[JANG] Gochujang Hot Sauce


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[Jang] Gochujang Hot Sauce

Korean Level Spice + Heat!

[Jang] Gochujang Hot Sauce

Today, we are excited to bring you Jang’s Gochujang Hot Sauce.

This is an artisan hot sauce that we’ve fallen in love with.

We like to drizzle it over our soft-boiled eggs in the morning.

First, it’s very spicy… but a delicious spicy!

The base of the hot sauce is Korean Gochujang - so you get that earthy, umami taste.

The Gochujang is mixed with Mexican Habanero extract for a piquant, spicy kick.

You’ll notice that the spice level increases after the initial gochujang flavor - nice!

The sauce is also mixed with shiitake mushroom extract for a more balanced flavor.

It’s NOT one of those hot sauces that were made simply for the sake of breaking Scoville units - this one tastes delicious!

If you’ve always got a packet of hot sauce in one hand as you eat pizza or burritos, consider this Korean Gochujang Hot Sauce!

You’ll enjoy it.

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Product Highlights

  • Korean-Style Gochujang Hot Sauce!
  • This is artisan hot sauce made from Korean Gochujang & Mexican Habaneros 
  • Perfect for dripping onto breakfast sandwiches, burritos or pizza
  • Great as a small gift to friends and colleagues
  • 1 bottle contains 210g

[JANG] Gochujang Hot Sauce

It's a Low-Calorie Hot Sauce

Only 5 calories per serving - guilt free!

Jang Hot Sauce shown in red (vs. other leading Korean hot sauces)

Made with Korean Gochujang Paste & Mexican Habaneros

Spice from the East meets the West

Contain no MSG!

This hot sauce does NOT contain MSG, preservatives or capsaicin

Jang's Spicy Egg & Tuna Sandwich


Jang's Hot Sauce (3T), Mayonnaise (1T), Honey (1t), Black Pepper (few shakes)

Tuna (1 can - 150g), 2 Boiled Eggs, 1 shallot (or use 1/4 White Onion)

How to make:

1. Open tuna can and remove oil, mash boiled eggs, finely dice shallot. Then mix all together.

2. Make Sauce by mixing: Jang's Hot Sauce, Mayo, Honey and Black Pepper

3. Then add sauce into the tuna mixture.

Jang's Hot Chicken


Chicken Breast (or Thigh) 100g, Jang's Hot Sauce (3T),

Olive Oil (1t), Honey (dash), Mirin (2T)

How to make:

1. Season Chicken with black pepper and Mirin. Let it marinate for 30 minutes

2. Make Marinade by mixing: Jang Hot Sauce, Olive Oil, Honey

3. Next, drizzle oil over both sides of the chicken and cook in a frying pan 

4. When chicken is about 70% done, brush the marinade onto the chicken - and cook until fully done

Jang's Hot Dip


Jang's Hot Sauce (1T), Mayonnaise (3T), Lemon Juice (1T), 

Minced Garlic (small amount), Paprika Powder (optional)

How to make:

1. Mix all of the listed ingredients together

2. Use it as a dip for fried foods, nachos or freshly cut vegetables

Nutritional Label

5kcal per serving (5g)

Nutrition per serving:

Sodium 80mg, Carbohydrates 1g, Sugar 1g, Fat 0g, Trans Fat 0g, Saturated Fat 0g

Cholesterol 0mg, Protein 0g, Fiber 0g

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