[Kim's Red Ginseng] Red Ginseng Tonic PLUS (20 Packets)

[Kim's Red Ginseng] Red Ginseng Extract Plus (20 Packets)

6-Year-Old Red Ginseng + 6 Korean Medicinal Herbs

[Kim's Red Ginseng] Red Ginseng Tonic PLUS

Today, we’re excited to introduce Kim's Red Ginseng Tonic PLUS.

This is a tonic - like a tea.

No need to heat it up (though you can). Simply store it at room temperature, tear one open at your convenience, and enjoy it straight, no water needed.

It's surprisingly tasty - as the powerful yet bitter red ginseng is balanced out with 6 other herbal ingredients.

Each tonic packet contains 6.0mg of Ginsenosides (Rg1 + Rb1+ Rg3).

Ginsenosides are the active compounds in ginseng known for their various health benefits.

This red ginseng extract offers the following benefits:

  • Enhanced immune support
  • Increased energy levels and reduced fatigue
  • Elevated antioxidant activity in the body
  • Improved blood circulation through platelet aggregation inhibition
  • Enhanced memory function

Kim's Ginseng products are certified pesticide-free, and this extract comes from 6-year-old aged red ginseng, which boasts the highest concentration of ginsenosides.

Take up to 1-2 tonic packets a day.

Where does the ginseng comes from?

It's grown in the fertile soil of Mt. Sobaek in Chuncheongbuk-do, known as Punggi Province, the pioneering region in Korea to start commercial ginseng cultivation.

Each ginseng is personally nurtured and harvested by Mr. Kim, who brings over three generations of family expertise to the cultivation of red ginseng.

If you're seeking an excellent ginseng product for yourself or as a premium food gift, this is a great one!

Each box contains 20 tonic packets.

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Product Highlights

  • Korean 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng Tonic, blended with a variety of herbal ingredients
  • Well-balanced flavor: Not Bitter or Too Herbal - perfect for newcomers and daily enjoyment
  • Each packet holds 6mg of ginsenosides - the key active ingredient responsible for all health benefits
  • One box includes 20 packets, making it an excellent choice for a premium food gift

[Kim's Red Ginseng] Korean Red Ginseng Tonic PLUS (20 packets)


Korean Red Ginseng Tonic PLUS

This tonic is a blend of Korean Red Ginseng + 6 herbal ingredients


How much ginseonside content per packet?

1 packet contains 6mg of Ginsenosides (Rg1 + Rb1+ Rg3)

60% solid concentration - higher % indicates a more concentrated and potent ginseng extract


Each packet not only contains 6-year-old red ginseng but also a variety of special Korean herbal extracts:

✓ Korean wild honey

✓ Jujube

✓ Goji Berry

✓ Ginger

✓ Ginseng Root

✓ Cinnamon


About: Kim Jung Hwan Red Ginseng 

Since 1986, Kim Jung Hwan has been cultivating top-grade six-year-old ginseng in Korea's pristine Sobaek Mountains.

Equipped with complete manufacturing facilities and a natural ginseng drying system, Kim's Red Ginseng is dedicated to producing traditional ginseng products within a state-of-the-art and sanitary environment.


Our Red Ginseng is Cultivated in Punggi Province, South Korea

Punggi is situated in the Gyeongsangbuk-do province of South Korea

The region boasts a unique combination of temperature, humidity, and soil composition, considered ideal for cultivating top-quality ginseng

In Punggi, there is a longstanding tradition of cultivating ginseng using time-tested methods passed down through generations. Local farmers frequently employ these traditional techniques, which have proven effective in enhancing the potency and quality of the ginseng grown in the region


Mr. Kim Jung Hwan holds certification as a master craftsman in ginseng cultivation.

Certification 2005-1호 by Gyeonsanbuk-do Province

Mr. Kim Jung Hwan holds the distinction of being the first to cultivate ginseng in the Punggi region. His decades of expertise have been generously shared with the locals, to create a strong province centered around ginseng cultivation


We prepare our fields for 1-2 years before cultivation to guarantee the production of premium-quality ginseng

To enhance soil fertility, we plant Sudan grass, promoting substantial biomass both above and below the soil surface

The grass is allowed to flourish for 1-2 years before being grazed for the planting of Korean ginseng roots


The fragile ginseng seeds are initially germinated in a carefully controlled field for 1 year!

Afterward, the fragile ginseng seedlings are moved to the main outdoor fields to take in the nutrient-rich qualities of the Punggi soil

This method is just one step (of many) employed to cultivate high-quality ginseng


Compare Kim's ginseng roots (on the left) with other brands (on the right)

Our ginseng roots have a sturdy central root with a well-defined main stem, accompanied by numerous tertiary branches

The central root is rich in ginsenosides, the primary active compounds responsible for delivering a wide range of health benefits


The 6-year-old ginseng roots are cultivated in late October

During this specific period, the ginseng attains its peak concentration of ginsenosides (saponins)

Only top-grade roots are selected when crafting our ginseng products


During the extraction process, we use only purified water and strictly avoid any alcohol-based ingredients

We take pride in our top-grade ginseng roots and prioritize preserving maximum nutrients by abstaining from the use of alcohol in our processing


Why do some manufacturers opt for alcohol in their extraction process?

Using alcohol can decrease both the extraction time and the drying time, as alcohol evaporates more rapidly

We prioritize preserving the maximum nutrients from our top-grade ginseng roots, even if it means our extraction and drying process takes longer and is more expensive than other methods.


We are a trustworthy ginseng brand with safety certifications

Pesticide-free certifciation

Our production facilities are HACCP-certified

Quality assurance is conducted at every stage of our production process

All employees are required to sanitize before entering our production facilities


How do I consume this? 

Give the packet a quick stir to ensure that the tonic is evenly mixed

Use scissors to cut an end corner and take straight (no water needed)


How many can I take per day? 

For adults, take 1-2 packets per day

For individuals aged under 15 years old, take 1/2 a packet

Do not heat up in the microwave or place over direct heat

Store in a cool, dry area such as your pantry, away from direct sunlight


Full Ingredient list

6-Year-Old Red Ginseng Extract, Ginseng Root, Water, Wild Honey, Jujube Extract, Malt Extract, Ginger Extract, Ginger Extract, Cinnamon Extract, Goji Berry Extract, Enzyme-Treated Stevia, Citric Acid, Red Ginseng Scent

Store at room temperature, in your pantry

1 box contains 20 packets (50ml each)

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