are naturally good. I used it in my kimchi recipe and it was just perfect, adding just the right amount of flavour.

Product Highlights

  • Premium-quality, mini-dried shrimp (밥새우) from Korea
  • Nutrient rich shrimp - packed with calcium, protein and chitosan
  • Make delicious mini rice balls and flavorful fried rice
  • Add the dried shrimp to rolled eggs to elevate the flavor and add an extra touch of umami.
  • Available in one size: 150g 

[Soosan] Mini Dried Shrimp (Bap-Saewoo)

When making home-cooked meals for your family, reach for Soosan's Mini Dried Shrimp

Nutrient-Rich, Natural Red Color | Exceptional Quality | Sourced from Korean Waters

Close-up of Suseon's Mini Shrimp

In Korea, this tiny shrimp is called bap-saewoo ('rice shrimp') because it's small enough to be eaten with spoonfuls of rice.

This shrimp variety typically measures just 1cm in size, yet it is packed with nutritional goodness...

Containing protein, chitosan, and calcium, it serves as a healthy ingredient ideal for children!

What can I make with it?

In Korea, this tiny shrimp is frequently used to create bite-sized rice balls and simple fried rice dishes.

Natural Flavors - Captured Fresh & Immediately Dried

These tiny shrimps are immediately dried after being pulled from Korean waters to effectively preserve their nutrition and flavor

The shells of these tiny shrimps contain chitosan, which plays a role in reducing the body's absorption of fat and cholesterol from foods

It serves as a natural and flavorful ingredient suitable for both children and adults alike

Offered in 150g size

Store in freezer and use whenever you are craving a delicious fried rice!

Detailed Information

Shrimp harvested from Korean waters

Store in freezer

Size: 150g

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