[Lock & Lock] 2-Story Salad To-Go Lunchbox

Lock & Lock - 2 Story Salad To-Go Lunchbox

2-Story, Salad Dressing Separate

[Lock & Lock] 2-Story Salad To-Go Lunchbox

Introducing Lock & Lock's 2-Story Salad To-Go Lunchbox!

Our containers are a perfect choice for those who enjoy lighter, salad lunches - not too heavy or calorie-dense.

This innovative container offers 3 essential components into one:

Durable & Safe Food Container: This container is built with Lock & Lock's highly durable and BPA-FREE Polypropylene (PP) plastic material. You can have peace of mind knowing that no chemicals will leach into your food, even when the container is heated or used in the microwave.

Cutlery: The lunchbox includes a spork and knife, eliminating the need for single-use plastics. These utensils can be conveniently stored in a small section at the top of the container.

Sauce Container: Toss your greens with dressing just before you eat. The lunchbox includes a separate sauce container, keeping your salad crisp and preventing any unwanted sogginess

Additionally, the container features a 2-space partitioned tray for keeping salad toppings separate. Mix and match slices of chicken, avocado, or pieces of fruit to your heart's content.

Bonus: This container is dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze!

Editor Note: The containers provide a convenient way to portion your meals appropriately, helping you avoid overeating. You can ensure that you're consuming a balanced and controlled portion size during lunchtime.

Offered in two colors: Navy or Yellow

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Product Highlights

  • Korean 2-Story Salad To-Go Dosirak - ideal for packing fresh salads and enjoying outdoors
  • Made with BPA-Free plastic - dishwasher safe, microwave-friendly & refrigerator-friendly
  • 2-space partitioned tray – store different toppings for your salad
  • Salad sauce container - keep sauce and salad separate until your ready to eat 
  • Includes a spork and knife
  • Offered in 2 colors: Navy & Yellow

[Lock & Lock] Korean 2-Story Salad To-Go Lunchbox

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A spork & knife is enclosed at the top 

Made of Lock & Lock's proprietary PP plastic - highly durable, safe & BPA-free!

Includes a sauce container - for packing salad dressing or dip

It also has a 2-space partitioned tray for toppings and/or fresh fruit


Available in Navy or Yellow

16 cm x 16 cm x 12.1 cm | 950 ml

All-in-1 container for packing salads!

Keep salad dressing separate until lunch - no more soggy lettuce!

Key Selling Points

2-Space Partitioned Tray – convenient for storing salad toppings + portion control

Our PP plastic is highly durable, safe and BPA-Free

These containers have a strong sealing lock to keep moisture out - keeps your food fresh!

Includes a spork and a knife, so you won't have to bring separate cutlery

Presented in a simple, one-color design - blue or yellow

Great for portioned meals at work!


Polypropylene (PP) + Silicone Rubber (lid liner)

Designed in Korea. Manufactured in Vietnam

Product Notice

Do not use in oven!

Safe to microwave, but be sure to remove the lid first. Also do not heat it for longer than 2 mins

If you microwave foods with oils, such as curry, stew, or sauces, it may cause discoloration or distortion


Hand-wash with dish soap & sponge.

Also safe to wash in dishwasher!

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