[Cheong Kwan Jang] Korean Red Ginseng - Everytime Balance (20 Packets)

[Cheong Kwan Jang] Korean Red Ginseng - Everytime Balance (20 Packets)

Korea's Premier Red Ginseng Brand

[Cheong Kwan Jang] Korean Red Ginseng - Everytime Balance (20 Packets)

Cheong Kwan Jang is Korea's premier brand for Red Ginseng. You can find their shops at Incheon International Airport and just about every city in Korea. It's become synonymous with gifting red ginseng in Korea. 

So why is it so popular? Cheong Kwan Jang is a brand of KGC Ginseng which boasts more than 120 years of history - it started during the rule by King Gojong of the Joseon Dynsaty (1392-1910). The King established the Ginseng Management Division in 1899, which has turned into Korean Ginseng Corporation (KGC). 

The reputation of KGC has carried on for a century - a testament to the quality of its red ginseng products. In fact, Cheong Kwang Jang is well recognized as the #1 brand for ginseng - most trusted and reliable in Korea and the rest of Asia. 

So which one do I buy? Consumers are often advised to look for "6-year-old" certified ginseng products. That's because younger roots (< 6 years) do not offer the same healing effects - due to how the root produces and stores phyto-molecules called saponins. When the root is exactly six years old, it contains the highest amount. As it ages to 7-8 years, the root loses its potency. 

What's red ginseng? "Red" ginseng is made by steaming and drying fresh white ginseng. This process locks in the nutrients which would normally degrade in white ginseng over time. That way, when you eat it, you absorb as much of its natural nutrition as possible. For these reasons, Korean Red Ginseng is regarded as the most powerful ginseng and sells at a premium price.

Today, we offer Cheong Kwang Jang's 6-year-old Korean Red Ginseng in easy-to-consume, daily packets. 

The flavor of natural ginseng is mixed with other herbs and plants for easy consumption. Instead of sugar, agave syrup is used to sweeten the natural bitterness of ginseng - along with licorice extract, ginger extract and propolis for a more well-rounded flavor.

These packets help with boosting immunity, reduce fatigue, improves blood circulation, boosts memory and detoxifying your body.

Take 1 packet per day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Demarcus B. (Birmingham, AL)
Excellent product

I have had lots of energy, peace, and feeling great.

Chester (Yongin-si, 41)
This is great

Been taking lately to boost immunity. High quality!

Product Highlights

  • Cheong-Kwan-Jang is Korea's most premier ginseng producer 
  • Made with premium 6-Year-Old Red Ginseng - inspected for top-grade quality
  • Take one packet per day - boost immunity, reduce fatigue and help detoxify your body
  • 1 Box contains 20 packets!
[Cheong Kwan Jang] Red Ginseng
Everytime Balance (20 Packets)

Take 1 Packet A Day

& Get the Strength to Keep Up With Your Daily Schedule

1 Package contains 20 individual packets!

Description: Easy-to-consume squeeze packet (liquid)

Amount: 1 Box (10ml x 20 packets)

When to take: Take 1 packet per day (2.1g) 

Full Ingredient List: Red Ginseng Extract (6 Year Old Ginseng 64%, Ginsenoside Rg1+Rb1+Rg3 5.5mg/g) 21%, Water, Agave Syrup, Fructo-Oligosaccharide, Licorice Extract, Ginger Extract, Propolis

Health Benefits: Boost immunity, reduce fatigue, improves blood circulation, boosts memory, Helps detoxify body

Nutrition FactsDaily Rec Amount: 1 Packet
1 Packet Nutrition Info (% Daily Value)
1 Packet Nutrition Info (% Daily Value)
Calories 10kcalFat 0g (0%)
Carbohydrates 2g (1%)Sodium 0mg (0%)
Sugar Less than 1g (1%)Ginsenoside Rg1+Rb1+Rg3 7mg/g
Protein 0mg

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About The Brand

Cheong Kwan Jang is Korea's most famous brand for red ginseng. It boasts domestic annual sales of $700M - far outpacing any domestic competitor in Korea.  There are Cheong Kwang Jang shops throughout Korea - as its reputation for high-quality ginseng products is bar none. CKJ is now trying to duplicate its success on the global scene.

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