[Osulloc] Special Tea Edition Box (54 tea bags)


Experience all of Osulloc's signature tea

[Osulloc] Special Tea Edition Box

Today, we are excited to offer Osulloc’s Special Tea Edition Box—a premium gift set that allows you to experience all of Osulloc's signature teas.

This exquisite set includes 9 different types of Osulloc's representative teas, with 6 bags of each, totaling 54 tea bags:

  • Korean Sejak Green Tea (6 bags)
  • Jeju Volcanic Rock Tea (6 bags)
  • Moonlight Walk (6 bags)
  • Wedding Green Tea (6 bags)
  • Rooibos Pure (6 bags)
  • Red Papaya Black Tea (6 bags)
  • Jeju Camellia Forest (6 bags)
  • Jeju Tangerine Blended (6 bags)
  • Song of Cloud (6 bags)

It’s the perfect gift for anyone who wants to experience unique Korean teas.

For those unfamiliar with Osulloc, it is a premium Korean tea producer based on Jeju Island.

The tea leaves grow openly in a natural environment, blessed with mild sunlight, year-round winds, pristine water, and rich volcanic soil.

Jeju Island is the only place in the world to receive the “triple crown” from UNESCO in the environmental field.

Packaged in a premium hard case, this tea set makes a quality gift for friends, family, and colleagues—or simply enjoy it yourself!

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Product Highlights

  • Osulloc is Korea's #1 Premium Tea Brand
  • Since 1979, Osulloc has been meticulously cultivating and harvesting tea leaves on Jeju Island
  • This Special Tea edition allows you to experience all of Osulloc's signature teas.
  • The Special Tea edition contains 9 varieties, with six tea bags of each variety (54 tea bags total)

Special Tea Edition

A premium gift set that allows you to experience all of Osulloc's signature teas.


Key Points

✓  A diverse selection of 9 different types of Osulloc's representative teas.

✓  Includes a curation tea card to enhance your tea time experience.

✓  Comes in a premium hard case, perfect for gifting on holidays or special occasions, and convenient for storing tea neatly.

What's included in this Special Tea Box?

The Special Tea Edition contains 9 varieties, with six tea bags of each variety


1. Korean Sejak Green Tea

Made from young tea leaves from Jeju tea fields, nurtured by the volcanic rock layers of Hallasan.

Base: Green tea, Partially fermented tea

Ingredients: Steamed tea, Roasted tea

Tasting Notes: Nutty, Orchid aroma, Toasted grains, Sweet flavor


2. Jeju Volcanic Rock Tea

Semi-fermented tea with a savory flavor, grown by Jeju volcanic rock formations

Base: Semi-fermented tea

Fermentation: By wind

Tasting Notes: Roasted Grain flavor


3. Moonlight Walk

A gently sweet post-fermented tea with a subtle pear aroma, reminiscent of moonlight.

Base: Post-fermented tea

Ingredients: Wild pear

Tasting Notes: Sweet pear and honey flavors


4. Wedding Green Tea

Special green tea - embodying an aromatic floral & sweet muscat scent

Base: Green tea

Ingredients: Rose, Marigold

Tasting Notes: Floral Aroma, Sweet Muscat


5. Rooibos Pure

A pure rooibos tea with a rich flavor reminiscent of the red sun.

Base: Herbal tea

Tea Farm: South Africa

Tasting Notes: Floral honey, Vanilla, Malt notes


6. Red Papaya Black Tea

A luxurious black tea featuring the vibrant flavors of red rose and sweet papaya.

Base: Black tea

Ingredients: Papaya, Rose petals

Tasting Notes: Sweet tropical fruit


7. Jeju Camellia Forest

Jeju Camellia flower tea is blended with tropical fruit for a captivating blended tea - floral, tangy & sweet

Base: Black tea, Post-fermented tea

Ingredients: Camellia flower, Pineapple

Tasting Notes: Floral aroma, Sweet and tangy tropical fruits


8. Jeju Tangerine Blended

Young tangerines from Jeju - bright zingy, citrus flavor with a pleasant floral aftertaste

Base: Post-fermented tea

Ingredients: Samdayeon Orange, Citron peel

Tasting Notes: Refreshing orange aroma


9. Song of Cloud

A blended tea with soft notes of milk and peach, as gentle as the clouds in the Jeju sky.

Base: Semi-fermented tea, Post-fermented tea

Tasting Notes: Milk, Peach

Brewing Instructions


Brewing Details for Sejak Green Tea, Wedding Green Tea

1 Tea Bag | 150 ml of water | 70°C | Steep for 1.5 minutes


Brewing Details for remaning teas in set

1 Tea Bag | 150 ml of water | 90°C | Steep for 2 minutes


The Tea Edition Island consists of environmentally friendly PLA pyramid tea bags made from sugarcane material (9 varieties x 6 bags, totaling 54 bags).

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