[Bada One] Dried Anchovies for Stir-Frying (150g)


[Bada One] Small Dried Anchovies for Stir-Frying

Premium, From Korea's Southern Sea

[Bada One] Premium Dried Anchovies for Stir-Frying (150g)

Myeolchi Bokkeum (멸치볶음) is Korean stir-fried dried anchovies.

It’s a staple banchan dish that Koreans grows up eating - it’s packed with calcium & protein, plus it stores well.

Today we introduce a high-quality, dried anchovy for making this banchan…

Bada One’s Premium Dried Anchovies for Stir-Frying (150g).

The anchovies are harvested off the southern coast of Korea.

The southern coast experiences large tide differentials - requiring the anchovies there to move frequently and vigorously. As a result, southern anchovies store more fat… which translate to more flavor!

These anchovies are delicious, with a nice chewy & crunchy texture.

How is it made?

After harvesting, the anchovies are sprinkled with salt and quickly boiled. Then they’re left to dry in the open until they’re 80% dried through.

Look up a recipe for myeolchi bokkeum and enjoy one of Korea’s classic banchans.

If you’re looking for high-quality, trustworthy Korean seafood - this is it!

Note: After receiving the package, please store it in the freezer (not refrigerator).

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Product Highlights

  • Premium, small dried anchovies from Korea's southern coastline
  • Dried anchovies are packed with natural calcium & protein 
  • Use it to make delicious myeolchi bokkeum (멸치볶음) + rice balls
  • Bada One is one of Korea's premier seafood producers 
  • 1 package contains 150g

[Bada One] Small Dried Anchovies for Stir-Frying (150g)

Premium Dried Small Anchovies - from Korea's Southern Coast!

Not imported from China

What's the Size?

Take a look at the close-up photo (above)

Use it to make Korean Stir-Fried Dried Anchovies (Myeolchi Bokkeum 멸치볶음)

How's it Made? 

After harvesting, the small anchovies are sprinkled with sea salt and boiled

Then 80% dried-out for a delicious taste with a slight crunchy texture!

Anchovies from Korea's Southern Coastline!

Anchovies in Korea's Southern Sea have a higher concentration of fat, making them very delicious

The tidal difference in the South is large, requiring anchovies swim stronger and store more fat

Bada One prides uses only premium-grade anchovies from Korea's southern coast!

Commitment to Quality

Over decades, Bada One has fine-tuned its harvesting & timing to offer premium-tier anchovies

The first criteria to master is knowing when to harvest the anchovies

And also how to process them quickly so they retain their natural, deep flavor

Trust Bada One's decades of experience!

Bada One offers it's dried anchovies in 4 sizes:

Mini Anchovy (for stir-frying)

Small Anchovy (for stir-frying)

Medium Anchovy (for braising)

Large Anchovy (for broth-making)

Small-Sized Anchovy (for stir-frying)

The perfect size for making Korean stir-fried anchovy banchan, myeolchi bokkeum (멸치볶음)

The size is small - but the flavor, texture and crunch is great!

Store in freezer!

After receiving, please store in your freezer!

Nutrition Info

Ingredient list: Dried Anchovy, Sea Salt

Volume: 150 g

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