[Cheong Sum] Whole Squeezed Green Tangerine Extract (360ml)


[Cheong Sum] Whole Squeezed Green Tangerine Extract

Refreshing, Tart | Korean Iced Green Tangerine Ade

[Cheong Sum] Whole Squeezed Green Tangerine Extract (360ml)

If you've visited Korea before, chances are you've tried an iced 'green-tangerine' beverage at a cafe.

Green tangerine, also known as 'cheonggyul' (청귤), is a type of tangerine that has a slightly more sour than sweet taste, offering a refreshing tartness!

This seasonal fruit is packed with antioxidants and vitamins, containing over 10 times the amount of Vitamin C found in a lemon!

(That’s why it's a very popular ingredient in Korean skincare products.)

Today, we are excited to introduce Cheong Sum's Whole Squeezed Green Tangerine Extract.

The extract is made with green tangerines grown in Korea (not imported). The tangerines are pressed whole - to capture all the vibrant flavors from the oil-rich peel, as well as the valuable vitamins and antioxidants.

To achieve a perfect balance, the tangy and sour extract is gently sweetened with Korean Oligodang Syrup.

So how do I enjoy it?

Simply mix this extract base with sparkling water and a few ice cubes!

Or if you're planning a backyard BBQ, use it base for a delicious iced cocktails.

Each bottle contains 360ml.

Store the extract in the refrigerator to maintain its optimal freshness.

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Product Highlights

  • Extract is made with Korean green tangerines - pressed whole!
  • Sweetened with Korean oligodang syrup
  • Use it as a base for a refreshing iced beverage
  • Available in 360ml bottle

[Cheong Sum] Whole Green Tangerine Extract (360ml)

 Made from Korean Green Tangerines - pressed whole!

Our extract is made with whole fruit!

Our Green Tangerine Extract is made by pressing the entire fruit, which includes the oil-rich peel, resulting in a bold and refreshing flavor

Other producers may include skin and pith to increase the amount of extract they yield, but our extract is made with all-liquid

This is the perfect foundation for creating refreshing Iced Korean Green Tangerine drinks and cocktails

Green Tangerines - pronounced 'Cheonggyul' (청귤) in Korean - is a fruit that grows in Jeju Island

It contains 10x more Vitamin C than a lemon!

How can I use this extract? 

Ratio listed below

Green Tangerine & Lime Juice 

Green Tangerine Extract (1) + Water (3) + Lime Juice (add to taste) + Few Ice Cubes

Green Tangerine Sherbet

Green Tangerine Extract (1) +  Water (2)

Freeze mixture. Then shave the frozen ice. Re-freeze it and eat afterwards

Iced Green Tangerine Ade

Green Tangerine Extract (1) + Carbonated Water (2) + Few Ice Cubes

Iced Green Tangerine Juice

Green Tangerine Extract (1) + Water (2) + Few Ice Cubes

Full Ingredients List

Green Tangerine Extract, Sugar, Oligodang Syrup, Citric Acid, Vitamin C

Nutrition Info

Sodium 1.5mg (0%), Carbohydrate 30.6g (9%), Sugar 22.6g (23%), Fat 0g (1%), Transfat 0g (0%), Saturated Fat 0g (0%), Cholesterol 0g (0%), Protein 0.1g (0%)

Made in Korea

Please store in refrigerator after opening

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