[Ieosusan] 8x Screened, Korean Dried Anchovies (300g)


[IEOSUSAN] 8x Screened, Dried Anchovies (300g)

Top-Quality Dried Anchovies

[Ieosusan] 8x Screened, Korean Dried Anchovies (300g)

Today, we introduce Korean Dried Anchovies from Ieosusan.

Ieosusan is a regional fishery in Korea that has been harvesting premium anchovies & seafood for over 40 years.

Each batch of anchovy is meticulously screened (8 times!) at Ieosusan to ensure that customers receive top-quality, dried anchovies.

Take a look at the close-up photos - and you’ll see whole (in-tact) anchovies, with minimal breakage.

This starts with harvesting fresh, healthy anchovies. And drying them to just the right amount to preserve their texture, nutrition and shape.

How do I eat this?

In Korea, dried anchovies are stir-fried with soy sauce, chopped nuts and a touch of sweetness to make a banchan called Myeolchi Bokkeum (멸치볶음).

This simple side-dish be made with varying sizes.

We offer dried anchovies in 5 sizes:

Mini-Sized Dried Anchovies (볶음용)

  • Stir-fry to make myeolchi bokkeum (This mini size is great for young children + first-timers)

Small-Sized Dried Anchovies (볶음용)

  • Stir-fry to make myeolchi bokkeum (our favorite size)

Medium-Sized Dried Anchovies (볶음조림용)

  • Stir-fry or braise to myeolchi bokkeum (great for those who are familiar with myeolchi-bokkeum)

Large-Sized Dried Anchovies (조림용)

  • Braise to make myeolchi-joreum (멸치조림)

Extra-Large Dried Anchovies (육수용)

  • Boil to make Korean Stock Broth 


Where are the anchovies from?

Anchovies are harvested off Korea’s coastline - not imported from China!

Each bag contains 300g.

Strict Quality Assurance Testing, Great Taste, Customer Trust!

Note: After receiving, please store this in the freezer.

Customer Reviews

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Catrin H. (Innsbruck, 7)
my favourite banchan

They are perfect for myeolchi bokkeum and got the small sized dried anchovies. Already made my first batch and everybody loved them.. The taste is incredible - crispy but also soft, salty but not too much. Excellent quality and getting it in my area is impossible, so I'm really thankful for Guchujar :-).

Product Highlights

  • Top-quality, dried anchovies from Korea
  • Screened 8x to remove damaged anchovies and ocean bycatch
  • Use it to make delicious myeolchi bokkeum (멸치볶음), stock broth and other banchans
  • IEOSUSAN has been harvesting anchovies for 40 years - commitment to quality assurance!
  • Available in 5 different sizes - each bag is 300g

[IEOSUSAN] 8x Screened, Dried Anchovies (300g)

01. Mini Dried Anchovies (볶음용)

Stir-fry these mini-sized anchovies to make myeolchi-bokkeum (멸치볶음)

(Young kids tend to enjoy this mini-size)

02. Small Dried Anchovies (볶음용)

Stir-fry these small-sized anchovies to make myeolchi-bokkeum (멸치볶음)

(This is our preferred size for making myeolchi-bokkeum!)

03. Medium Dried Anchovies (볶음조림용)

Stir-fry or braise these medium anchovies to make myeolchi-bokkeum  (멸치볶음)

(Great for those who are familiar with myeolchi-bokkeum and like them bigger)

04. Large Dried Anchovies (조림용)

Braise these large anchovies (조림용) to turn into a delicious banchan (멸치조림)

05. Extra-Large Dried Anchovies - For Broth (국물용)

Boil these extra-large anchovies to make Korean Stock Broth


IEOSUSAN has been harvesting anchovies for 40 years in Korea

The company takes high pride in its safe & clean processing of seafood in their facilities 

Anchovies are carefully screened and inspected 8x before packaging!

IEOSUSAN harvests its anchovies from Korea's oceans

Screened 8 times - Outstanding Quality!

IEOSUSAN uses special inspection cameras, magnets, wind machines and lasers to screen-out damaged anchovies and bycatch

It undergoes a total of 8 screenings before packaging

Strict Quality Assurance Testing, Great Taste, Customer Trust!

Store in freezer!

After receiving, please store the package in your freezer!

Size: 300g

Ingredient list: Dried Anchovy, Sea Salt

Harvested in Korea

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