[Ilsang Jingmul] Willow In The Wind - Night Dress



Artisan Fabric, Hand Made in Korea

[Ilsang Jingmul] Willow In the Wind - Night Dress

Introducing Ilsang Jingmul, an artisan needlework and boutique fabric shop located in Seoul.

This shop specializes in crafting exclusive, in-house-designed fabrics - that are celebrated for their unique hues and textures.

Take a look at the beautiful hues and fabrics! Each proprietary fabric undergoes multiples iterations of hues, textures, and feel during the development process.

We are excited to share Ilsang Jingmul’s evening wear (night dress) – where comfort takes center stage.

The garment gracefully drapes over the body, creating a spacious silhouette and a sense of closure to the night.

Today, we showcase their Willow In The Wind fabric.

It’s a double cotton-gauze fabric, ensuring excellent breathability and making it suitable for year-round wear.

You'll notice the distinctive "yellow-green" hue, exclusively developed in-house by Ilsang Jingmul.

This distinct color is achieved by blending seed-green cotton fibers and warm-beige threads, creating a nuanced shade of yellowish-green.

It reminds us of a tranquil walk in a garden, bringing a serene and calming feeling.

The Willow In the Wind fabric is available in two evening wear options: night dress and a pajama set (top-and-bottom).

Refer to the product page for sizing details and check the FAQ section for US-size comparisons.

Editor's Note: Please be aware that Ilsang Jingmul operates on a made-to-order basis and does not maintain inventory. Depending on the season and shop schedule, it may take anywhere from 1-3 weeks for your garment to be hand made and shipped to our office. We will then ship it out to you.

Important: Kindly note that we do not facilitate exchanges for size changes, accept order cancellations or offer returns. All sales are final.

Washing Instructions: To maintain the fabric's quality, place items in a laundry net and wash on wool setting with a maximum temperature of 30°C. Alternatively, you can also use dry-cleaning.

Drying Instructions: Preserve the fabric’s quality by hang-drying; avoid machine-drying, as it may damage or shrink the material.

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Product Highlights

  • Ilsang Jingmul is a Seoul-based artisan needlework shop renowned for designing exclusive in-house fabrics, celebrated for their distinctive colors and textures
  • Each proprietary fabric undergoes multiples iterations of hues, textures, and feel during the development process
  • Experience artisanal Korean needlework - long-lasting, beautiful & great feel on body
  • Crafted with a modern flair and tailored to suit local Korean tastes
  • Perfect as a wedding gift or a special treat for yourself!

Willow in the Wood

Night Dress


A double cotton-gauze fabric that provides excellent breathability, perfect for year-round wear.

Hue: Yellow-Green

Material: 100% 40S Cotton Gauze

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Handmade to order


몸에 닿는 회복의 정취

가볍고 부드러운 질감의 연둣빛 거즈면 파자마 입니다. 뛰어난 후기로 검증된 "더블코튼 파자마"의 새로운 색상 입니다.

자연을 걷는듯한 상쾌한 컬러로 당신의 생기를 깨워 보세요. 걱정과 고민을 잠재우고 기분 좋은 휴식을 선물해줄 거에요.

A Feeling of 'Body Recovery' when Worn

Crafted from 100% 40s Cotton Gauze, this fabric is lightweight, offering a smooth texture, and comes in a delightful 'yellow-green' hue.

The yellow-green hue is an exclusive color developed in-house, adding a touch of uniqueness to the fabric

The green hue evokes the tranquility of a nature walk — a breath of fresh air, a rejuvenating embrace

Good night to your worries and anxiety — treat yourself to a deep and restful sleep


Design Points

✓ Made for year-round wear (for all seasons)

✓ Includes side pockets

✓ 6 buttons

✓ All buttons are functional - convenient for nursing mothers!


Willow In the Wind Fabric - close up

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A combination of seed-green cotton fibers and warm-beige threads, creating a nuanced shade of yellowish-green


Close-up of fabric


Size Guide

(Reference the FAQ section for further details and US size comparison chart)


Fits Korean size: Women 44~77

US equivalent size: Women 0~10

Total Size (top-to-bottom): 125 cm

Across-the-chest: 65 cm

Sleeve length: 60 cm

Sleeve opening width: 12 cm

The actual sizes may have an error of approximately ±1~3cm, depending on the measurement method

US size is estimations only - please reference clothes dimensions when selecting a size

Important: Kindly note that we do not facilitate exchanges or accept returns for size changes. All sales are considered final.


Wash & Dry (Please Read)

Place into a laundry net and wash on wool setting (maximum 30°C temperature) in washing machine

Or use dry-cleaning.

Please hang dry. Avoid machine-drying, as it may damage or shrink the fabric


Ilsang Jingmul is an artisan needlework shop in Seoul

All our artisans possess over 30 years of seamstress experience

Each piece is hand-made, with a keen focus on design details, the tactile experience when worn, and overall functionality

Located in Seoul, South Korea

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