[Mujagi] Korean Soju Ceramic Cups (4-Pc Set)


Handmade in Korea, 4 Distinct Pieces

[Mujagi] Korean Soju Ceramic Cups (4-Pc Set)

Presenting: Handmade Korean Soju Ceramic Cups (4-Piece Set) by Mujagi

Each box contains 4 cups - uniquely designed to pay homage to the designs of Korea's ceramic heritage.

The cups are finished with a clear blue-and-white glaze, evoking a sense of purity and simplicity.

Not to mention its beauty!

Despite their varying shapes and heights, they share a consistent volume of 15ml, ensuring a uniform pour for everyone!

These cups will seamlessly complement other ceramics pieces in your pantry.

Whether you're searching for a thoughtful gift for friends, newlyweds, or a treat for yourself, these Korean soju cups are perfect for adding a touch of Korean spirit to your evening!

Safe for heating in microwave & washing in dishwasher. Do not use in oven.

Made in Korea.

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Product Highlights

  • Introducing Mugaji Shot Cups -  beautifully designed for Korea's most beloved alcohol, soju
  • Each piece is different - crafted in Korea's rich culinary/ceramic traditions
  • Each piece has varying heights - while having the same volume capacity (50ml)
  • Celebrate life's moments with Mujagi's shot cup sets - and add a touch of Korean ambiance to your evening!
  • This set includes four ceramic shot cups.

[Mujagi] Korean Soju Ceramic Cups (4-Pc Set)

[Mujagi] Korean Soju Ceramic Cups (4-Pc Set)

A collection of 4 unique ceramic shot glasses

Crafted with the rich culinary/ceramic traditions of Korea in mind

Each piece has varying heights - while maintaining the same volume capacity (50ml)

Each piece is different, beautiful design!

Allow your guests to choose their own piece and enjoy their favorite drinks all night long!

100% Made in Korea

Clear Blue & White Glaze

Glossy ceramic - made with a clear blue & white glaze that gives a pure and clear impression

Detailed View

Cone Shot Cup

Diameter: 6.2 cm, Height 3.5 cm

Stripe Shot Cup

Diameter: 4.1 cm, Height 5.5 cm

Angles Shot Cup

Diameter: 5.7 cm, Height 3.5 cm

Half-Moon Shot Cup

Diameter: 6.2 cm, Height 3.5 cm

Usage Notes:

Scratches may occur if stainless steel cutlery is used on ceramics - use wood or silicone cutlery

Microwave-Safe. Dishwasher-Safe. Please do not place in oven.

Made in Korea

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