[Bamboo Bebe] Signature Bamboo Baby Towels - 5 pcs


[Bamboo Bebe] Signature Bamboo Baby Towels

Made of Bamboo Fibers, Oeko-Tex® Certified

[Bamboo Bebe] Signature Bamboo Baby Towels - 5 Pc Set

Are you thinking of baby shower gifts?

Consider Bamboo Bebe, one of Korea's best-selling baby brands!

Founded in 2006, Bamboo Bebe was the first Korean company to introduce bamboo fabric for baby wear.

Bamboo fibers have a unique structure that allows for high breathability and absorption, more than cotton, and are also anti-bacterial.

They have an ultra-smooth and silky feel that causes no irritation to sensitive newborn skin.

Today, we introduce one of their best-selling products, the Signature Bamboo Baby Towels (Pure) - a set of 5 pieces.

These baby towels (38x38cm) are perfect for wiping up the baby's body and butt.

(Note: They are 1.5x thicker and 5cm larger than Baby Gauze Handkerchiefs (33x33cm) - which are best for wiping the baby's mouth and sensitive areas)

While these larger Baby Towels can be used for wiping the baby's back, butt, and body, you can also fold them into scarf bibs, burp cloths, and more.

Once washed, these bamboo handkerchiefs will crinkle, providing extra absorbency and softness.

Made of 70% Bamboo Fibers + 30% Cotton, this product is certified by the strictest standard of OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and has also passed all certification by KATRI (Korean Apparel Testing & Research Institute).

100% made in Korea, this will make a great baby gift!

Please note: Wash these hankies in cold water (on wool setting) before first-time use and drip dry (no dryer).

Please review washing instructions carefully.

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Product Highlights

  • Bamboo Bebe is Korea's famous bamboo-fiber babywear brand!
  • Bamboo fibers have high breathability and absorption (much more than cotton) and are also anti-bacterial!
  • Fabric has an ultra-smooth and silky feel, which causes no irritation to delicate, newborn skin
  • 5 Bamboo Baby Towels for wiping up baby spills, accidents & mishaps - large size to easily wipe baby body & butt
  • Made of 70% bamboo fiber + 30% cotton (Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified!)
  • Perfect baby shower gift. Made in Korea! 

[Bamboo Bebe] Signature Bamboo Baby Towels - 5 Piece Set


Founded in 2006, Bamboo Bebe was the first Korean company to introduce bamboo fabric for babywear

Bamboo fibers have a special structure that allows for high breathability and absorption, much more than cotton, and they are also anti-bacterial

It has an ultra-smooth and silky feel, which causes no irritation to delicate, newborn skin

 Made in Korea | Oeko-Tex®  Certified

[Bamboo Bebe] Signature Bamboo Baby Towels - 5 Piece Set

Made with 70% Rayon Bamboo Fiber & 30% Cotton

This bamboo composite fabric has a very smooth feel and great breathability!

Bamboo fibers have micro holes in their structure, making it more absorbent than cotton 

It easily absorbs baby dribble and sweat, keeping your baby's skin clean and fresh

In nature, bamboo grows easily with only sunlight & water. It thrives without pesticide or chemical fertilizer

Thus, no chemical residue in bamboo fabric...

Perfect for sensitive baby skin!

1.5x Thicker ↑ than Baby Gauze Handkerchiefs!

Compared to Bamboo Bebe's Baby Gauze Handkerchiefs, these Baby Towels are 1.5x thicker!

It can absorb bigger spills and accidents!

Great for wiping down baby's body & butt (rather than using for face).

5cm Larger ↑ than Baby Gauze Handkerchiefs!

Compared to Bamboo Bebe's Baby Gauze Handkerchiefs (30x30cm), these Baby Towels (38x38cm) are 5cm larger in width & length

A larger size makes it versatile - use as a scarf bib, burp cloth, etc.

Q: I want to buy both - should I use them differently? 

Baby Bamboo Gauze Handkerchiefs (33x33cm): Recommend for wiping face, inside of baby's mouth and other sensitive areas

Baby Bamboo Towels (38x38cm): Recommend for wiping butt, back, and other wide areas

Bamboo Bebe uses Tenbro bamboo pulp

It has received OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification

(This label certifies that the fabric has been rigorously tested against a list of up to 350 toxic chemicals)

New & Upgraded, Signature Bamboo Fibers!

Our signature bamboo fibers are compressed and twisted, one additional time

This minimizes the amount of fraying of fibers, after repeated washing and drying

Longer usage, higher durability & smoother texture

Passed Safety Certification by KATRI (Korean Apparel Testing & Research Institute)

Our Bamboo Baby Towels have passed safety tests for baby apparel set by the Korean Government

Shown below: KATRI Certification, KATRI Toxicity Test Passed, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified

Our Proprietary Signature Bamboo Fabric was developed in-house!

Very Smooth & Non-Irritating

An ultra-soft texture that does not irritate newborn's delicate skin

Minimal Fiber Dust

We've minimized the amount of dust/fraying of fabric fibers while maintaining its softness

Perfect for babies with extra-sensitive skin!

Excellent Durability

Durable enough to use for a long time, even with frequent washing & drying!

Will laster longer than pure cotton baby towels

Minimal Design

A simple & minimal design without embroidery and minimal print

No chaffing/irritation when wiping newborn skin

Please Wash Before First Use!

Please wash once before first-time use!

Place in laundry net and wash in cold water on wool setting, then drip-dry (no dryer!)

How should I use this?

Newborn Phase

Use it to wipe around your infant's mouth after eating/burping

Infant Phase

Use the baby towels to wipe-up after eating, brushing teeth, and when you take the baby outdoors

Toddler Phase

Use it as scarf or a bib when outdoors

Pack baby towels into baby bag for quick use & emergency clean-ups!


We recommend washing the baby towels once before first-time use

Place the baby towels in a laundry net first

Then place in washing machine and wash in cold water, on wool setting

Then hang-dry (do not place in dryer)

Q: After washing, there are many wrinkles and scrunches - is this normal?

Yes it is. The wrinkles/creases will form with usage. They actually increase the absorption ability of the fibers

Some moms like to iron-out the baby towels after drying, but that is not required

Note: To reduce wrinkling, for the first 3 washes, wash in cold water!

Q: After the first wash,  the fabric doesn't feel soft - is this normal?

When weaving together, the fibers are first soaked in a naturally-extracted pulp glue 

After washing the baby towels for the first time, it may be that some of the residual glue is leftover, making it feel stiff

However, after 2-3 washes, the glue will rinse off the fibers completely - and the fabric will feel very smooth 

Q: I bought alot of hankies. But some of them have a slight yellow tint - is this normal?

Raw bamboo fibers have a slight yellow tint. After weaving, the fabric is boiled and most of this tint disappears...

However, if some of your baby towels are slightly off-white, no need to worry...

After washing 2-3 times, the baby towels will have the same white color

Size: 38 x 38 cm 

Material: Bamboo fiber (70%), Cotton (30%)

How to Wash

Please wash once before first-time use

(Avoid boil-washing these baby towels)

To wash properly, place them into a laundry net

Wash in cold water on wool setting

 Use baby safe detergent - do not use bleach (or chlorine)

Best to drip-dry. Do not dry in drying machine.

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