[Ko Chul Nam] Korean Honeyed Sliced Red Ginseng


[Ko Chul Nam] Korean Honeyed Sliced Red Ginseng

Premium Red Ginseng as a Snack  

[Ko Chul Nam] Korean Honeyed Sliced Red Ginseng

Today, we’re offering Ko Chal Nam’s Honeyed Red Ginseng Slices.

In Korea, these red ginseng slices are eaten as a health snack - it's called hongsam jeolpyeon (홍삼절편).

Locally-grown ginseng roots are first sliced into thin bite-sized pieces.

Then soaked in a honey mixture for 2 weeks.

(The honeying process turns the roots soft and tender - while reducing it's bitterness and astringent taste.)

Afterwards, the sticky ginseng slices are left to dry and then packaged.

Note: Ginseng is a “superfood” for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects - strengthening the immune system, fighting fatigue and enhancing brain function (among many other health benefits).

These honeyed ginseng slices are especially popular during Chuseok or Lunar New Years - as a gift to the elderly (and colleagues) in Korea.

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift to give your parents or elders, consider Korean red ginseng slices!

1 Box contains 15 packets (individually packaged).

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Product Highlights

  • 100% Korea-Grown, Premium Red Ginseng Slices
  • The slices are honeyed to be enjoyed as a healthy snack 
  • Works well as a gift for parents & grandparents
  • 1 box contains 15 packets 

[Ko Chul Nam] Korean Honeyed Sliced Red Ginseng

Produced by Ko Chul Nam

The most important step is starting with high-quality ginseng.

We use premium-grade ginseng that's grown here in Korea - has a deep, fragrant flavor & is packed with nutrients!

Korean Honey Red Ginseng Slices

Sticky, Sweet and a Rich-Ginseng Taste

How's it made? 

This snack starts with 100% Korea-grown red ginseng!

The roots are sliced thinly, then soaked in honey for 2 weeks. 

The honeyed ginseng tastes slightly-sweet, chewy and is packed with herbal flavor.

Packaged in single-serve packets!

1 box contains 15 air-tight packets

Each packet contains enough slices for a single serving - easy-to-use, stays fresh!

Ko Chul Nam is a health-foods company that specializes solely on Red Ginseng!

(We are dedicated in making the best Korean ginseng products for our customers)

Taste years of experience with one red ginseng slice!

We have dedicated over 10 years to red ginseng cultivation & processing.

Our production facilities are strictly monitored for safe, hygienic and hazard-free operations

Our Honeyed Ginseng Slices can be enjoyed by the whole family

Best for: Fatigued Salary Workers, Stay-At-Home Moms, Elderly Parents & Children

Product details

1 Box contains 15 Individually Wrapped Packages (20g)

Ingredients List: Red Ginseng (58%), Honey (5%), High-Fructose Syrup (25.1%), Low-Fructose Syrup (9.1%), Oligodang Syrup (6%)

Expiration period: 1 Year

Eat up to 1-2 packets per day

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