[Hong Ssang Ri] Pickled Maesil Plum Slices (430g)


[Hong Ssang Ri] Maesil Pickled Plums

Crunchy Texture, Sour & Sweet Plum Flavor

[Hong Ssang Ri] Pickled Maesil Plums

We're very excited to offer this delicious, high-quality pickled maesil!

What is Maesil? Maesil is the Korean word for Green Plum (aka Chinese Plum or Japanese Apricot).

At Korean markets, Maesil is typically sold as an extract syrup for use in seasoning Korean marinades and sauces. It adds sweetness, tanginess and a layer of depth.

Hong Ssang Ri is Korea's most famous maesil producer. Her family has been cultivating plum trees since 1931 (~90 years!). In fact, Hong Ssang Ri was officially designated as the first "Master" in the field of maesil by Korea's Ministry of Agriculture. Hong Ssang Ri Farms is located in the Southern Coastal mountains of Korea and contains over 2000 maesil trees!

Today, we offer another one of their best-selling products - Maesil Jeolim (매실절임). This is maesil plums that have been thinly sliced and pickled to be eaten as banchan.

So how's it made? Maesil plums are pickled and thoroughly washed, then carefully cut into 6 or 8 bite-sized slices. The slices are covered with Oligodang Syrup and sugar - then left to soak for 1 day until the plums' natural juices seep out.

Afterwards, the slices are transferred into large, traditional Onggi earthen pots. The leftover juices are poured into the pot as well. Together, they are left to slowly age and ferment in the pots for 6 months to 1 year!

After 6 months, the result is a wonderfully tangy and tart plum slices. The slices work beautifully as a side-dish to Korean bbq or other pan-fried foods.

The best part about this maesil jeolim is the amount of crunch that's left in the fruit - even after 6 months of pickling! This crunchy texture makes it tastes that much better.

Keep a jar in your refrigerator and whip it out as a banchan when serving meat or a heavy main dish!

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Product Highlights

  • Hong Ssang Ri is well-known as one of Korea's Best Maesil Products
  • Maesil slices are aged in Onggi pots for 6 months
  • Made with 3 simple ingredients: Maesil, Oligodang Syrup, Sugar
  • Available in 430 grams
Hong Ssang Ri - Pickled Maesil Plum Slices (430g)
Product In Brief

Full Ingredients List

Korean Maesil Plums (70%), Oligodang Syrup (28%), Sugar (2%)

    Storage Tips

    Expiration period: 2 years

    Before opening, store in a cool, dry area

    After opening, store in the refrigerator

      What to Make

      Eat it as a banchan

        About the Brand

        Hongssangri Maesil Farm is Korea's largest plum grower. The owner, Hong Ssang Ri, has spent the last 40 years processing and innovating plum products.

          How's it advertised in Korea? 

          The owner - Hong Ssang Ri - shared her recipe for pickling maesil on national TV

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          About The Brand

          Hongssangri Maesil Farm is Korea's largest plum grower. The owner, Hong Ssang Ri, has spent the last 40 years processing and innovating plum products. Her products have become one of Korea's best-selling export items.

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