[Chilmong] Korean Ottchil Wooden Chopstick Set - Colored

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[Chilmong] Korea Ottchil Wooden Chopstick Set

K-Ribbon Award Winner

[Chilmong] Korean Ottchil Wooden Chopstick Set - Colored

This product is a K-Ribbon recipient!

K-Ribbon is a coveted label given by the Korean Ministry of Culture for excellent craftwork that showcases Korea's cultural and historic traditions.

Chilmong's Ottchil Chopstick Set is one of them.

These Ottchil Chopsticks are masterfully carved and laboriously coated with 9 layers of Ottchil. 

What is Ottchil (옷칠)?

Ottchil is a traditional Korean lacquer technique.

It uses the secretions of the Korean "Ott" tree.

Collecting, refining and applying this Ottchil sap is a nuanced and delicate process - requiring decades of experience to master.

At Chilmong, premium sap from Wonju Ott Trees is used (as it contains the highest-quality sap).

The required time to makes these chopsticks - from carving to coating 9 layers of Ottchil - is 21 days!

When properly applied, Ottchil lacquer produces an incredibly durable finish on wood. 

The lacquered wood will not rot, discolor or deteriorate with extended use… or even when exposed to water.

(Typically, wooden utensils start to rot and discolor at the tips after a few months of rinsing. Rest assured, this will not.)

Furthermore, Ottchil also creates a natural 99.9% antibacterial surface!

This is why Ottchil has long been known as the best material for tableware in Korea.

Chilmong's chopstick set are also beautiful.

The tops are brushed with colored Ottchil for a modern design point.

Select from 5 colors: Persimmon Red, Melon Yellow, Watermelon Green, Midnight Blue, Creamy Beige

Customer Reviews

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Sam S. (Chicago, IL)

I’ll admit, I was skeptical. But I trusted my gut and purchased this set.

Every single bite is so perfect. The spoon is so intuitive, it feels like an extension of your arm.

This is the kind of utensil that improves the meal it’s used to eat.

Highly recommend

Love the chopsticks and spoon set!

These are great! They are so light weight. The color was exactly as I expected!

m.o. (Long Beach, CA)

I love love love this spoon to death. The quality and craftsmanship will last forever with proper maintenance and care. This has replaced my wooden spoon purchased at Hmart and it does not compare. Im soo glad they have offered to sell this set straight from Korea. Thank you soo much and i really appreciate the care and attention that was put into this package sent to california.

Brigitte (La Prairie, QC)

I am very happy. These sets are well made, and high quality. I love these Korean Ottchill Wooden Chopstick Sets.

Robert P. (Mount Pleasant, MI)
Chopstick set

This is a beautiful artisanal product. The wood is a delight to hold! Fantastic product!

Product Highlights

  • Premium Korean Ottchil Chopstick Set - hand-lacquered, traditional method
  • Awarded "K-Ribbon Label" designation by the Korean Government
  • Ideal weight & length (24cm) for eating meals
  • Set includes: 1 spoon + Pair of chopsticks
  • Available in 5 beautiful colors 

[Chilmong] Korean Ottchil Wooden Chopstick Set - Colored

Ottchil is an traditional Korean lacquer art form that has been in use for thousands of years!

It involves applying natural lacquer to various objects such as bowls, cutlery, boxes & furniture

The lacquer is derived from Korean 'Ott' trees

When extracted, the thick liquid sap is brownish in color

The sap is skillfully refined until it turns translucent, then used to create a natural gloss finish on objects

The Ottchil process is labor-intensive, involving numerous layers of coating and weeks of drying time.

It produces a high-quality, resilient and beautiful gloss finish on objects

The ottchil layer is resilient against spills & stains -  making objects highly durable

How Many Layers of Ottchil & Where? 

Body of the chopstick & spoon - 6 layers of Ottchil* is applied

Tips of the chopstick & edge of the spoon - additional 3 layers of reinforced Ottchil coating is applied

The colored portion of the chopsticks & spoon - made with colored ottchil & gold flakes

 (*Ottchil mixture contains ~10% premium-grade Ottchil from Wonju)

Available in 5 beautiful colors

Persimmon Red, Melon Yellow, Watermelon Green, Midnight Blue, Creamy Beige

How is this set different from other Chilmong chopstick sets?

Type 1: Wooden Set (Natural) + Wooden Set (Colored) - (currently viewing)

Type 2: Dark Ottchil Set (Natural) + Dark Set (Colored)

6 layers of base Ottchil* lacquer

3 additional layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

(*Ottchil mixture contains at least 10% premium-grade Wonju Ottchil)

Type 3: Contempo Set (Brown) + Contempo Set (Dark)

8 layers of Ottchil* lacquer

6 additional layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

(*Ottchil mixture contains at least 40% premium-grade Wonju Ottchil)

Type 4:   Premium Galaxy Set + Premium Wave Set

9 layers of Ottchil* lacquer + 3 rounds of polishing

6 additional layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

(*Ottchil mixture contains at least 70% premium-grade Wonju Ottchil)

Recipient of the "K-Ribbon Selection" award from the Korean Government

The K-Ribbon Selection is an award given by the Korean government to recognize outstanding Korean products that meet certain criteria related to quality, innovation, and design

Why use Chilmong Ottchil Chopsticks?

 ✓ Ottchil chopsticks have an anti-bacterial surface! 

 ✓  Wooden chopsticks will not scratch cooking ware

✓  No sound of metal cutlery scraping against plates

✓  Works beautifully as a traditional Korean gift

What type of wood is used to make Ottchil's chopsticks & spoons?

At Chilmong, we've conducted extensive research and testing on various types of Korean wood to determine the best option for chopsticks & cutlery!

We focused on 3 key requirements! 

Non-Toxic Wood - the wood should not leach toxic substances

Fine & Uniform Grain - to produce a high-quality, durable chopstick

Dense Wood - to provide good weight & balance in a chopstick

We use Korean Schimidt Birch Tree (참박달나무) from Gangwon Province

Korean Schimidt Birch fits all three requirements

It's a very strong, dense wood that has been used to make premium-grade, wood furniture in Korea

Only Chilmong has developed properiatery technniques to craft chopsticks from this dense & hard birch wood

Now, let us explain our Ottchil Lacquer!

Our ottchil lacquer is made using natural sap from Korea Ott trees!

✓ Produces a 99.9% anti-bacterial surface

✓ Highly-durable, water-resistant & beautiful luster

✓ Extracted in a eco-sustainable way

We extract from high-quality Ott-trees in Wonju Province!

The Ott trees in Wonju grow strong and healthy due to the excellent natural climate & soil in the region

The Ott trees in Wonju yield about 80-120kg of best-in-class sap every year

Ottchil Sap is harvested by Master Ahn Young Bae

Ottchil sap extraction requires decades of skillful experience and know-how

Our sap is extracted by Master Ahn Young Bae (license shown above)

99.9% Anti-Bacterial Suface

Certified lab results reveal ottchil's 99.9% anti-bacterial surface

After 24 hours, our chopsticks & cutlery are 99.9% bacteria-free!

Chilmong's cutlery is safe & non-toxic

Certified lab results show that our products do NOT contain or release any of the 7 common toxic materials:

NO arsenic, lead, sulphur dioxide, isophenylphenol, thiabendalzole, biphenyl, imazalil

The design & material has been upgraded for a better feel & experience

Each chopstick, spoon, and cutlery is carefully handmade by a master artisan in Korea, who has dedicated decades of experience, effort, and skill to create each piece

After the ottchil coating is applied, moisture or leftover food particles are unable to penetrate the surface, preventing bacteria from penetrating the wood's pores. 

This results in chopsticks that do not rot, discolor or spread bacteria, ensuring a hygienic and long-lasting utensil

Each wooden piece is carefully shaped, edged and polished

Many layers of ottchil are applied by hand (the exact number depends on the product type)

Then the ottchil is left to dry for a final time before inspection

Each one of Chilmong's products are hand-lacquered a minimum of 9 times!

6 layers of base Ottchil lacquer

Followed by 3 layers of reinforced Ottchil lacquer

+ more layers for our higher-end products!

We hope you can feel our dedication to excellence when it's in your hands!

We listen to our customers and made improvements to our product's design!

These are some of the adjustments we've made to our design

The size of the spoon has increased - to fit more food

The handle of the spoon has been re-designed to be held more comfortably

The tips of the chopsticks have been rounded to make it easier to grab foods!

The rounded tip of the chopticks changes to a square body to prevent rolling on the table!

The design of our chopsticks & spoon have been patented

Haven't decided on a color yet? 

Take another look below


Spoon : 4.2 cm (width) x 24 cm (length)

Chopsticks : 1.5 cm (width) x 24 cm (length)

Made in Korea

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I wash this in the dishwasher?

Please hand-wash with water. Use the soft side of a sponge if necessary. We do not recommend the dishwasher as the high heat can cause the wood to damage or bend.

After repeat use, will the Ottchil lacquer come off? 

The Ottchil layer will not come off if you do not cause damage to it. Please avoid scraping the utensils against rough objects or accidentally biting into the utensil.

Product Notice

Refrain from biting down on the chopsticks themselves - this may damage the ottchil coating

The tips of the chopsticks can wear down if dragged along rough surfaces (be wary of using in cast-iron)

Do not place for long periods in high heat

Do not apply excessive pressure or trauma to the chopsticks

How to Wash

- Do NOT use the hard side (green) of a kitchen sponge - use the soft-side instead!

- Do NOT soak the chopsticks for long periods of time. If there is food stuck, soak it for 2-3 minutes, then wash-off with a soft sponge

- Do NOT boil-wash chopsticks. Ottchil surfaces are already 99.9% anti-bacterial - no need to sterilize

- It's fine to rinse Ottchil chopsticks with just water (no soap needed)  - bacteria will not grow or spread on its surface

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